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Chapter I: Blackout

A pair of blue eyes opened to view the starry night sky above. After a moment of contemplation, the young form of Uzumaki Naruto sat up to look at his surroundings. It was night-time and he was in an unknown alley. Many questions ran through the blonde child's young mind. 'How did I get here? Where is here? What time is it?'. The reasoning for these questions was due to the fact that the last thing the boy remembered was getting ready to go to bed. He had no idea how he had gotten into an alley, nor why he was currently sitting in a pile of garbage bags.

Naruto began to stand up but his hand, which he had placed on a nearby garbage pail for support, slipped and he nearly fell. Curious, Naruto looked to his hand and noticed it was covered in a slippery substance. Walking forward into the moonlight, Naruto stretched his hand out and, to his shock, it was covered in blood. He quickly looked towards the garbage pail he found a smeared and bloody hand-print.

Even to his five-year old mind, it was clear that something was wrong. His entire hand and some of his forearm was covered with blood and it was still fresh. Taking a few moments he looked himself over and the surrounding area. There was no sign of injury on him and no sign of blood in the surrounding area. Was the blood even his? If it wasn't his then whose was it? These questions now were added onto the list of questions currently circulating through his mind. Along with these new questions a deep sense of foreboding passed through the boy and he shivered at the possible answers to these thoughts.

Currently the blonde boy could only think of one course of action that he could take. He needed to get to the Old Man and that meant that he needed to make his way to the Hokage Tower. 'Hokage-jiji would know what was going on.' Naruto knew from prior experience that no matter how much the rest of the village hated him he could always trust and count on the kind Old Man in the white robes and red hat.

Naruto made his way to the end of the alley and looked around. The street was quiet. Seemingly no one was around and the only light came from the moon and a couple of street lights. This didn't mean that there weren't ninja in the area but he needed to get to the tower as fast as he could. With both sides of the street being lined with tall shops, he could not see the Hokage Monument from where he currently was. He scanned the names of the nearby shops instantly knew where he was in relation to the tower. There were virtually no stores in Konoha that would tolerate him Nearly all would kick him out the moment he stepped foot inside. The rest would just charge him exorbitant prices for all but the simplest of merchandises.

Just yesterday he had been kicked out of a weapons store that was located about a block away. He had wanted to buy some practice kunai and shuriken as he would be attending the ninja academy the following year and he wanted to be as prepared as he could be. He had also seen several kids playing with the wooden practice toys several days ago. It looked fun. Naruto had wanted to join them but he knew that if he got close, an adult would chase him away or the children would recognize him as a person whom their parents had told them to stay away from. No matter where he went in the village everyone seemed to recognize him and instantly they would glare, mutter, utterly ignore him, or attempt to make him get out of their site. He still had no idea why he was so hated.

Wrestling his thoughts back to the current situation, Naruto decided that the streets were relatively safe and started making his way to the Hokage Tower. Even at night the Old Man was probably still there finishing his paper work. Naruto still had no idea why he didn't just make someone else do it. The man was in charge of the whole village after all and everyone loved and respected him. One would think that people would lineup single file to fill out the Hokage's paperwork for him. At least they would when he became Hokage. Exiting the alley he was in, Naruto made his way through the village at a fast pace. He wiped his bloody hand off on his shorts as best as he could but it was still covered in dried blood that would not come out without washing. He reached the end of the street that he was on and rounded the corner. From the street that he was now on, the Hokage tower was in view. The lights were still on in the tower which was a good indication that Hokage-jiji was still in.

Despite the tower being in view, the boys sense of panic and unease was not lifted. He wasn't traveling that fast and he had not traveled that far but he still seemed out of breath and his heart was thundering in his chest. Naruto had now reached halfway to the tower when he felt the distinct impression that he was being watched. Not even a second after he heard shouting behind him. Several people, shinobi from what he could make out, were coming up fast behind him and shouting for him to stop, so naturally Naruto sped up. He was now panicked more than ever and running as fast as his legs could take him. The Hokage Tower was still a ways away and being that Naruto was only five years old, the pursuers were gaining fast. They announced themselves as the being with the Konoha Military Police Force which just made Naruto run faster as he did not like the police force and they liked him even less.

