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There was something intrinsically wrong about being driven from your own castle by one of your subordinates. It was even worse when said subordinate was a female. How emasculating! Despite being a high calibre scientist and Nobody of extraordinary power, Xemnas would never understand the aspects of the female anatomy that transformed the most amiable woman into a snapping, hissing, waspish dragon. And in his own unfortunate case, a waspish dragon into a she-demon incarnate. Usually Larxene was easily avoided, so long as she was placated with chocolate and the run of the castle. And the other members remained out of her way. They tended to either go out on missions or remain safe and secluded in their rooms pursuing quiet means of entertainment. If these conditions were met, Larxene went about her fits of varying anger and tears without anyone dying or losing any part of their being. But today Xemnas, and all other male inhabitants of the Castle-That-Never-Was, had fled his home. Spurred on by their personal lightning storm. Larxene was currently going through slight...tension and stress due to features of her anatomy he didn't particularly want to think about in any detail whatsoever. In an effort to avoid the rampaging nymph, the sane members of the Organization (please read all of the remaining members, no one was safe from Larxene when she was in her condition) were heading to a new world together. Xemnas wanted them to all stick together for safety, in case they happened to be followed, but did not see the point in declaring a week's vacation. And so, they were going exploring. Having never entered an unexplored world himself, Xemnas was excited and slightly nervous. He decided to send Axel through the portal first, to ascertain the safety of their destination. When the Flurry of Dancing Flames called back that it was fine, Marluxia was next through, swiftly followed by the rest of the organization, hoping to slip away without Larxene knowing where they went.

Calling back to the others that the world was safe, Axel was sulking its dullness. It was wet and grey, the sky showed not one speck of blue. The houses were large and ornate however, and the roads were cobbled. Axel had emerged in a park, beneath the sheltering branches of a willow tree standing beside a small lake occupied by ducks, swans and geese. The redhead had stepped closer to the barrier of the leafy fronds to allow the others more room to emerge from the dark portal as he examined the surroundings. Marluxia was the first to join him. The pink haired man looked pleased by the parkland but slightly disgruntled by the drab greys of the town or city beyond its boundaries. The pair conversed quietly about the nature of the world when a high pitched voice interrupted them from behind.

"Nine, you were supposed to leave your weapon behind unless it was needed!" Xemnas scolded before trailing off, eyes widening. Demyx, completely oblivious to their disconcerting situation, hugged his over sized sitar closer to his body and struggled to maintain his balance.

"Larxene's all moody, and she hates me. If I left her with my sitar I ..." having taken this long to notice something odd about his surroundings, Demyx's eyes bugged out. "S...superior...you're SO. CUTE!" he squealed, freeing an arm from his weapon to tug on a soft silver strand of hair. Fortunately, as it saved the Nocturne from a mauling, freeing his hand caused the large instrument to overbalance him and he ended up sprawled at Axel's feet. Big aquamarine eyes gazed up at one of the tallest nobodies and soft pouty lips popped open in surprise. "You're so tall!" he exclaimed and giggled as both Axel and Marluxia collapsed to their knees in shock. Although they had not been altered physically when entering the new world, all ten remaining males had been transformed into children, all swimming in their regular sized Organization coats.

Axel was sat leaning against the trunk of the tree, one hand covering his mouth nonchalantly in an attempt to hide his amused grin. His fellow organization members were pretty adorable as kids, and Marluxia looked like an old fashioned nanny as he stood hands on hips, surrounded by seven squabbling children. They were trying to decide whether to stay where they were or return to the castle briefly to relocate, albeit at the endangerment of their very lives with a crazy Larxene around. However, as the argument continued, Axel was noticing some of the younger nobodies were beginning to look more and more upset and sleepy, rubbing at their eyes which were dampening at the corners. Frowning, Axel watched Demyx yawn widely and slump to the ground with a big pout on his face. A mumbled "I'm sleepy" reached the redhead's ears just as Roxas began to whimper, soon followed by Zexion. Marluxia, having had enough of the bickering, yelled at the others to be quiet. The next thing he knew, Marluxia was standing alone, facing a startled Axel who was now being clung to by six children, two of which were sobbing into his sleeves. In the next few seconds, Demyx clambered through the mass of huddled children to curl up on Axel's lap, using the elder's stomach as a pillow. He let out a happy murmur at the warmth his impromptu bed gave off, stuck him thumb into his mouth and contentedly drifted off before Axel had gained enough control over his shock to let out a sound of protest.

Marluxia smirked. Axel looked very motherly surrounded by the children. And he hadn't missed the tender expression directed towards the sleeping nobody resting on his stomach. "Well, whilst you lot have a bit of a nap, I'll go and conduct a bit of recon." He said, grinning at Axel's annoyed expression. Before the redhead could say anything, their superior looked up at Marluxia imperiously.

"You should go and find...stuff." he said, making the two remaining adults worry. It seemed that the other members had not been changed only physically, but mentally as well. "Yeah...stuff. Like food and clothes. I wanna see the new world. But I am hungry. And my coat doesn't fit me." Xemnas contorted his face into an adorable pout as the others echoed a chorus of 'I'm hungry' as well. Marluxia sighed.

"Fine, I will go and find some clothes and food for us. Now...go and cuddle up with uncle Axel and have a bit of a nap...stay here or you won't get anything to eat." Xigbar, now decidedly cute with his pudgy cheeks and tiny black ponytail, glowered up at the pink haired man.

"We're not babies." He scolded before turning to see Axel cradling a still snuffling Roxas and Zexion against his chest whilst the other members sprawled out around him wrapped in their huge coats. "Never mind." He muttered darkly before shuffling over to lean against the tree in an imitation of Axel. Marluxia shared a concerned glance with the redhead before Axel nodded; indicating he would be fine and that Marluxia should go.

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