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I'd prefer to be remembered

As a smiling face

Not this fucking wreck

That's taken its place…

"No Lies, Just Love" - Bright Eyes

          Faye never thought that silence could be deafening. She'd never experienced silence like that. She'd experienced awkward silences when dates didn't go over well. She'd experienced the disappointed silence, when someone would reprimand her and an eerie silence would fall over the room. But had she never had encountered this type of deafening silence.

          This was definitely deafening silence, Faye thought. They had recently been shown unusual affection by their captors and were allowed one item. Faye had chosen a piece of paper and a pen, so she could write a letter. Julia had chosen a pack of cigarettes. Faye saw her lean against the wall. When Julia lit up, you could see her face. Then when the light was gone, all she could see was the glowing red tip of it.

          It was only when Julia lit up could Faye see her face. It was cut, bruised and bloody. Faye hadn't left the jail cell since she had been put in it. Julia had left twenty-three times.       Faye had counted. Julia would leave for about twenty minutes, and then come back, barely able to talk. Finally, after what Faye presumed to be an hour, she would sit up go to sleep. Julia's labored breathing would become peaceful and regular. That's when Faye knew she was asleep.

          Julia had gotten acclimated to her surroundings. Faye couldn't be more uncomfortable. She wasn't used to this. What else puzzled her was that they had never taken her out of the cell once. She was unscathed, while Julia was not. She couldn't help but wonder what they would do with her.

"Julia -"

"Could we not talk?" Julia asked her voice tense. Faye guessed she was still in pain.

"Look, why aren't they taking me out? Torturing me?"

"I dunno, go ask them."

"They take you out." 

"Yep, and it's an absolute joy. I so wish you could share this with me."

"Seriously, Julia. You know them better than anyone -"

"So you wanna know what they're planning? Damned if I know. They're probably biding their time."

"So they'll torture me eventually?"

Julia sighed and got out her lighter. She lit her cigarette and Faye caught a glimpse of her face.

"Look, Faye," Julia took a drag and slowly blew it out, savoring it. "This isn't Space Mountain. Everyone doesn't get a turn." The red tip was the only light in the room and Faye watched it.

"Then why keep me here?"

"They have their reasons." Julia told her knowingly.

Faye scoffed. "Yeah, some great reasons." Faye pushed her hair behind her ear. "Hey, I'm Spike, and I'm a two-faced ass hole who doesn't know anything," Faye mimicked.

Julia laughed softly. "Dead on." She murmured through her cigarette. "Dead on."

"So you think they don't know what they want?"

"With you, they don't. They know what they want from me." Julia looked at Faye. Even though she couldn't see her, Faye could feel Julia's intent gaze on her. It made her uncomfortable. "But, I dunno what they want from you. It's a damned mystery."

Faye drew in a deep breath. "I don't have anything they want."

"They're probably trying to scare you."

"Yeah well they can fuck off, cause I'm not scared."

Julia laughed again. "Love the attitude." She said, taking another drag of her cigarette. Faye breathed deeply, taking in the second hand smoke.

"There's no attitude, Julia. This is me." She said, almost feeling like she had to prove herself to the blond.

"Rough and fierce." Julia commented, nodding.

"I am." Faye protested.

"I'm agreeing with you." Julia said taking another drag.

"Right. I knew that."

"Hey, Faye," Julia searched for the right words. "If the chance ever opens up for you to get out of here, take it."

"I will."


          Spike paced. This was getting way too complicated. It was like a Grisham book or something. He had to find a way to execute his plan. Time was running out.

"You seem pre-occupied." Vicious commented sitting in a chair, watching his partner out of the corner of his eye.  

Spike looked at Vicious. "Just thinking."

Vicious looked down, lighting his cigarette. "Oh?" His tone of voice asked Spike to elaborate. He lit up and inhaled. A sickeningly sweet smell filled the room. Spike didn't look at him.

"What are we going to do about Faye?" Spike asked. He was sweating. He desperately hoped Vicious didn't see that. If Vicious found out about any of his plan, then Vicious would kill him. There was no doubt in his mind.

Vicious shrugged. "I don't know. What do you want to do about her?"

Spike looked at Vicious out of the corner of his eye. He turned slightly. "Let her go. She's no longer important."

