Title: I Always...
Summary: Clyde's message to Rani doesn't convey what he wanted to say. Slightly OOC and quite sad.
Implied Clyde/Rani Clyde Langer
Spoilers: Heavy for Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith. Very slight for most episodes.
Author's Note: Even though I was slightly disappointed the episodes themselves, I effin' loved this bit. Daniel Anthony did such a great job with this scene, I was tearing up myself. This drabble just begged to be wrote. Italics are Clyde's thoughts.
Disclaimer : If I owned SJA, Rani and Clyde would be together by now.

And I slightly copied the format of this fic from a Doctor Who fiction, Tell Her by AnnieO741, I hope she doesn't mind...

"Rani..." he murmured finally, even in his weak state her name rolled off his tongue so easily. He tried to think of what to say that would be enough. But he didn't have the time to say something even close to adequate, never mind perfect.

Even the fingers that held his phone ached, wanting so badly to just give in. But he knew he had to go on; to say goodbye properly, he owed her that much. The tears that had been building up since the beginning of the message threatened more than ever to spill over- but Clyde was more stubborn than to let them. Now is not the time for tears, he thought.

"You're brilliant..." Such a painfully weak phrase to describe her. She was so much more.

The next phrase began to leave his mouth but died on his lips after only the second word. Only his mind could finish them for him, he could only think what he wanted to say now.

"I always..."

I always... Knew you were. Brilliant, I mean. So stubborn, and God does it annoy me sometimes, but you know I wouldn't have it any other way.

I always... Trusted you. Ever since we first met. You actually gave me a bruise from bashing into me like that, but I trusted you then and there. Sounds stupid doesn't it? But you do that to people, Rani. Alien or not, everyone can trust you. Eve, Lady Jane Grey, even Sarah Jane trusted you with our secret while barely knowing you. And they were right to.

I always... Want you to take care of yourself. I mean it, Rani. I know being friends with Sarah Jane isn't the safest way to live your life, but please- be careful, don't put yourself in danger if you don't have to. Please, keep yourself safe. For me.

I always.. Needed you. Even when it seemed like I didn't. I didn't mean it, when we were arguing before... I didn't mean any of it. I'm so sorry, Rani.

"I always..." Loved you. Goodbye, Rani.

And in the milliseconds before his body ran out of oxygen, Clyde Langer thought of her, and only her.

End notes: Well, hope you enjoyed. It was weird writing from an actual POV in this fic, haven't done that in a while! I hope this isn't too OOC... Review?