Damn it, Anthony DiNozzo thought as he kicked a rock out of his way. This isn't fair. He glanced up at the sky and shook his head. Everything was wrong. Boulders didn't float in the air by themselves, Earth had one moon not two and the last time he checked the Earth's sun was yellow, not whitish blue.

Hell it wasn't Kansas and it wasn't Earth. It was a different planet.

So God help me, I'm going to kill McGee when we get home, Tony thought to himself. We have to be the only people who go to a funfair and end up on damn another planet. He scooped up and rock and hurled at the sky. The rock soared upwards and suddenly stopped in mid flight. It hung the air taunting Tony.

Spying a flat boulder floating at his knees, Tony gingerly sat down, his mind going back to yesterday night.

McGee had won ride tickets to a local funfair and he had invited Abby and Tony to go along. Abby in turn told Gibbs that she expected him to win her a huge stuffed animal when they hooked up Saturday night. Only Abby had the guts to do that!

Saturday night had found the group wandering through the funfair; eating cotton candy, corn dogs, and funnel cakes. The three NCIS agents had descended on a target shooting game and Gibbs had literally blown the competition away. Abby had given away most of the stuffed toys to a group of wide eyed children except a ratty looking snake.

The evening wore on and Abby dragged McGee and Tony on several rides. McGee had been an interesting shade of green when he staggered off the Tilt-A-Whirl much to Gibbs' amusement. By the end of the night they had enough tickets left for one ride and Abby had picked the Haunted House Ride; a ride that promised a life changing event for all who dared to enter.

The Haunted House ride was about has cheesy as Tony thought it would be; half the animatronics didn't work, the special effects were lame and the background music was annoying. Their car suddenly accelerated and the light show started. Everything was bathed in an erie blue light that grew brighter and brighter with each passing second. He was vaguely aware that McGee was shouting something before the light blinded him.

Tony blinked several times and started at his friends in amazement. All of their clothes had been transformed. Gibbs was wearing studded leather armor and he holding a long bow minus the bowstring in one hand. McGee was wearing a blue robe decorated with stars and he was holding a floppy hat. Abby was wearing a tight fitting black leather vest, pants, and boots. Her ratty looking snake was coiled around her wrist with its tongue flickering in and out of its mouth.

Tony looked at himself. He was wearing a knee length chain mail armor, and he was holding a sword hilt minus the blade in his right hand.

Tony looked around and took in the the floating boulders, the two moons and blue-white sun.

"I guess we're not in Kansas anymore."