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Chapter 11: Going home and marriage

Leeanne, Diego, James, Mikayla, Tammy, Maggie, Adam, Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, Chomper, Ruby, Daniel, Ali, Alyssa, Shorty, Miranda, Rhett, Laura, Hyp, Shannon, Nod, Leah, and Mutt went inside the apartment and saw two humans siting on the couch, Mikayla starts talking.

Mikayla: " Lauren."

Lauren: " Mikayla."

Lauren and Mikayla are hugging each other as not seeing each other for eight weeks

Leeanne: " Hey Scout."

Scout: " Hey kids, how has it been?"

Adam: " Been good here, man."

Scout: " How's it been, Daniel?"

Daniel: " Pretty rough."

Lauren and Scout see Littlefoot and the gang along with Daniel, Alyssa, Miranda, Laura, Shannon, and Leah, Lauren asks her sister.

Lauren: " Who are your dinosaur friends?"

Mikayla: " Lauren, they are our boyfriends and girlfriends, this is Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, Chomper, and Ruby, this also Ali, Shorty, Rhett, Hyp, Nod, and Mutt, they are Daniel, Alyssa, Miranda, Laura, Shannon, and Leah's boyfriends and girlfriend."

Lauren: " Which one has you as a girl, and whose Littlefoot and the gangs boyfriends and girlfriends."

Petrie: " Me Petrie, have Mikayla as girlfriend."

Lauren: " Nice to meet you, Petrie."

Petrie: " Nice to meet you, Lauren."

Littlefoot: " I'm Leeanne's boyfriend."

Cera: " I'm Diego's girlfriend."

Diego: " and your still my girl."

Cera nuzzles Diego as he hugs her.

Ducky: " I'm James girlfriend and my brother Spike is Tammy's boyfriend."

Tammy hugs Spike, as Spike nuzzles her.

Chomper: " I'm Maggie's boyfriend."

Maggie kisses Chomper on the check.

Ruby: " I'm Adam's very special sweetheart."

Adam: " Damn right, on that one."

Adam and Ruby hug each other.

Ali: " I'm Daniel's girlfriend."

Shorty: " I'm a special someone for Alyssa."

Rhett: " I'm Miranda's boyfriend."

Hyp: " I am Laura's boyfriend."

Laura: " you are my tough boyfriend."

Hyp then does something unexpected.

Laura: " Hyp."

Hyp is now laughing, as Laura kisses him on the check.

Nod: " I am Shannon's boyfriend."

Mutt: " And I'm Leah's boyfriend."

Then Nick comes in and says.

Dr. Nick Tatopoulos: " Kids I have to tell you something, scene you were in Berry Valley, Me and Tory have gotten even more closer to each other, I am trying to say is..."

James: " You and Tory are getting married."

Dr. Nick Tatopoulos: " How did you know?"

Adam: " A special someone told us, and your old wife says ' Hi'."

Petrie was surprised to hear this, his mother is going to marry Nick, which means Nick will be his step father, Petrie is very excited about it.

Scout says, " Kids scene we got the time machine fixed, you can now come home."

Leeanne and her friends were glad that the time machine is fixed, but they realize that they would be heartbroken if separated from Littlefoot and the gang.

Leeanne: " Nick, Lauren, Scout, can we talk to you guys alone?"

Scout: " Of course."

Littlefoot and the gang left, they went outside, then Scout asks.

Scout: " What's the problem?"

Laura: " I'm glad that we are able to go back home."

Mikayla: " But we like it here."

Leeanne: " We would be hurt, if we left."

Dr. Nick Tatopoulos: " This wouldn't have to do with Littlefoot and the gang."

All of the kids nodded, as Maggie starts talking.

Maggie: " We were wondering if you and Elroy would you the Grabatron on us so we can be dinosaurs."

Leeanne and her friends were expecting something like, ' I don't think so.' but what they heard was something they did not expect.

Lauren: " You love them, do you?"

All of the kids nodded.

Scout: " We are going to miss you, guys."

Everybody were now surprised to hear it come from Scout, was he letting them do it?

Daniel: " You are letting us do it?"

Dr. Nick Tatopoulos: " Yes Daniel, you guys are in love with someone who will watch and protect you and you will protect them."

Alyssa: " Yes, thank you."

Leeanne and the others hugged Nick, Lauren, and Scout.

Scout: " Okay, now take it easy you guys, now there is a catch."

Miranda: " What's the catch?"

Shannon: " Yeah?"

Scout: " You guys have to marry them, and they will have to marry you."

Leeanne and the others are now happy to hear this.

Adam: " Are you serious?"

Dr. Nick Tatopoulos: " Yes, we are dead serious."

Diego: " Stop lying."

Dr. Nick Tatopoulos: " We don't lie."

Diego: " Tell the truth."

Scout: " Were telling the truth."

James: " Thank you guys, your the best."

Diego, Adam, James, Daniel: " Yes, yes, yeah."

Diego is doing a 70's style disco dance, as Leah asks.