Vicious narrowed his eyes. He inhaled and blew out the smoke before he responded, "She knows too much."

It was Spike's turn to shrug. "Who cares?"

"I do." Vicious stated coldly. "She could expose us, Spike." He stood up and walked to Spike. "Think about it. She goes back to the Police, knowing everything she knows. She's a potential threat."

"So we keep her under lock and key?" Spike's comment was skeptical, almost mocking.

Vicious didn't appreciate being mocked. His composure was stiff, rigid. "If that's what it takes, yes."

Spike stared coldly at Vicious. "You'd keep her captive here for the rest of her life?"

Vicious walked away from Spike, heading towards the window. He stopped suddenly and responded callously, "You wouldn't?" 

"I wouldn't keep her here forever."

Vicious whirled around and looked at Spike. "Then what do you propose we do, Spiegel? Let her go? Let her go out and tell everyone our fucking secrets?" Vicious boiled with rage. His eyes narrowed and his hands balled up into tight fists. "Are you serious?" he hissed. "This could be life or fucking death, Spike."

"Don't be so melodramatic, Vicious." Spike responded regarding his friend with an unwavering scowl, proving he could be as unfeeling as Vicious. Spike stood with his hands in his pockets, watching his partner. Vicious looked at Spike with a shaded glance.

"You have a plan." Vicious stated.

Spike's heart raced. His blood ran like ice through his veins. His composed demeanor hid it well. He did his best to act annoyed. "God, Vicious. I don't have a plan."

Vicious wasn't fooled. He continued to carefully watch Spike. "Of course. Why would you lie to me?" He spat the sentence out, as if it tasted like vinegar. Spike swallowed. Vicious closed in the space between Spike and himself until their faces were inches apart. "You would never lie to me, would you Spike?"

Spike's eyes narrowed. "Don't try to fucking intimidate me, Vicious." Spike whispered harshly. He pushed Vicious away from him and walked towards the door. He stood in front of it and didn't open it.

"Don't run away from me then." Vicious challenged.

Spike looked at Vicious. "I'm not running. I'm leaving because I'm fed up with your dramatic bullshit. You're my partner, Vicious. You don't scare me." Spike opened the door and walked out, slamming the door behind him.

Spike stood outside of the door, leaning on it. He was so close. So close. He walked quickly to the elevator, pushing the button marked "B". He tapped his foot impatiently as he waited for the elevator. All he had to do now was get Julia.

Then they would finally be free.

*                 *                 *                 *                 *                 *                 *

The door opened, causing Julia and Faye to squint. Julia stood up and brushed dirt off of her pants. The guard walked through the doorway. "You, up."

Julia nodded. "I know the drill,"

"Not you." The guard said, giving her an incredulous look. "The other one."

"Me?" Faye asked timidly, barely able to find her voice.


"Her?" Julie reiterated, unbelieving.


 Julia cast a worried glance at Faye. Faye stood up and held her head high. She walked out of the door with the guard, holding her left arm. She yanked it away. "I can walk by myself." She said with annoyance and confidence. Julia smirked.

The door hadn't closed for more than thirty seconds when it opened again.

"I was just getting comfortable." She said, pretending she was upset. "You get the wrong girl?" Julia asked, her eyes closed, her head leaned back against the wall.

"No." It was a voice she didn't expect. It was Spike. She looked at him, confused. He held the heavy door open. "So are you coming or what?" He asked, the question laced with arrogance. She looked at him, disgusted.

"You want me to go with you?"  Julia scoffed. "Fuck that."

"I'm letting you leave, Julia. No strings attached."

"You're fucking Pinocchio, Spike, there's always strings attached." She stated, not getting up closing her eyes again.

"First of all, that's a bad analogy, because at one point, Pinocchio didn't have any strings."

"Yeah, because of a deal with the devil." Julia replied, obviously not impressed.

"The door's open, Julia. I'm going to help you get out of here."

Julia opened her eyes and looked at Spike cautiously. "Like I haven't heard that one before."

"Would just come on?"

 She got up and walked towards him. She walked out of the cell and stood next to him.

Spike took her hand and started to run. Julia used her dead weight to stop him, and yanked her hand out of his.

"What the fuck, Julia, come on!" he said, annoyed with her.

She stood still, arms folded. "I'm not being fucked again."

"Well your sex life is your deal."