Out of the corner of his eye, Naruto saw a shadow begin growing on the ground next to him as he ran. As it grew he only managed to realize what exactly it was when he heard a slight 'whoosh' sound and a pain in the back of he neck. Someone had pounced on Naruto from the roof tops and whoever they were, they were much faster than the police force. Naruto's body went limp as his vision was blurred and he lost consciousness.

The dog masked ANBU informed the police force that he would take the boy to the Hokage and that they should go back on patrol. He then radioed in to his squad that he had captured the boy and was heading back to the tower. The silver haired ninja looked down at the unconscious boy in his arm and wondered what was going on. It wasn't his night to watch out for the boy and he would need to find out which ANBU member was scheduled to watch him and why they obviously weren't doing their job. He was surprised when the orders had come in to capture the boy. Specifics about why Naruto was to be captured were not given but Kakashi was very concerned with the dried blood on the boys hand and the panicked state the blonde seemed to be in. "What have you gotten yourself into Naruto?" was all the ANBU said before taking to the roof and heading to the tower to report to Hokage-sama.

Holding Cell at ANBU Headquarters

Naruto was woken up to a burning sensation in his nose due to the smelling salt the ANBU used. He tried to find out what was going on but the only thing that the two ANBU would say was "Come with us." Naruto was lead from his cell through a dark hallway with concrete walls and ceilings. There were other metal doors in the hallway and Naruto guessed that these were other holding cells. He noticed his hands were bound with large thick cuffs with a chain in-between them probably placed on his wrists when he was unconscious. Apparently the masked men had child sized cuffs. Each cuff had seals engraved into them to suppress the chakra and prevent molding of chakra by the detainee, though Naruto did not know this. He tried several times to ask questions but his words were just met with silence by the ANBU on either side of him. Each had a hand resting on his corresponding shoulder and were pushing him along.

He tried yelling at them but they just continued to look ahead, uncaring and unresponsive. He even kicked the right ANBU in the shin but the guy didn't even flinch. If Naruto was panicked earlier then he was definitely beginning to freak out now. They lead him through a guarded door and up a staircase to the next level. The ANBU then halted at a metal doorway which was opened and he was ushered inside after a signal was given. The room was sparse it only had a table and two chairs. The table and one of the chairs were bolted to the ground. The top corner of the room had a camera and one of the walls had a large mirror. The ANBU told him to sit down and then cuffed his legs to the chair. "Is that really necessary?" Naruto asked the masked men. Both of them merely stared at him for a brief period and one replied to him, "Someone will be in to talk with you shortly." Then they both left.

From his cold metal chair Naruto looked around the room and then just started staring ahead of him. 'Where is the Old Man?' He had yet to see the Hokage and ANBU that lead him here were not willing to tell him if the Hokage was around or if the Hokage even knew that he was here. 'I guess I just have to wait patiently,' Naruto thought. This lasted for all of five second. "OI! Where the hell am I?! Where's the Old Man? I'm hungry, when can I get some ramen? When I become Hokage I'm gonna remember this!" For the better part of an hour Naruto's yelling went unanswered until the lock on the metal door clicked and someone walked in.

It had been a busy morning for Morino Ibiki. He had been personally asked by the Hokage to review a case which fell outside his normal interrogation duties. Though given the sensitive matter and the suspect in question, he was not surprised that it was being brought to someone in the interrogations department. It was still a little odd considering that the case only involved civilians if it were not for the involvement of one Uzumaki Naruto. Ibiki had already compiled the reports from the Konoha Military Police and had interviewed several people despite said persons already giving statements to the police force. He now had to personally interrogate the suspect which would be followed by a psych evaluation from Yamanaka Inoichi. Normally a 'mindwalk' as it was called by the Yamanaka clan would be used but this particular suspect and his 'condition' was deemed too dangerous.

Ibiki collected his materials and files from his desk and set out to the questioning room which the suspect was currently located. Because of the age of the suspect Ibiki would have to be 'gentle' in his questioning. This was something that Ibiki rather disliked but was necessary given that the boy was a civilian of the village and possible mental stability of the suspect. Also the Hokage would disapprove of any aggressive tactics in questioning the suspect considering the Hokage's fondness of the boy. Ibiki had decided to let the boy sit for just over half an hour and monitor his actions before he made his appearance.

