Married For Life

Summary: A series of one-shots that take a look into Steph and Ranger's life as a married couple. BABE. BABE HEA.

Disclaimer:All recognizable characters, settings, etc. from the PLUM series are the property of Janet Evanovich. No copyright infringement is intended. I am not making any profit; all credit goes to the aforementioned author.

Warnings for: Explicit Sexual Situations and Bad Language. Rated MA.

To Love and to Cherish

Six weeks later


I stepped out of the elevator and unlocked the apartment door. I'd had this day planned out for months now. For once I'd beaten Stephanie upstairs. That was my intent when I'd started work at five am this morning even though I'd been reluctant to leave the bed with my warm naked wife in it at o four hundred.

Steph wouldn't be too far behind me. I'd instructed Lester to send her up here at exactly seventeen hundred hours and I still needed to set up. I took a quick shower and pulled on a pair of black dress pants as I set to work.

I filled the tub with hot water and some bubble bath, lighting the handful of candles Stephanie seemed to like in the bathroom. Moving to the wardrobe, I extracted the dress bag I'd hidden in there a couple of weeks ago, unzipping it slowly. I had to admit, I'd really outdone myself.

The stunning red dress was sexy, yet elegant and would make my Babe look like a siren. In a small bag that hid behind my duffle, I extracted a pair of four inch red stilettoes and a red lacy thong that made my dick ache. I couldn't wait to see Stephanie in them… and out of them.

I hung the dress in the bathroom, and placed the thong and shoes next to the sink. Then I waited.

Not five minutes later, Steph dashed through the bedroom doors coming to an abrupt halt as she took in my half naked body reclined on the bed.

"Lester told me there was an emergency up here?" she murmured, her eyes shifting away from me to scan the room worriedly.

"Lester lied, Babe. I'm taking you out tonight, to a club. Everything's set in the bathroom," I explained, getting off the bed so I could give her a warm kiss hello and reassure her everything was fine. "Take your time," I added.

She nodded slowly, drawing away from me to investigate the bathroom. Her little gasp of delight made me smile.

I went into the office to do some work while I waited for my Babe.

Forty minutes later, I was dressed in a black on black suit with a red tie to match my Babe. I was sitting on the edge of the bed, awaiting Stephanie. I had a couple more things to give her.

When she opened the bathroom door, I clenched my jaw to stop it from falling open. She looked gorgeous.

"You look beautiful, Steph," I whispered, standing as she made her way towards me.

"Thanks handsome," she giggled, smoothing out my tie. I don't think she'd ever seen me in a tie that wasn't black or grey. Her large smile certainly portrayed her approval.

"Turn around, Babe?" I requested.

She turned slowly, my hands on her hips steadied her as she faced away from me.

Brushing her hair to one side, I kissed her shoulder, finished zipping up the back of her dress and retrieved her present from my pocket. Opening the jeweler's case, I slid out the strand of off-white pearls. Placing them around her neck, I fastened the clasp and turned her back around to face me.

Her hand hovered above them as she blinked up at me with shining eyes. I carefully unclasped her silver dangly earrings and put drop pearl earrings in their place.

"Perfect," I admired, smiling at her.

She returned my smile and gave me a sweet kiss.

"Thank you," she sighed. Babe still wasn't used to me giving her presents.

I touched her cheek lightly and gave her a kiss that told her exactly how much I enjoyed giving her things.

"So, where are we going, Carlos?" she wondered as we slowly parted.

"A club, Babe," I answered, tucking a curl behind her ear. I loved it when she wore her hair down like this.

"You already said that. What club?" she queried suspiciously. Couldn't hide anything from my Babe

"I don't think you're familiar with it," I replied evasively, grinning at her.

"Oh?" She raised her eyebrows at me and waited. Time to bite the bullet.

"I believe one could refer to it as a Gentlemen's Club," I spoke gently.

"C-Carlos? You're taking me to a strip club?" she cried, slapping my chest. I caught her hand and pressed a kiss to each of her fingers.

"No, Babe. I suppose a more apt title would be a Couples Sex Club." I observed her carefully, wincing when her eyes widened and turned stormy.

"What?" she snapped angrily.

"Relax, Babe. I'm not sharing you with anyone. The membership mostly extends to monogamous couples. It's very exclusive, and private. There are very strict entry guidelines," I explained, trying to smooth her anger by gently caressing her cheek with my thumb. It worked.

"You want me to go to a sex club!" she huffed, pouting a little.

"Us, Babe. I want to expand your sexual horizons," I murmured, dropping a kiss to her lips. She fell silent, and I could see her mood shifting once again. Now she was feeling nervous, afraid and vulnerable.

"But Carlos, I don't think I'm, um, confident or sexual enough for that?" she mumbled, frowning as she tried to find the right word to describe what she was feeling. I knew what she was feeling; the oppression of having lived in the burg all her life, with that nagging bitch of a woman she called her mother.

