Just a little poem for Envy. I was inspired by a poem I read about Greed on , and it was SO AMAZING. I forget the title and author but I loved it. Anyway, it's written through an OC's point of view. Just a random OC, she doesn't even have a name... Well, read on!The very first time you told me

What had happened to you

I felt so sad and I have to say

I cried myself to sleep that night

And for many nights after

I was so jealous of you

Jealous of the words you spoke

Because they got to touch your lips

Jealous of everything you touched

Because those things

Got to feel your fingertips

Envious of me though you were

You never, ever stopped telling me

How soft my hair was

How pretty my eyes were

How good my skin felt

Smooth beneath your fingers

You told me you loved me

Said that I made you feel...

Different, more human

Instead of a monster

But I never saw you like that

You were always just my friend

Even though I was the very thing

That you held such a consuming envy for

Humanity, because you could never quite

Understand how we ticked

How we bonded so tightly with each other

How we rushed to our instincts

When those who were close to us

Were in such terrible danger

You could have killed me

Why didn't you?

When you knew I was a human

Why didn't you hate me

Like you hated the rest?

I never understood you

And I don't think I have

Any chance of ever doing so

You used to whisper to me

Late at night, when I was awake

When I couldn't sleep

You came to me and just

Made everything alright

No matter what it was you said

You could have told me

"I'm not going to let you live"

And it still would have been

The most comforting thing

Whenever I cried in front of you

You looked like you were in pain

You'd make up some excuse to leave

And then you'd come back to me later

And you'd hold me close

And you'd cry with me

I don't know why

You never showed emotions

Your body was so warm on mine

And my heart skipped a beat in time

Through the purple leather of your top

I felt something pounding, thumping

Beating against my eardrum

And all at once I realized

What it was that I was hearing

Listening to the steady rhythm

Of the Stone inside your chest

Swollen red with human souls

For some reason I don't know

It didn't scare me

You stayed by me when I needed you

You held my hand when I was sick

Running your cold hand

Up and down my face

When I got mad

You calmed me down

Let me take out my anger on you

Because I knew I couldn't hurt you

I remember the fights

Oh, the deafening battles

When we would scream at each other

I said I hated you

You said, "Same here!"

You left me broken and crying

You never apologized

But a week later you showed up

Bearing a chocolate parfait for me

It was funny then but now...

I realize it was your way of saying sorry

Where did it all go?

I can't find the feeling anymore

Then I finally repaid

All that you had done for me

I nursed you back to health

Found you a new body

I killed for you

You can't say you felt nothing!

... I know you loved me...

I loved you too

But where did it go?

A mystery coated in enigma

That's what you were

How could you?

... Don't you know...

How much I loved you?

More than life

You just threw it away

... Where are you...?

I can't find you...

Whew! Sorry it was so long. I hope you liked it! Reviews please? I'd like to know how it was... ^^