Supersonic: Part Two

As the snow that covered Hogwarts began to thaw under the hot glare of the morning sun, Luna Lovegood awoke in an empty Raven claw dormitory and immediately looked to the end of her bed. There sat two large, haphazardly wrapped packages, no doubt from her father and a large pile of various sweets consisting of Droobles and lots of chocolate frogs.

That was usually all she got for Christmas and despite being pleased, Luna couldn't help but feel a little excited at the sight of another present sitting on the end of her bed. In great contrast to her father's gifts, a small box shaped package sat beside the pile of sweets, immaculately wrapped in green paper with Christmas trees printed on it and a silver bow on top.

Luna lifted the box and inspected it carefully. It felt like a jewellery box and as she shook it, it rattled. She turned the tag over and read the neat script.

Much nicer than bottle caps or radishes I think.

Thanks, Lovegood.


Stunned, Luna ripped off the wrapping paper and opened the box. In it lay the most beautiful bracelet made out of fine silver. On it hung a small charm. She laughed softly as she realised the charm was small dragon. How typical of a Malfoy.

She clasped the bracelet around her pale wrist and got out of bed. It was hands down the most beautiful thing she owned and she had to agree it was much nicer than bottle caps or radishes.

Grabbing a packet of Droobles, she went over to her trunk that lay open, its contents strewed all over the floor of the empty dormitory. She picked up her needle and wool and perched on the windowsill beside her bed.

Perhaps she'd knit him a nice scarf.