This is a Jacob/Rosalie fic, my second one. I think this pairing is way underrated and more people should explore it. At first this fic will focus on Rosalie, but Jacob will come into it shortly, don't you worry, ladies. The banner and video can be found by following my graphics website link and going under the relevant pairing.

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Rosalie Hale took the five steps towards her father's front door at an achingly slow pace. She knew that as soon as she rang the doorbell, a part of her life—a huge part—would be over.

It was her fault, she told herself. She couldn't blame Emmett for not wanting her anymore.

The unwelcoming sound of the doorbell echoed inside the house when her finger pressed down on the fading white button.

She stood there, dread passing through her even stronger than before, while waiting for the door to open and reveal her father.

When he heard the chimes sound throughout the house, Alexander Hale went to greet his daughter unenthusiastically. He knew if she was here, the news wasn't good.

"Hi, Daddy." She spoke first, her voice trembling slightly.

"Rose," he paused, "What's going on?"

"I… Emmett and I are…" She swallowed hard, the pain not going down easily. She had yet to say the words out loud. "We're getting a divorce."

Alexander couldn't say he was surprised. He'd never approved in the first place, especially after the way she ran away with Emmett, and they married in Las Vegas without anyone's approval. Still, that was a long time ago, and she'd only been here to visit him a handful of times since.

"So you want to move back home?"

Rosalie knew this wouldn't be easy, or right on her part, but she really didn't have another choice. "Just until I find a new place. I won't be here long."

"What about the house?"

"Emmett wants it. He's going to buy me out." Although she loved the house the two of them had made a home, she knew she wouldn't be able to live in it without him.

Alexander nodded. "Do you have any of your things with you?"

"Just a bag in the car," she answered.

"I'll get you some clean sheets and towels. I'll put them in the guest room."

As he walked away, she went back down to her car to grab her bag. She'd go back to the house to get the rest of her things soon, but for now, this was all she had.

When she was back in her childhood home, she tried to remember what it was like before her mom left. The house was full of life back then. Now, not only did the house feel empty, but her soul did too.

"I'm ordering Chinese. You want anything?" Alexander asked as he emerged from the guest room.

"No, thanks. I think I'm just going to go to sleep."

He nodded and walked past her. He wished at times that he was more affectionate to his daughter—but he'd become bitter over the years and was of no use to anybody anymore.

Rosalie curled up on the small bed and cried until there were no more tears left to cry. She knew that tomorrow she'd be strong and deal with the card life had dealt her, but for now, she allowed herself to be weak and break down quietly.