I wrapped an arm around her and dragged her against me, capturing her lips in a powerful kiss. She went lax against me and rested her head against my shoulder as we both caught our breath.

Taking a deep breath, I ran a hand through her hair and held her securely to me as I calmed down.

"You are not a Chambersburg Clone, Steph. You're my wife. The fearless Bombshell Bounty Hunter. An extremely sexual woman. You trust me, Babe. Would I ever put you in a situation in which you'd be uncomfortable? I think you'll enjoy this just as much as I will," I promised lightly, trying not to let my anger over how her mother put her down for years enter my voice. Tonight wasn't about anger. It was supposed to be about love, lust, desire and sharing something new and exciting with Steph.

I pressed light kisses down her neck and along her shoulder. She squirmed a little and pressed tightly against me. I knew she could feel my arousal.

"What if we get there and I really don't want to, uh, do anything," she asked nervously, unbuttoning the top two buttons on my shirt and loosening my tie so she could pepper teasing kisses against the skin of my chest.

"Then we'll just have a nice night out, drinking, dancing and enjoying each other's company," I smoothly replied. If that was really how she felt, of course I wouldn't force her into anything. I loved my Babe.

"You won't be mad?" she meekly inquired, peeking up at me.

"No. Besides, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised," I assured her, regretfully letting her go so I could straighten up. Taking her hand, I led her to the elevator and down to the garage.

I held open the door to my Cayman S and helped Steph in, giving her a heady kiss before clicking her seatbelt on and softly closing the door. When I slid behind the wheel, she was doing a fish impression, glancing from me to her seatbelt. I loved that I could make her forget her surroundings so completely.

She was quiet for a few minutes, a cute frown on her face revealing her mind was at work.

"I smell something burning, Babe," I stated with a chuckle.

She poked her tongue out at me, making my dick harden as my mind instantly reveled in all the wonderful things we could do with that mesmerizing part of her anatomy. I shifted myself, and watched as she considered her thoughts before speaking.

"So, how did you even hear about this place?" she finally asked.

"I'm a silent partner. I own fifty one percent. I invested a month or so after we started dating," I admitted freely.

"What?" she shrieked. The look of shock on her face amused me to no end.

"I knew it was something I'd want to experience with you. Not to mention, it's actually turning into a worthwhile investment. Very profitable," I confided, flashing her a smile.

Stephanie just shook her head in disbelief. I smiled again.

I pulled up in front of the nondescript brick building and found a park two spaces from the door. Climbing out of the car, I assisted my wife from the vehicle, beeped it locked and led her up the handful of steps.

I kept my arm tightly around her waist as I guided her through the sleek black double doors. The man inside gave me a nod and said, "Welcome, Mr and Mrs Manoso." I felt Steph shiver and lean more heavily against me.

We moved through the second set of doors and I stopped Stephanie from going through the dark red curtain before us. Heavy, sensual music was throbbing through hidden speakers, enveloping us in its rhythmic beat. It wasn't so obnoxiously loud that we'd have to shout to talk to each other. The dance floor was another level down, where the music blared. Below the dance floor were the private rooms.

I walked in front of her and dropped to my knees, giving her a smirk before my hands slid under her short dress. I watched her freeze and blink down at me as my fingers slid under the sides of her panties and eased them down her legs.

"Dress code, Babe," I murmured, helping her to step out of her lacey thong. I stuffed it in my back pocket and rose to my feet. She was still nervous, but her eyes were hooded with desire, betraying her, as she looked at me.

I slid my arm around her waist once more and parted the curtain, stepping through and pausing at the top of the large grand staircase.

For a moment, it felt like all eyes were on us as we began making our way down the stairs onto the main floor.

I gazed at my wife as she took everything in, observing shock, awe, and desire race across her features. My eyes followed hers, taking in the semi-private booths that lined the walls, the intimate tables for two taking up a large majority of the floor and of course, the six viewing rooms on the far wall where couples could express their more voyeuristic or exabitionist desires.

"Would you like a drink, Babe?" I whispered against the shell of her ear. She shivered and nodded slowly.

Slipping my hand under her chin, I tilted her face slowly upwards until I could press a slow tantalizing kiss against her lips.

As we parted, her body sagged against mine and she buried her face in my shoulder. My arms slipped around her, holding her to me. She breathed me in deeply before gazing up at me again.

I knew this establishment was nothing like what she expected. I could tell she already felt more comfortable now, having seen a little of the place. She also, I thought, realized I would never do anything to hurt her, physically, emotionally, mentally or sexually. My Babe trusted me, though sometimes she just needed to remind herself of that fact.