She glared at him. "Cute." She noted, her voice laden with sarcasm at his pun. "I'm not going to get played again." She clarified. He hands were on her hips now.  "You're not going to bring me back here. I'd rather die right now, if that's your plan. I'm not falling for it twice."

"I swear to God, Julia, I'm trying to get you out of here."

"Do you say that to all your ex-girlfriends turned prisoners turned punching bags?"

Spike regarded her with a look of contempt. "Do you want out or not?"

"I only want out if I'm out for good. No hidden crap. None of this, 'you're going to be out for one hour and then, I'll call my good buddy Vicious and we'll torture you and beat you because we want more money and we're huge asses' kinda deal."

"Are you done?" His hands were folded across his chest, looking exasperated.

Julia glared. "Yes, I think I am." She returned his menacing look.

"Look, Julia-"

"How can I even believe you?" she interrupted him. "You come and let me out of my cell and then take off, full sprint and then tell me you're letting me out. Despite what you might think, that's not so trustworthy."

"Look, we don't have much time, I'll give you a car, and you'll be out. I'll tell Vicious that I put a bomb in the car, and set it off. Just go."

Julia eyed him. "What's in it for you?"

He glared at her. "Eternal torment from Vicious."

"Well when you say it like that…" She looked at him suspiciously, looking him up and down.  

"…Do you want me to pose for you or anything?" Spike quipped.

"No, it's fine. I was just trying to find out if you're being serious…" Julia walked up to him and pinched his cheek. "You know, it's this sarcastic behavior that I fell in love with."

He didn't find the gesture funny. "Just go."

She looked at him with more reverence. "Thanks." She whispered. "This little witty repertoire…it's been fun." She looked down and smiled lightly. "I'm not one for teary good-byes…"

"Right, so you'll wanna leave." He cut her off. She smiled, and he led her out to the entrance of the Holding cells.

"Excuse me, sir, but we have orders to kill anyone who takes either prisoner out of their cell." A pudgy man with a blue uniform informed Spike.


Spike started to punch in the code for the doors to the holding cells.

"I don't wanna do this Sir," he held a gun to Spike, looking like a scared dog.

"Oh yeah, Rent-a-Cop, you're doin' a real bang-up job." Julia remarked.

Spike looked at the guard and then took his pistol from his side holster and pulled off the safety, pointing it at the guard's head. Upon hearing the hammer click into place, the guard broke into a cold sweat.

"I have my orders." He choked out, his hand shaking as he leveled the gun with Spike's head.

"So do it." Spike dared him, his eyes unwavering.

The guard squeezed his eyes shut and a shot rang out. The guard was dead before he hit the ground.

Julia looked at Spike and at the deceased guard with astonishment. "Holy shit!" She knelt down. "He probably had a family, and a nice wife. Probably had to go to an AA meeting tonight, because well, look at him -"

"See, the difference between you and me is," Spike said, checking and making sure he had enough magazines, "You care. And I don't give a god damn."

"Oh yeah, that's a girl's dream guy right there."

Spike raised a finger to his lips, signaling for quiet. Julia obeyed. They moved silently and stealthily through the building, coming across few guards.

"You call this security?" she whispered. "I should've tried to break out months ago…"

He shushed her and waved his hand so she would keep moving.

Suddenly, around the corner, three guards met them. "Hey!" one of them yelled, pulling out his holster. The other two followed suit and started to open fire.

They ducked behind the corner. Spike fired shots sporadically to keep them at a distance. 

"This is your great plan?" Julia shouted over the gunfire.

"Yeah, pretty much."

"Spike, do me a favor, and next time, think things through!" She cursed.

"Will you just shut up and fire at them?" Spike shouted, handing Julia a gun.

"I would love too, except my left arm is so bruised, I can't hold a fucking pen! Kudos to you, Spike!" she screamed at him.

He cursed silently. He shot one of the guards and hid around the corner again.

"It's a matter of time till this gets to Vicious and he kills both of us," Spike declared, hitting another one of the guards.

"Then shoot faster."

"Not helping!"

The final guard finally went down. Spike ran out into the glass shattered hall. "Let's go!"

They ran out of the hall, and made a run for the doors leading to the building. They made it outside and breathed a sigh of relief. "I'm out." Julia breathed jubilantly.