Leah: * talks to Nick* " Can we ask, them after You, Tory, Pterano, Savannah, Elroy and Suga have your wedding?"

Dr. Nick Tatopoulos: " Of course, I will talk to Elroy about this and tell you later on."

Nick then went back outside, as Littlefoot and the others were allowed to go back in with Leeanne and the others, then later on at night, Littlefoot and the gang went to their nests, Nick told the Leeanne and the others that Elroy has agreed with this too and was more then happy to do it for them, they now they had to is wait to asks Littlefoot and the gang to marry them, but first they must ask the gangs parents and Leeanne has to ask Littlefoot's grandparents, the next day Leeanne asked Grandma and Grandpa Longneck and they agreed to let Leeanne marry Littlefoot, Diego asked Mr. Threehorn and Tria and scene Mr. Threehorn saw Diego would protect Cera and care for her, he agrees to let Diego to marry Cera, the others asks the gangs parents and they said yes, Maggie, and Shannon were the only one's that did not ask to marry Chomper and Nod, Chomper's parents are far away from the Great Valley and Nod never knew his parents, while Leeanne and her friends asks Littlefoot's Grandparents and the gangs parents, Strut asks Lilly to be his girlfriend, and she said yes, during the next two days Strut and Lilly have gone on dates and Lilly fill free to be Strut, then days later Elroy got the Grabatron out, Nick was the first one to test it, Elroy turned it on, lights were on, then Nick came out of the Grabatron, but not as a human, but as a Flyer and the same type of Flyer as Tory, Pterano, Savannah, and Petrie, his skin color is the same as his once hair color, it is dark brown, as his eyes light blue then Elroy was next got in the Grabatron, then later Elroy is now a Fast-biter like Suga, his skin color is brown, as his eye's are still blue, then later, Lauren, Leeanne, Mikayla, Tammy, Maggie, Alyssa, Miranda, Laura, Shannon, and Leah are wearing white dresses, as Diego, James, Adam, Daniel, and Scout are wearing black suites, Nick, Tory, Pterano, Savannah, Elroy, and Suga are holding hands, Grandpa Longneck, Grandma Longneck, the gangs parents, the residents of the Great Valley, and Littlefoot and the gang, along with the humans, were now seeing the moment, they had never even expected to happen, as Grandpa Longneck is the minister, as he says.

Grandpa Longneck: " Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to marry these four Flyers and these two Fast-biters. Now, do you Savannah, Tory, and Suga take Pterano, Nick, and Elroy to be your husbands."

Savannah: " I do."

Tory: " I do."

Suga: " I do."

Grandpa Longneck: " Do you Pterano, Nick, and Elroy, take Savannah, Tory, and Suga to be your wife's."

Pterano: " I do."

Nick: " I do."

Elroy: " I do."

Grandpa Longneck: " I pronounce these three couples husbands and wife's." * turns to Pterano, Nick, and Elroy* " You may kiss your brides."

Pterano, Nick, and Elroy then kissed Savannah, Tory, and Suga in their mouths, everybody cheered them, then Pterano starts singing.

The song begins.

Livin our love song- Jason Michael Carroll

Pterano: Baby when I look at you with your hair fallin' down and your baby blues, standing there across the room I got so lost in the way you move, it makes me reminisce back to years ago on a night like this, teary eyed as you took my hand and I told you that I'd be your man, so many things have come, so may things have gone, one thing that's stayed the same is our love is still growing strong.

Pterano and Chorus: Baby just look at us all this time and we're still in love, something like this don't exist, between a backwoods boy and a fairy tale princess, people said it would never work out, living our dreams has shattered all doubts, it feels good to prove 'em wrong, Living our love song.

Pterano: Oh darling would you look at me, with my heart beating fast and my shaking knees, it's pretty hard to believe after all these years I still need you this badly, You're dancing in my arms with a spotlight moon in a sea of stars, girl we've come so far everything I want is everything that you are that you are, I just want to lay you down, say I love you without a sound, I think you know what I'm talking about.

Pterano and Chorus: Baby just look at us all this time and we're still in love, something like this don't exist, between a backwoods boy and a fairy tale princess, people said it would never work out, living our dreams has shattered all doubts, it feels good to prove 'em wrong, Living our love song.

Pterano, Nick, and Elroy: Baby just look at us all this time and we're still in love, something like this don't exist, between a backwoods boy and fairy tale princess.

Pterano and Chorus: People said it would never work out, living our dreams has shattered all doubts, it feels good to prove 'em wrong, Living our love song, feels good to prove 'em wrong, Just living our love song.

The song ends.

Everybody dancing around enjoying the music, Leeanne and her friends were playing, while Lauren was dancing, she bumped into a Flyer, she almost fell to the ground but the Flyer caught her, he asks.

Flyer: " Are you alright?"

Lauren: " Yeah."

Lauren and the Flyer got a good look at each other, then they somehow fell into a love spell, Lauren asks.

Lauren: " Who are you?"