When the door opened, a tall man walked in. His face was rather scarred and he was wearing some type of gray uniform with a black trench coat and a bandana Hitai-ate covering his head. While Naruto tried not to be intimidated by this imposing figure he failed miserably. Ibiki did not need any special observational skills to detect the fear and hesitation that came from the boy but did not show any outward sign of knowing. Ibiki noiselessly walked to the open seat from the Naruto and sat down. He placed the manilla folder in front of him and opened it. At lease a minute passed before Ibiki stopped examining the contents of the folder and looked directly at Naruto. Naruto tried not to squirm under his gaze but was not able to.

"First and foremost," Ibiki began, "My name is Morino Ibiki, second in command of the ANBU Torture and Interrogation Force, and you are currently in a detention facility. I will be questioning you and you will be answering me. You will not be interrogated, merely questioned but it is in your best interest to give truthful answers to me because I will know exactly when you are lying." Naruto gulped. "Now we can begin. Do you know why you are here?" Ibiki said while giving naruto a withering stare. "N-n-no." Naruto barely managed to force the words out while Ibiki stared at him.

"Alright, next question. Where were you last night and this morning from the time of 10:00 PM to 1:00 AM?" Ibiki continued with his questions.

"Um, I went to bed at around nine." Naruto replied in an afraid and confused voice.

"What happened after that? Did you wake up? What do you remember after that?" were the questions delivered one after another without break by Ibiki right after Naruto's reply.

"um...what are you writing on that notepad?"

"Your responses, now answer the questions." Ibiki replied evenly.

"I woke up in an alley...in the shopping district...I tried to get to the Hokage Tower...to talk to the Old Man. I didn't know what was going on." said Naruto in a small voice.

"Was there anyone else around?"

"No. Not until the police started chasing me"

"Did you have anything with you?"


"Was there blood on your hand?"

At this question Naruto's eyes looked down to his left hand and he replied in a slightly detached voice, "Yes."

After Naruto's response Ibiki sifted through the contents of his folder and pulled out three photos. Naruto recognized the first of the three pictures and Ibiki easily saw the comprehension in the boys eyes. "Do you know the person in this first picture?" Ibiki asked and Naruto nodded yes. "What about the other two, have you ever seen them before?" Naruto responded by shaking his head no. "The first person here, his name is Hideki Tojiro and he owns a weapons shop called the 'Superior Shinobi Supplies.' According to our information you visited this shop the day before yesterday and had an altercation with the owner resulting in you being thrown out. Would you care to explain what happened?"

Naruto looked rather annoyed at the photo and stated, "I was trying to get some practice kunai and shuriken, you know the wooden ones." Ibiki nodded his head to continue. "I entered the store, he told me to leave and then threw me out."

"Did you say anything to him, insult him in any way, threaten him maybe?" Ibiki stated.

"No." Naruto replied in a small voice.

"Then why did he throw you out?"

"They always do."

Ibiki slightly raised an eyebrow at that statement. "Did you try another store?"

"I tried all of them."

"And none of them would sell you anything, they just kicked you out?" asked Ibiki.

"Some would but I couldn't afford their prices."

"I doubt those practice weapons are very pricey."

"They always try to make me pay three to four times the listed price, sometimes more."

Ibiki frowned slightly at that answer but needed to press on. "Have you had any prior confrontations with Hideki-san?"

"No. I didn't even know his name."

"And you have never seen either of the two individuals in these photos?"

"No. Did something happen to them?"

"You could say that." said Ibiki and his statement did not bode well with Naruto. In addition to his nervousness and anxiety he now had a terrible feeling in the pit of his stomach.

"To the extent of your knowledge, have you every blacked out before or experienced anything similar to not knowing how you got to a certain place or having a gap in your memory?"

"No. Never. Did I do something wrong?" Naruto replied. He was looking at Ibiki expectantly as if he desperately wanted to know the answer. Ibiki could see that the boy seemed on the verge of an outburst or maybe trying to hold back tears.

"We don't know yet. We're still investigating." Ibiki replied while not even looking at Naruto. The reply had been given automatically in the same even tone he had been using through the entire questioning and it did nothing to calm Naruto's nerves. "Currently that is all the questions that I have for you. An associate of mine is going to be asking you some 'easier' questions as well. His name is Yamanaka-san and he should be in to visit you shortly." Ibiki monotoned while collecting the photographs and placing them back into the manilla folder. He also collected the notepad he had been writing on and placed it in his trench coat. He left through without saying goodbye and left Naruto alone in the room.