Spike smiled at her. "Yeah."

The skies thundered. A bolt of lightning streaked against the darkening sky.

"Things are never that easy." The menacing voice came from the building. Spike and Julia knew who it was before they saw him.

Vicious walked out calmly followed by close to thirty men. They surrounded Spike and Julia. The two looked defiantly at Vicious.

"I'm free, Vicious." Julia stated. "You can kill me now, but I'll be free. Nothing binds me to this world now." Her voice was ethereal; almost like she had in fact she had left this world. "If you cut me down, Darth, I will become more powerful than you could possibly imagine." She said with a smirk, referencing Star Wars.

Vicious glared at her, displeased with her mockery of the situation. "Things aren't always what they seem, Julia. In fact, they never are." Vicious cast a gleaming eye to Spike. "Tell her, Spike. Tell her why you did this."

Rain started to fall. All eyes were upon him. Spike looked up to the sky. "Oh great. It's raining. How very cliché." He murmured.

He closed his eyes and looked back down. Finally he opened his eyes and looked at Julia, speechless. She watched him with interest.

"Tell her Spike. Tell her why you've gone through all of this." Vicious said, so very snake-like.

"It's time to fess up Spike," Julia whispered, her hair sticking to her face. The rain pounded harder. Spike looked up from his wet mop of green hair.


"What is this? What is all of this?" she demanded quietly but harshly.

The circle of men closed in around them. Vicious haunted the fringes. "Yes, Spike. Tell us exactly what you've been doing."

"I tried to save you," Spike murmured, looking at Julia. He spoke to her, trying to block out Vicious. "I tried to let you go."

"Yeah, well the torture was a real big hint." Julia said softly, her eyes filling with tears. The look on her face was more of hurt than resentment. She held on to her left arm and looked at the ground. "What did you do, Spike, did you play me for a fool?"

"I tried to save you," Spike repeated, watching the tears roll down Julia's cheek.

"I can't be saved," she told him, walking closer to him. "There's no way you can say me now."

"You've failed, Spike. You've tried to play the hero and you failed." Vicious interjected. He stopped walking, and stared at Spike. "This is who you are. You're the villain, Spike. You don't get a happily ever after, you don't get the girl."

Spike squeezed his eyes shut at the reality of the words.

"Tell me why you're doing this," Julia whispered again.

"I loved you."

"Past-tense?" Julia murmured, her voice cracking with emotion. Spike didn't quite answer her.

"He's always loved you." Vicious answered for him, stating it quite bitterly. "Always."

Spike looked at her, seeing her tears mix with the rain. "Pretty lousy time to tell you,"

She nodded. "Yeah."

"Sorry to interrupt this tearful moment, but I've got some business with Julia." The men parted and let Vicious through. He walked up to Julia. "Tell me the code, or you'll die," he said through clenched teeth.

"Is that what you really want? Money? Will that make you happy?" Julia spat. Vicious nodded.

"Fine. You can have it." Julia whispered, eyes never wavering. "12-51-82"

Vicious stared at her, startled.

"Is that what you want?" Julia asked, harshly. She glared at Vicious.

"That unlocks the safe…" Vicious stared at her unbelievingly.

She didn't answer. She looked at the ground. Spike glanced at her. She looked like one of those lost children at the mall: hopelessly alone.

Vicious smiled. "Wonderful. Thank you for your time, Julia." He walked back past his men and stopped once they were in front of him. "Truly is a pity I'll have to kill you."

"Vicious," Spike screamed

Vicious raised his hands and all the men held the pistols up. "I suggest you leave, Spike. Unless you want to die too."

"Vicious, you son of a bitch." Spike snarled.

Julia looked at Spike. "You can't save me anymore, Spike." She whispered. Spike looked at her, pain filling his eyes. "I've gotta go."

"No, we'll get out of this." He said almost desperately, touching her shoulder. The rain fell around them as she looked at him, smiling.

She touched his cheek. "I loved you too."


Julia just smiled. "No." She kissed his cheek.

"Let me go, Spike."

"No." Spike shook his head.

"Spike, you have to let me go."

"Fire when ready." Vicious stated.

