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'Thanks for letting us stay Bobby-we'll see you in a few days!' Dean promised as he sidled out to Bobby's porch, before stepping out to the Impala and getting in, unrolling the window down to smile at Bobby Singer.

'No problem, you know you'll always be welcome here' Bobby smiled, moving aside to let Sam squeeze past him, before the younger man folded himself into the passenger seat of the boy's car.

'We'll let you know how it went as soon as we can' he grinned, waving slightly to their surrogate father.

'You just make sure you kill that witch before he causes any more drama!' Bobby answered, shaking his head at the thought of the bitch that the boys were going to gank, the male-witch had been pulling pranks and stunts for a while, and he needed to be stopped.

'So you're sure that the gender difference won't matter to how we kill it?' Dean questioned, suddenly doubtful of himself.

'Don't worry boy-You kill them the same way, just make sure he's dead before you go!' Bobby said seriously, before smiling. 'You'll be fine-go on now, if you need help, you know my number' he promised, waving at the boys as Dean pulled the Impala away, and he watched them go, until they had turned in the road, en route to the hunt site.

'Be careful...' he whispered, before rolling his eyes and stepping back inside his house, closing his door with a snap and a mutter of 'Idjits'.

He walked into his kitchen and made himself a mug of coffee, noting the two other mugs in the rack next to his own.

It was as if Sam and Dean lived here; although in reality they only popped by a few times every month, but he enjoyed the company. Those boys were like the kids he had never had, and, although he didn't like to admit it, he really enjoyed having them around-it kinda gave him a purpose.

After making his coffee he walked into his study area and sat down amongst his mammoth piles of books on spirit lore, curses, and all manner of other things-he would immerse himself in these until the boys came back, like he always did.

He didn't do much hunting now; he guessed it was just because he was getting old- although he had always enjoyed the theory of it, the learning about what they were hunting, kind of like Sam.

He sighed and looked at the clock that was on the wall, and then glanced back at his coffee.

'Life's too short...' he muttered, before crossing over to a cupboard and pulling out a bottle of Whisky, chuckling slightly as he undid the bottle and took a swig.

He spent the next few hours just reading, and making calls to other hunters; whittling away the time until the boy's would be back, and he would be needed and useful again.

Three days later, Bobby heard the familiar sound of the Impala rumble up to his drive, and walked to his front door, poking his head out to see the damage of the hunt.

He watched as Sam walked out the car, and noted with a pang of slight horror that he was limping badly; and a small scar had appeared on the side of his head.

'You ok Sam?' he never called him Sammy-he understood that was Dean's nickname for him, and he respected that.

'I'll be fine Bobby, no lasting damage' Sam assured him with a smile, patting his shoulder as he walked to the trunk and popped it open.

Bobby changed his gaze from the younger Winchester to the older one, rapping on the closed window of Dean's side.

'You ok Kid?' he asked, concern forming as a frown on his face.

'What? Oh, yeah, I'm good-sorry...' Dean smiled somewhat apologetically, swinging the door open and climbing out, smiling at the older hunter.

'That's good...Did you get him?'' Bobby asked, closing the door behind Dean as the hunter walked over to Sam and held his shoulder as the younger man walked to the door.

'Uhh...well...Not exactly...' Sam muttered, giving Bobby a sheepish look.

Bobby sighed and nodded his head to the door 'I'll bring out the Whisky' he stated, following the brother's into his house.

Bobby watched as the boy's sat down, pouring them their drinks and handing them to them, before sitting down and watching them drink it, surveying them for any more injuries that they hadn't told him about.

He liked to make sure that they were ok-it was like a fathering instinct, and these boys were the closest things to son's he had ever known.

Dean noticed him staring, and coughed slightly.

'Bobby, you ok man?' he asked, before taking a gulp of his drink.

'Yeah I'm fine-what happened then?' Bobby shook his head to get rid of the uneasy feeling settling in his chest.

Sam blew air out of his cheeks before explaining. 'We were so close to ganking him, but he just flashed this bright light and disappeared, saying he'd be back' he said, looking to Bobby for advice.

'"He'd be back", what does that mean? That he knows where you are?' Bobby frowned, looking over to Dean.

'I guess...' Dean shuffled in his seat slightly, not meeting the older hunter's gaze.

'Geez boys, I told you to get rid of it! At all costs- This thing is mischievous, it won't stop now!' Bobby scolded, his eyes rolling, his volume going up.

'Well what was I supposed to do? Sam was down, it was all I could do to keep him upright-and then the son of a bitch did a disappearing act on us! We'll get him Bobby' Dean argued back, defiance and stubbornness shining in his voice.

Bobby took a deep breath to steady himself, before giving up and nodding.

'Ok, ok...I just get worried about you two' he muttered, downing his previously un-drunk Whisky in one gulp.

'We know, and thank you' Sam muttered, giving Bobby a small smile.

Bobby nodded at this admission, feeling suddenly self conscious. He coughed and looked around, wondering what to say next.

'I guess I gotta make up the guest rooms again, huh?' he asked, a smile playing on his lips.

Later that night, Bobby was in his bedroom, staring out of window at the cloudy sky. It was way past midnight, and the boy's had gone to bed a couple of hours ago, so now it was just him and Rumsfeld, who had made himself at home next to the door of his room, snoring loudly as he fell into dreamland.

Bobby sighed and looked at the thickly concealed moon; all he could see was the basic outline and lots of white reflective moonlight filtering through the clouds, changing as the clouds moved slightly.

He reflected back on the day, the feeling of panic and uselessness moving to his chest again, but another feeling was making it's presence felt-the feeling of wanting to be a father.

He knew it would never happen, he was way too old, and he was pretty sure no one wanted to share their lives with a withered old thing like him-but he wanted to know what it was like to be a dad...what it felt like...what kind of father he'd make. He was pretty sure he'd be a good one, but he wanted to be sure.

He knew Sam and Dean felt like he was a father figure to them, but he would just love for once...just once...to hear the word-"Dad", completely aimed at him.

He shook his head and pushed the thoughts out of his mind.

It would never happen. He had to get over it.

As he turned to get into bed he heard a rustle outside his bedroom window, and as he turned back again, he swore he heard slight giggling.

'What the...?' he muttered, his eyes widening as a bright white light consumed his vision and his house.

He heard two deep voices shout in surprise and alarm, before they were abruptly cut short, Rumsfeld barking madly at the door.

'Boys!' Bobby yelled, squinting as the bright light began to dim, and he was now blinded by the sudden return of total darkness.

'Sam! Dean!' he shouted, opening his door and racing over to the boy's room, flinging the door open and flicking on the light.

'Oh my god...'he muttered, looking down at the sight before him.

On the two beds in front of him, lying down in their blankets, were two young boys, their young faces peering up to him, their eyes curious.

Bobby stumbled into the room, trying to take in the scene.

'What the hell?' he whispered into the night; his voice reverberating into the silence.

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