The Little Pianist

Chapter 11

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Sebastian sensed something wasn't right. He burst into the room."Ciel?".

The room was empty and completely destroyed, the window was broken and Sebastian noticed some blood on the floor. He smelled it, it was Ciel's blood. A thin silver glowing thread caught Sebastian's eyes. He picked it up and noticed it was from a spider web. A single thought came to Sebastian's mind.

"Claude Faustus…"


Sebastian jumped from the window and landed on the ground, he started to trace Claude's smell. At an inhuman speed Sebastian began to run because he knew if he couldn't get to Ciel in time….it might be too late to save him.


Ciel slowly opened his eyes. He was currently lying on a bench in some weird made of stone place. The last thing he remembered was that he was cleaning in the forbidden room and that a spider suddenly jumped on him and bit his throat, causing him to lose conscious.

"Well how nice of you to finally wake up" Ciel jumped at the sound of Claude's voice.

"Claude Faustus" spat Ciel with disgust while looking at the butlers smirking face.

"You look very intimidating Ciel Phantomhive, it makes me shiver" said Claude with an amused face.

Ciel wanted to punch him in the face but realized that he couldn't move his body."What the hell did you do me and where the hell am I?"asked Ciel while trying to move his body.

"The venin which is still present in your body has paralyzed your entire body therefore you can't move and we are currently on the demon island where I will happily devour your delicious soul. I have to say you will be an excellent meal, I realized that when you killed Alois, ah, it was such a beautiful moment, Alois's soul which I consumed when I made a the contract with him was nothing compared to yours and what a stupid wish he had, he wished to be a demon so that he could be with Sebastian and I will have to watch over him so that nobody is between them and thanks to you he's dead, I should thank you for releasing that burden on my head.." said Claude in a tone as if speaking about weather.

"You are sick and you can't take my soul, I made a contract with Sebastian, my soul belongs to him therefore you can't do nothing." said Ciel while smirking at the demon.

'Oh yes I will eat your soul, because Sebastian will be too late to come and save you ,so why don't you just relax and let me finish the job, I promise it won't hurt…too much." said Claude while nearing Ciel.

Ciel's eyes widened as Claude neared him, he tried to move, he mentally screamed and ordered himself to move, but the body didn't obey him.

"Oh, no ! Please! No he can't do this! Sebastian please! Don't let him take my soul! SEBASTIAN!"

Ciel screamed as he felt Claude punch through his stomach. He started to spit and cough blood while Claude was working his hand through his stomach."Yes Ciel, this is the pian you will have, the pain reflects the person's life, you had a very hard life therefore this is your pain."

Small tears were sliding down Ciel's cheek. He wasn't crying because of the physical pain, it was the pain in his heart the pain that he will never see Sebastian again, the fact that he promised his soul to him and the fact that they will be parted forever.

"Alright, enough with the theatrical show, it was a pleasure to meet you Ciel Phantomhive and even a greater one to consume your soul."

Claude revealed his spider like teeth and lowered his head to Ciel's neck.

"Sebastian, please, forgive me." said Ciel while waiting for more pain to come.

To his surprise something grabbed Claude by the shoulders and flew him into a stone wall.

Ciel looked up to see Sebastian; his eyes were glowing demonically and a dark aura was hovering over him.

"Sebastian!" screamed Ciel as if heaven came to rescue him.

Sebastian kneeled and his eyes widened as he saw the boys wounds. "Ciel, I'm so sorry, I was too late…"said Sebastian while looking shamefully at the floor.

"It's alright, better late than never."said smiled sadly at Ciel and helped leaned against the bench.

"Oh how touching, the demon and the human are together again and surely everything will be happy now but you forget Sebastian, that I WILL CONSUME HIS SOUL AND I WILL KILL YOU!"said Claude as he took out a black and long demon sword.

Sebastian growled and whispered into Ciel's ear. "Ciel, I want you to close your eyes."

"Sebastian, what do you mean?"asked Ciel.

"I cannot let you see my true form, it will scare you, please close your eyes."

"I understand" said Ciel as he closed his eyes.

Sebastian stood up and turned to Claude, his eyes were glowing fire-like."Now then let's see who will win" said Sebastian as black crow feathers began to fall around his body.

He started to walk up to Claude, his shoes suddenly changed to boots, he grew a few inches taller, his hair grew longer, his nails turned into claws, black leather started to appear all over his body, two black crow wings were present on his back, a goat-like beard appeared under his chin, two demon horns were on top of his head and a sinister and evil smile with sharp fangs was present on his face.

Claude's eyes widened in horror as he looked at Sebastian. He knew Sebastian was a very powerful demon but he didn't imagine he was THIS powerful.

Sebastian's grin grew wider and he launched himself at Claude's sword, ripping it together with Claude's arm. Claude began to scream.

Ciel's heart jumped at Claude's scream but didn't open his eyes. His heart was beating very fast as blood continued to spread on the bench, Ciel tried desperately do breath as much air as possible.

"Ciel, can you hold on while I count from ten to one?"shouted Sebastian as he continued to fight with Claude.

"Yes, but hurry, please…"said Ciel in a barely audible voice but he knew Sebastian heard him.

"Well then, here I begin…"

"Ten!" ,he ripped Claude's legs.

"Nine", Sebastian stabbed Claude in the stomach.

"Eight" Ciel was forcing his heart to slow down.

"Seven" Sebastian began to scratch Claude's face.

"Six","Sebastian, hurry up!" whispered Ciel.

"Five", he punched through Claude's chest causing Claude to scream as if the flames of hell were burning him.

"'Four" Sebastian ripped Claude's heart out of his chest.

"Three"," Hurry Sebastian, I haven't got much time left!" begged Ciel.

"Two!" Sebastian raised the demon's sword in the air while smirking down at a horrified Claude.

"Hold on Ciel, one last blow and you will be together with Sebastian..." thought Ciel.

"One…" Sebastian's sword came down and chopped Claude's head off.

Claude's body fell limp and in a few seconds he turned to ashes, a powerful wind blew Claude's ash into the darkness…


Ciel felt a pair of strong arms wrap around his small and wounded body."You may open your eyes Ciel, it's alright now, it's over "said Sebastian.

Ciel slowly opened his eyes and looked up to meet Sebastian's soft eyes. Ciel felt he was melting at the moment; he began to cough a lot of blood.

Sebastian looked sadly at Ciel's shaking form."Ciel, the contract…"

"It's alright, my time is up you can fulfill the contract, as long as it is you who has my soul, I don't mind." whispered Ciel.

Sebastian smiled sadly at the boy."You are the bravest human I have ever seen, I am so honored to have met you, I promise I will never forget you, I love you Ciel, I love you with all my heart."

Tears were running down Ciel's pale and cold cheeks."I love you too Sebastian, with all my soul."

Sebastian pressed his lips to Ciel's cold ones and began to absorb his soul. Ciel took one more look at Sebastian's beautiful face and closed his eyes forever…


After Sebastian took all of Ciel's soul, he broke the kiss and held the lifeless body tight to his chest. He caressed Ciel's cheek and tears were streaming from Sebastian's eyes as he saw Ciel do something he never thought he would ever see him do…

For the first and last time in his life, Ciel Phantomhive smiled, not a forced or fake smile but a sincere and happy smile.

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