The pistols were aimed. They all went off at the same time. Julia fell to the ground. Spike winced as a bullet grazed his side and another penetrated his hip. He didn't register the pain. All he saw was Julia fall to the ground. He hobbled to her, before falling onto the wet pavement. He pulled himself to her limp body. "Julia," he shook her. She didn't move. He rolled her on her back and checked her wounds. He counted twelve bullet holes. All Spike saw was Vicious' malicious smile before the world faded into black.

*                 *                 *                 *                 *                 *                 *

          He woke up to a blinding white light. Heaven? He was confused. This couldn't be heaven. If it was, he shouldn't be allowed in here.


He heard his name. He cracked open an eyelid, finding it to be painful. He saw her sitting there, worried beyond belief. She smiled and gave a breathless laugh. He blinked. It wasn't Julia. His heart sank and he felt an devastating feeling of disappointment and resentment.

Faye sat there, overjoyed, tears filling her eyes.

"Julia?" he croaked out. "Where's Julia?"

Faye's expression became demure and solemn. "She died Spike." She stated softly.

Spike swallowed hard. His head span and he shut his eyes hard. He kept them closed, hoping when he opened them that this wouldn't be true. He opened them to find Faye watching him with concern. He was lightheaded. He suddenly felt the overwhelming urge to vomit. He opened his mouth slightly, hoping that something would come out. Nothing came. He sat gagging on air, trying to shut out the news he had heard. He closed his mouth and leaned back on the pillow, fighting back tears.

"And Vicious?" he finally whispered.

"Arrested." Faye supplied. "When you and Julia tried to escape, I was in the interrogation room. All of them men left to go see what was happening, so I was left alone. I got a cell phone out of one of the guy's jackets. I called the Police and they showed up and arrested Vicious."

Spike looked at his bandaged body. "How bad was the damage?"

"You had a couple bullet holes. Nothing that couldn't be fixed." She had a tone of regret, of painful loss. She wasn't the same bubbly sarcastic woman he'd known. She kept her hands in her lap. She looked fragile, as if he touched her, she would break. He had no words of solace for her. He didn't know what to say. He supposed they were both reeling from tragic loss.

"I didn't know you knew Julia." He didn't know what else to say to her. There was nothing to say.

 She merely nodded. "We met in the cell." She looked at him, sensing his feelings. "I was worried about you." She whispered.

He looked at her, eyes glazed. This wasn't Spike anymore. A piece of him was missing. A piece of him was gone. She saw that in him. She saw the anguish in his features. He closed his eyes.

"Can I see her?" he asked softly, barely audible.

Faye was caught off guard by his question. She meekly nodded. "I'll take you to her gravestone. They had to bury her while you were still out." She said more as an apology than a statement. He simply nodded.

*                 *                 *                 *                 *                 *                 *

          She would have loved it here, he thought. It was green. Impossibly green. Just rolling green hills of plush grass. Gravestones spotted the lawn. When they pulled up to the cemetery, Spike sat in the car, almost afraid to go see it. He clutched in his right hand a blood red rose – her favorite. The thorns on the stem bit into his skin, but he didn't notice.   Faye sat in the driver's seat, watching him, silently willing him to go see her. She didn't say anything. But then again, she didn't have to. He knew what he needed to do. He slowly exited the car and walked towards the grassy area. It didn't take him long to find it. It was a medium sized headstone. It wasn't flashy or noticeable. Just what she would have wanted. It was beautiful without trying; it matched her personality. The front was glossy, on which her full name was printed.  He traced her name with his finger, letting himself feel every curve of it.

"I'm sorry." He whispered, voice cracking with emotion.

His thumb ran across her name, and he closed his eyes. "I'm sorry." He repeated.

He wanted to cry. He wanted to sit there and bawl. But for some reason he couldn't. He had run out of tears. He was dry.

He stood, suddenly at a loss for words. He tried to recollect everything he had wanted to say to her, but it sounded so cheap now. He had a whole entire speech planned out, but it was too cliché. It didn't feel right. All he needed to say, he had said. He dropped the rose onto her plot of grass. It fell picturesquely in the grave. He smirked. He turned to see Faye leaning against the car, waiting for him.

He had to let go. He had a new life to go to. He pressed his hand to his mouth and placed it on her gravestone; one final kiss.

He turned on his heel, hands shoved in his pockets, walking towards Faye. This was his new life. He had been given a second chance.

And he wasn't going to screw up this time.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

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