Okay, so, in the matter of my Tangled fic "What Once Was Mine", it will be on hold for the next little bit, because my writer's block won'.. . Hopefully, I'll have a new chapter for it by the end of the month.

And on to this one! I've had this idea floating around in the back of my mind ever since I saw PATF, and now I'm finally getting some decent words out on paper. Tiana's and Naveen's marriage just seems like a fascinating one to me, along with all of the problems and responsibilities that would go with it. This is just my take on it all, from their second wedding scene in the movie and beyond!

The Cast of Characters:

Naveen, King of Maldonia (1930)

Tiana, Queen Consort

Raymond (1937), the Heir. Sixth child and only son of Naveen and Tiana

Rhia (1927), Adanna (1929), Anika (1932), Shana (1933), Tabia (1935). Daughters of Naveen and Tiana

King Emire (Naveen's father)

Queen Samirea (Naveen's mother)

Grand Duke Mazir (Naveen's brother). Second in line for the throne

Charlotte La Bouff. Tiana's closest friend, who later becomes Charlotte Fisher.

Eudora Tufford (Tiana's mother)

Travis Fisher ("But Miss Charlotte, you said later two hours ago! ;) )

*Note: These are all just characters that have a great importance in the story. I'm not going to list every chamber maid and butler I come up with; that would be way too exhausting! :P*

Take with this what you will. I for one am very excited about this fic! :)