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Bobby stood outside the door, partly because he was waiting for the harsh light to slowly disappear, and partly because he...well, a part of him didn't really want to go in.

Everything would be back to normal now, no more cute little kids-but he guessed the change really was for the better, after all...he pushed the thoughts out of his mind as he heard a confused cry come from the inside of his spare room.

He pushed open the door and stepped in, a smile now firmly set on his features as he looked at the scene before him-Sam and Dean were sat in the middle of their beds dressed in pyjamas at least four sizes too small-Sam looked like he had been in for a boil wash with his clothes on.

'Hiya fellas.' Bobby floundered for something to say to the two very confused looking young men before him.

'Hi...Bobby.' Dean replied after a while, scratching his head as he looked around the room. 'Why-why are we wearing these?' he asked, pulling at the tight material that clung to his chest.

'I-I'm not sure, why are you wearing them?' Bobby said, trying not to bust out laughing as the boys gave each other looks.

'I...I don't know.' Dean muttered, before shaking himself and smiling at the older man-'What happened Bobby?'

'You don't remember?' Bobby said incredulously; inside he felt a pang of sadness at the prospect that Sam and Dean had forgotten everything that had happened in the past few weeks.

'Ummm-'said Sam, swinging his longs legs off the bed to reveal that his bed trousers now looked more like shorts. '-I remember a bright light, and a weird noise...but no, that's It.' he said, looking up at Bobby with wide eyes.

'Oh.' That was all Bobby could say. He leant against the door frame and crossed his arms. 'Not much happened, you've been asleep most of the time.' He said, pulling words from nowhere. He couldn't believe they couldn't remember anything. At least he could still remember...

Dean stood up and padded towards Bobby, a frown on his face. 'What's up Bobby? You look kinda upset.' He said, before putting a hand on his shoulder.

Bobby looked down at the arm and smiled. 'I'm fine kid-you boys hungry?' he asked, looking from one to the other.

'You bet!' Sam grinned, the younger man jumping out of bed with a smile. 'Where are our clothes?' he asked, looking around the room with a frown.

'Uhh, probably in your duffels, you haven't had much need to wear clothes-being asleep an all.' Bobby said, before turning and walking back down the stairs to start the breakfast.

A few minutes later, Sam and Dean came down the stairs-as soon as they reached the bottom them both made a weird noise and held their noses. 'Wow-who's been sick in here?' Sam groaned, little retching noises coming from his throat.

'Oh balls-I mean, I was a bit off colour this morning, I'll clean it up-Dean, you wanna come here and finish the toast?' he said, before leaving the boys too it and crossing to the living room.

He quickly gathered up the buckets of puke and washed them in the bathroom, before he rearranged the pillows to make it seem a little more normal.

'Hey...are you sure you're alright?' Sam made him jump as he spoke behind him. He turned and gave the younger Winchester a small smile.

'You really don't remember anything? Over Christmas, New Years...anything?'

Sam stared into the distance for a few seconds, as though mentally backtracking the days.

'It's...fuzzy. I think I remember Christmas, but it was like a Christmas when I was a kid, but...different, you know?' he looked down at Bobby, who was trying not to grin like a loon. He remembered something-that was good enough for him.

'Well, maybe more will come to you later.' He said, and moved away, as is brushing the conversation aside.

'Hey-'Sam caught his arm and tuned him back round to face him. 'When I was little, did Dad ever buy me a bike?' he asked, raising his voice a little.

'Nope-Dad said they were dangerous-I taught you how to ride one when you were about fourteen, remember?' Dean called through a mouthful of toast from the kitchen.

'No...Earlier than that...' Sam muttered, a thoroughly confused look on his features.

Bobby shrugged. 'Maybe he did, I'm not sure-you coming for breakfast?' he said, motioning the kitchen.

Later in the afternoon, and the three of them were walking around the scrap-yard, helping Bobby clear up some things.

'Hey, Bobby.' Dean said, looking at the older man from over a pile of metal.

'Yeah?' Bobby asked, slowing his pace.

'Have you been doing all this by yourself?'

'Doing all what?' Bobby said, heaving more metal into his own arms.

'Y'know, working here and looking after us?' he replied, looking at Sam, who gave him a smile.

'Well, Rufus came round a few times, but, yeah-I have.' Bobby answered, bending down and dumping the armful of metal on the porch.

'Well...thanks Bobby...' Dean said, rubbing the back of his neck, as if a little embarrassed about saying it.

'Hey-you don't need to say that, that's what I'm here for, aint it?' he asked, poking Dean, who grinned back at him.

'But we do need to say it-and if you need anything, we're here, okay?' Sam added, smiling gratefully at the older man.

Bobby looked from one to the other, smiling inwardly as he caught past reflections in their faces from when they were little. John had these two little boys, and what did he do with them?

'Thanks guys, it means a lot for you to say that...' he said, before clearing his throat and blinking hard. He caught sight of the slightly startled look Dean gave his brother and laughed out loud.

'Relax, I'm not about to cry at ya-idjits. I'm just a bit tired, that's all.' He said, chuckling as Dean sighed gratefully.

He opened the door to his home and stepped inside-his heart soared a little as he saw the stack of books that he had piled neatly against the sofa.

Sam must've followed his gaze, because seconds later the younger man was sat on the sofa, a book in his lap.

'Hey, I remember this story, I think...' he said, before waving Dean to come sit next to him. His brother sighed but obliged, sinking on the sofa and taking the book off Sam.

'It is kinda familiar; I sort of remember bits of it...' Dean said, before shaking his head and shrugging. 'Weird...' Sam nodded, before putting the book back carefully on the pile and standing up.

'Well, we should hit the road...thanks so much for helping us out Bobby-we love you for it!' Dean grinned. He took at step back at the wide eyed look Bobby was giving him.

'Bobby, you ok?'

'Yeah...what did you just say?'

'I said thanks...you know, for helping us.'

'No, after that?'

'Dean said that we love you for it.' Sam smiled, poking his brother out the way.

'Oh-well, you're welcome.' Bobby said, trying not to cry like a baby.

'Are you sure you're ok-do you want us to stay here?' Dean said, putting a hand on his shoulder again.

'No, I'm fine-Like I said, I've just been under the weather.'

'Alright then-we'll be going then.' Dean said, before walking to the door.

'Alright...' Bobby almost sighed as he said it, but managed to catch it before he did.

'Thanks man.' Sam said again, before reaching out and hugging the older man.

'Get off me, Idjit!' Bobby chuckled, feigning embarrassment as Sam laughed.

'We'll see you soon.' Dean said, saluting him at the door.

'You better.' Bobby smiled, before standing at the door as the boys walked over to the Impala.

Dean got in first, followed closely by Sam. They both smiled and waved at Bobby as Dean started the car up.

Bobby waved from the door, and they all continued to wave and smile as Dean turned the car round, and soon they were driving away, with a final wave from Sam as they turned the corner.

'Bye Boys-be safe...' Bobby muttered, before chuckling and shaking his head.

Of course they'd be fine, they were strong-and if anything should happen? Well, they always had him to help them, didn't they?

'Idjits...' he said as the sound of the rumbling Impala engine had filtered away. He walked back inside his home of happy memories, and closed the door with a snap.

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