"We're going to do this, Babe, and it's going to be good," I murmured, slipping one of my hands down to cup her sweet ass. I gave a light squeeze and was rewarded with a soft whimper followed by a moan. Those two noises only could drive any man wild with desire.

"C'mon, Babe." I pulled away a fraction, tucked her into the side of my body and swaggered over to the bar.

"Mr and Mrs Manoso, a pleasure," the bartender greeted us politely. I was impressed by the fact that his eyes stayed on both mine and Stephanie's face. It was good to know that my employees were competent.

"One scotch on the rocks, and a weak Long Island Ice Tea," I ordered, ignoring the death glare my wife was sending my way.

When she huffed a little and folded her arms tightly across her chest, I bent down so my lips could hover above her ear.

"Stephanie, I want you in full control of your senses, so you can enjoy every pleasurable minute," I said huskily, pressing a kiss lightly, just behind the lobe of her ear. That spot drove her crazy.

I leaned back slightly and watched her eyes glaze over. The bartender sat our drinks on the counter. I held my hand out to the man, and stealthily transferred a hefty tip into his palm.

I handed Babe her drink and grabbed my own, making sure to keep her pressed tight against my body as we wove through the tables and couples. I guided my wife to a semi-private booth in the far right corner.

Stephanie gasped when she spotted a brass plate with Mr and Mrs Manoso elegantly inscribed into the metal that sat to the left of the entrance.

I parted the dark blue, delicate, semi-transparent material that gave us a little privacy from the other patrons, and the booths on either side of us. Before us lay a large u-shaped black suede couch, wide enough to comfortably sleep two, with pillows and silk draped everywhere. A small round table was placed in the center of the booth, in front of the decadent couch. I moved forward and sat my drink down, taking Steph's from her and placing it next to mine.

I wasted no time in sliding my hands under the bottom of her dress and pulling it up and over her head.

She stood before me, naked, except for her four inch red stilettoes and the pearls that hung against her throat.


"Carlos!" she whisper-shouted, her response delayed as she wrapped an arm across her chest and glanced nervously over her shoulder.

No-one looking would be able to make out anything, just the sensual curves of a beautiful woman.

"Steph, you know how protective I am of you; if I thought someone could see you like this, you wouldn't be naked," I rumbled, taking her hand and moving her arm away from her body. My eyes travelled over her exquisite form.

I loved her body, more than she would ever believe. Her self-confidence issues were something I was working on.

"Don't hide yourself from me, Babe," I added softly, cupping her face as I brushed my lips slowly against hers. When her lips parted, I slipped my tongue into her warm, wet mouth and kissed her languidly, building our pleasure slowly. Her body melted into mine, her naked skin pressing against the length of my fully clothed body.

"Undress me?" I requested lightly as our mouths separated slowly.

She nodded against my lips, her small warm hands loosening my tie first, and throwing it around her neck. I growled as the red silk material draped between her breasts.

She pushed my jacket off my shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. Her fingers moving slowly down the buttons of my shirt had me growling in frustration. The wicked smile she flashed me made me ache. Tugging on the tie gently, I drew her close enough that I could capture her lips in a bruising kiss. She continued to unbutton my shirt as my hands moved over her body, touching her everywhere as we shared our passion filled kiss. It seemed we were both as hungry for each other as the other was. When my shirt was finally open, I shrugged it off and pulled Stephanie tightly against me, our bare chests rubbing together. I loved the feel of her against me.

Slipping my hand between her legs as our lips locked together once more, I teased her soft flesh, playing in her wetness.

Her hands clumsily worked on the button and zip of my pants, impatiently pulling them down over my hips so she could grab my dick. Chuckling, I took a small step back from my wife, kicking off my shoes and socks before removing my pants.

She was wrapped back around me in seconds. Lifting her into my arms, I laid her down on the far portion of the lounge, admiring her beautiful body stretched out before me.

"Carlos," she whimpered quietly.

I eased off her shoes, and removed my tie that hung haphazardly around her neck before covering her body with mine. Our lips met again, as desire overcame us and our bodies started moving against each other.

I moved my hand back between her legs and inserted two fingers inside her.

She moaned loudly, then made an adorable squeaking noise before blushing. I slowed my movements, curious as to what she was about. Watching her as I pleasured her, I noticed she bit down tightly on her bottom lip whenever I rubbed my fingers against that special spot inside her.

It was then it clicked in my mind.

"Babe, listen," I demanded huskily.

"I d-don't hear anything except the m-music," she panted, her eyes only half open as she gazed at me.

"Listen carefully," I implored, easing my fingers out of her, only just brushing my thumb lightly back and forwards against her clit.

"Uh, oh, yes!"

"Don't stop, don't stop."

"Please, right there!"

"So fucking good."

"Yes! Yes!"

"You can be as loud as you want, Babe," I murmured as I listened to the voices of people around us. "I want you to be loud. Don't hold back," I asserted, switching our positions so she was on top before I sat up underneath her.