Flyer: " I'm Tyrone, what is your name?"

Lauren: " Lauren."

Tyrone: " Lauren, what a beautiful name."

Lauren: " Thank you, want to dance with me?"

Tyrone: " I would love to."

Then Lauren and Tyrone are dancing with each other, they now have special feeling for each other, Tyrone told Lauren that he helped protect Mikayla and her friends from his evil step brother, Lauren told that Mikayla was her younger sister, then she asks Tyrone if he can be her new boyfriend, then later on that day, Nick, Tory, Pterano, Savannah, Elroy and Suga, Left the Great Valley and spend their honeymoon together, Leeanne, Diego, Mikayla, Tammy, Maggie, Adam, Daniel, Alyssa, Miranda, Laura, Shannon, Leah gets Littlefoot and the gangs attention.

Leeanne: " Guys, can we talk you guys alone?"

Laura: " It's very important."

Littlefoot: " Okay."

Hyp then snaps his fingers to get Nod and Mutt to come to the others, then Littlefoot and the gang followed Leeanne and her friends to their meeting place, where they can be alone to talk, then Petrie asks.

Petrie: * worried* " Is something wrong?"

Mikayla: " Nothing, we have to ask you sometime."

Petrie: " What you want to ask us?"

Laura: " You guys love us right?"

Hyp: " That's right."

Maggie: " You would care about us, Right?"

Chomper: " Me and my friends would always."

Daniel: " You would protect us and we would protect you."

Ali: " That's also right."

Diego: " If something happen to us, you would save us, right?"

Cera: " Hell yeah, I would do that for you, Diego."

James: " Good, because the only way we can stay here with you, is to marry you."

Ducky: " And make you be dinosaurs like us?"

Leeanne: " Yes."

Littlefoot: " Then we accept, we will marry you."

Leeanne: " You will?"

Littlefoot and the gang, including Ali, Shorty, Rhett, Hyp, Nod, and Mutt nodded, as Leeanne and her friends hugged them and kissed them on their checks.

Miranda: " Thank you guys, thank you so much."

Rhett: " If it means that we will be together."

Leah: " let's tell Scout and Lauren, about this."

Then they found Scout and Lauren, and told that Littlefoot and the gang excepted to marry them, Scout asks.

Scout: " When is the wedding?"

Shannon: " We haven't talked about it, yet."

Lauren: " I think that we should wait until Leeanne, Diego, James, Mikayla, Tammy, Maggie, and Adam are 16, and Daniel, Alyssa, Miranda, Laura, Shannon, and Leah are seventeen."

Maggie: * turning to Chomper* " Can you wait for us till we're sixteen and seventeen?"

Chomper: " We will wait till your twenty."

Ruby: " And we will not fall in love with another boy or girl besides you, guys."

Adam: " Good."

Then next day the humans were leaving for the future, the residents of the Great Valley came to say good bye to them, Grandpa and Grandma Longneck, and the gangs parents were nuzzling them as they hugged them good bye, Mikayla hugs both Savannah and Pterano, as Nick says to Scout.

Nick: " Scout."

Scout: " Yeah?"

Nick: " The lab is your, make sure everything stay's that way, and take care of Godzilla Jr. for me."

Scout: " Okay, Nick."

Savannah: * talking to Mikayla* " I can't wait for you to come back, you're going to be are niece in law soon."

Mikayla: " I know."

Pterano: " We will miss you, guys."

Mr. Threehorn: " Even you, Diego, you made proud of you, my future son in law."

Diego: " Thank you, my future father in law."

Littlefoot and the gang came talked to them on last time.

Littlefoot: " You guys promise to come back soon?"

Leeanne: " We promise."

Adam: " Take care guys, you later."

Leeanne and everybody: " Bye."

Littlefoot and the gang: " Bye."

As the humans went through the time machine and went back to the future.

Diego's voice: " All well, what ever goes, ends well, another Friday gone, another problem solved, it a tip that things can get wild in other valley's too, man, we can wait to get back home, to the peace quite streets of L.A., yeah."

In the Mysterious Beyond, three Fast-biters were dragging Sierra, Rinkus and Ozzy, into a cave, the three Fast-biters came to a Dark green Sharptooth, his eye color is red and his right eye is blind, it is Sharptooth, the one that killed Littlefoot's mother, he see three Fast-biters come back from Berry Valley, the lead Fast-biter saluted him as he says.

Fast-biter: " Sharptooth, we have found these two Flyers and an Egg stealer, they fought against the targets you are looking for."

Sharptooth: " Very good, lock them up, I will talk to them later."

Fast-biter: " Yes, sir."

The Fast-biters toke Sierra, Rinkus, and Ozzy away, as Sharptooth thought.

Sharptooth: * thinking to himself* ' I will get you kids, even it is the last thing I will.'

Sharptooth targets are Littlefoot and the gang, he heads to out to hunt as he thinks some more.

That is the last chapter, here comes the third story, ' The incredible life 3', see you later, bye.