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Hey guys! Not sure where this came from :P I reckon I'll leave it as a one-shot. Oh well... enjoy!

Two men, from two very different worlds. Both of them had the weight of the world on their shoulders; the expectation of not only the whole human race, whether they were aware of it or not. And there was nothing they could do about it.

He was stood close to the edge. Too close to be considered safe, close enough to feel the calm of the breeze and the thrill of the fall. Of course, nobody would notice until it was too close and too late. A man on the edge was a dangerous man, and that's what he needed to be right now. A man who had lost too much and had little left to lose. A desperate man. Of course it helped that there was all this weight and expectation on his shoulders because that would push him to be brave, but hopefully not foolish. Because every second counts and now every second is more crucial than ever as the final battle nears.

He looked up at the stars and for once, just this once, wished for a way. A way for him to escape, to end all of this madness and leave it behind. He wanted to go back to a place much simpler than this, back when it all made much more sense, or at least back to when the world was a much happier place. For once in his life, he wanted to live a plain old happy life. Was that so much to ask? He thought as he watched the twinkling lights above. He hardly ever looked at the stars anymore. They really are beautiful. He could appreciate that now more than ever.

Not long now, he thought, I just need to hold on. Hold on tight. Easier said than done of course, but damn it all if he wasn't going to try. He felt a swirl of emotion for everyone waiting for him to step up and complete his "destiny". Though he loved some of them dearly, it didn't stop the frustration he felt for all their expectations. He was no different from them. Maybe not even as good as a lot of them.

He rubbed the scar on his forehead. This was more out of habit, rather than because of the continuous twinges and burns. He dropped his head, kneading his forehead to ease the thoughts that were coming thick and fast without his say so.

But what about all the things the others didn't know, the things they didn't take into account? They didn't know about his darker side. This side that took a lot of effort to hide. This was the side that rebelled against and toward the edge, muttering words of comfort and doubt. The side that was responsible for his short temper and his black moods. The side that marked him as an "equal". To give it a name this was his Slytherin side, or, depending on just how dark it was, his Riddle side.

He shook his head and gazed back up at the stars, I could really use a wish right now.

Little did he know that somewhere in the stars something was listening. Something that had heard his thoughts, his doubts, that felt his anger and his sorrow. Something that felt sympathy and empathy towards the man. He wasn't even a man, not in the something's eyes. He was still a boy. A boy that needed help and this something was going answer his plea, with or without permission.

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