Lifting her hips, I guided her down on top of me, groaning when I was fully inside her. She rolled her hips, and I settled a little deeper. Steph began rocking on top of me, her head thrown back as she took pleasure from my body.

Dipping my head down, I caught her nipple in my mouth, sucking on it softly before giving a little nip and laving the sting away with my tongue. Stephanie's gasp and loud moan had me repeating the motion, this time to her other nipple.

She burrowed her hands into my hair, holding my head against her chest as she mumbled praise incoherently. Moving one hand to her lower back, the other crept around and brushed her clit just as I bit down on her nipple.

She flew apart in my arms, her pussy clenching tightly around me as she cried out my name. I clenched my teeth as I fought off my own orgasm, not wanting this to end too soon.

I carefully rolled us over, making sure to keep us joined as I settled on top of her. My lips found hers and I slowly began thrusting into her. Her arms wrapped loosely around my shoulders, and her legs tangled together with mine as we made love.

"Carlos, faster," she begged a little while later, lifting her hips up just as I plunged deeply inside her.

My control wavered, but when my wife clenched her tight pussy around me, I couldn't hold back any longer.

I flexed my hips harder and faster, enjoying Stephanie's moans of encouragement.

I felt my balls tightening and rubbed Steph's clit, growling loudly when we both came together.

For a few moments, we lay together, panting as we came back down.

"I love you," I whispered, brushing a kiss to her forehead. She replied in kind, kissing my shoulder.

I carefully stood up, easing out from under her and opened the cupboards that lay in the wall behind the booth. I grabbed a water bottle and handed it to Steph, before taking a hand towel and running it under warm water from the small sink unit.

I cleaned us both up, tossing the towel in the bin tucked away in the corner. Lying back down, I pulled Steph firmly against me.

"You really do think of everything, don't you? You must have been a boy scout," Stephanie mumbled as she snuggled against me.

I chuckled.

"Babe, I was an Army Ranger," I explained smugly.

I knew she rolled her eyes as she sighed, "Right!"

We rested for a handful of minutes, enjoying each other.

"Want to check out the dance floor?" I asked softly, gyrating my hips against hers in a seductive motion.

"Like this, or will someone get offended if I go naked," my wife saucily replied.

"I will! Get dressed," I ordered, smacking her ass lightly. She giggled as she wriggled off me and retrieved her dress.

I knew there was no way in hell she'd walk out of the booth naked, but her teasing let me know she wasn't nervous anymore. My eyes roved over her body as she slid the red dress back on. I quietly stepped forward to help her with the zip.

I quickly redressed and gave my wife a deep kiss after she helped me with my tie. Tugging her further into my arms, I slowly drew us into a passionate kiss, rubbing my nose lightly against hers as I pulled away. Her giggle made my heart ache with happiness.

Taking her hand in mine, we exited our little haven.

We headed back toward the grand staircase, but this time we headed down another level. Keeping a tight grip on Stephanie, I pushed open the heavy doors and maneuvered us inside, through the throng of people until we made it to the center of the dance floor. Loud Latin music was pumping, the beat so loud it practically reverberated in your chest. The dim lighting revealed only glimpses of other couples.

I wasted no time in moving Steph's arms into position and starting a quick Samba.

For our wedding, I'd insisted on Stephanie learning a number of Latin dances of my choice. We'd both gone to Samba, Rumba, Salsa, Cha Cha, Merengue and Bachata lessons over a twelve week period. Our first dance together as a married couple had been a Bachata, much to her mother's dismay and my mother's pleasure.

After a few dances, we fell out of time with the music and danced to our own rhythm. One of my hands curved over Steph's ass, pulling her tighter and closer against me so she could feel my arousal. Her hand slid between us and cupped me through my pants, giving my dick a squeeze. I felt her fingers toying with my zipper and groaned.

Pressing my lips to her ear, I growled loudly, "Fuck, yes."

Her fingers slowly unzipped my pants, unfastening the top button, freeing my dick. She started to wrap her hand around my dick, but I had other plans.

Slipping my hand beneath her right thigh, I curled her leg up around my waist. Her pussy rubbed against my dick; we were at the perfect height. Without further warning, I thrust deep inside her, reveling in the look of ecstasy on her features.

Within minutes we were both coming.

I slowly lowered her leg to the floor, but supported her weight as she leaned against me heavily.

"Ready to go?" I shouted over the music. She simply nodded and kissed me gently. I kept her wrapped in my arms as we made our way back to the staircase and up and out the front doors.

Before we'd driven three blocks, Stephanie was fast asleep, curled up in her chair.

I smiled as I watched my Babe. She was exhausted, but she'd tried something new and different with me and for me that was outside her comfort zone. That was just one of the reasons why I'd cherish her forever.

To be continued…