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The Eyes of A Child

Moira loved the Spring sunshine. Although it was technically still Winter it felt like Spring as the sunchine warmed the Castle grounds. Camelot had been covered in snow for most of the Winter and it was only now the flowers were beginning to poke their heads through the grass that she was allowed to play outside. Smiling as she ran through the Castle grounds she didn't notice Sir Leon until she was right on top of him.

"Oh" She stopped as her friend ran away.

"Hello my Lady" Sir Leon smiled and bowed.

"Hello" Moira blushed as the Knight bowed to her.

"Have you ran into any other members of Court? Literally or otherwise" He smiled at the six year old as she raised her eyes to his.

"I dunno what that means but Merlin and Gaius were in the Castle and I saw Gwen with Prince Arthur" She bit her bottom lip as she turned and walked with him.

"You did? Where was this?"

"Outside his Chambers. I was playing at being a spy so I know what to do when I'm a Knight like you" She smiled as Leon nodded. He couldn't help but laugh. Arthur had made a remark to her before the Yuletide celebrations and now it seemed the young girl, not much more than a baby was determiend to be a Knight when she was Gwen's age. He had a feeling that if she kept her determined spirit until adulthood she may well be the first female Knight Camelot had ever seen. He followed the young girl, who was really not much more than a toddler through the Castle grounds as he wondered what she had seen and whether Uther really had relaxed his stance on his son's relationship with the Blacksmith's daughter.


Gwen smiled as she watched Arthur walk along the stone walled corridor towards the Throne Room. She knew many of the other serving girls knew about her and Arthur and she silently dreaded the dirty looks and spiteful comments she knew she would get the moment she returned to work. She closed her eyes as she thought about one chambermaid's cruel comments. To think the Prince would be interested in that! A bloody commoner! Gwen had bit her tongue at the time, it was to be expected she supposed. At least at the moment only the closest family and friends know about us, I know I can trust Elyan, Merlin and the others. I shouldn't care what others think. I know how I feel and that is all that matters. Gwen straightened her apron before walking the opposite way along the corridor and straight in to Sir Leon and Moira.

"Gwen!" The little girl ran to her At least I have one friend in the Castle she smiled.

"Hello you" Gwen smiled. "Sir Leon" She cutseyed as Sir Leon rolled his eyes.

"Gwen, stop doing that"

"Sorry, habit" Gwen smiled as they began walking towards the Great Hall.

"Moira has been helping me" He nodded towards the little girl. "She helped me find you in return for a reading lesson. I think thats a fair trade don't you?"

Moira smiled as she took Gwen's hand. She nodded, her father had taught her to read well before she was Moira's age but she knew the little girl's mother really wasn't interested in her daughter. The child spent most of her time with Gwen and Gaius, when she wasn't playing at being a Knight. Gwen knew Anwen had no interest or money for education. Moira had been left to learn as she went along.

"I think that's a very fair trade" Gwen smiled as Moira nodded.

"I had to show him where you were, in case he got lost. Oh and Gaius said he will teach me to count if I help him clean the table. Reading and counting are good skills for a Knight" She nodded seriously as Gwen smiled at her.

"Why were you looking for me?" Gwen asked.

"I need to see Arthur. Infact I need to speak to you, Gwaine, Merlin, Uther and Gaius too" She held his gaze as she spoke.

"The Throne Room. They were all headed there" Gwen turned and marched on as Moira shrugged and follwed her. Sir Leon knew this was going to be difficult.


Merlin stared as Gaius stepped in front of him. Things had changed in Camelot since the Tournament, especially where Uther was concerned. The King was still on the throne but his grip on the Kingdom seemed to have lessened. He sat in his throne and listened to Gaius as Arthur and Merlin exchanged glances.

"So Gaius" Uther started "You think there has been magic used in Camelot?"

"It is difficult to say Sire" Uther avoided the looks Arthur and Merlin shared. Both young men knew that there had been magic used in Camelot whatever law Uther had passed.

"I see" Uther started as the doors swung open. A rather distracted looking Gwen marched in with Moira and Sir Leon just behind her. Moira immediately stepped back and half hid herself behind Leon as Merlin smiled at her.

"Gwen" Arthur stood a little straighter as she met his gaze.

"Sorry Sire but Sir Leon stopped me in the corridor. It seems he has something to say of the upmost importance. He asked me to find you as a matter of urgency" Gwen held Uther's gaze. She wasn't afraid of him anymore.

"What is it?" Arthur stepped towards her, immediately worried. She looked into his deep blue eyes and wanted to be anywhere but where they were at that moment. Sir Leon stepped forward.

"Sire, I really would rather tell you this when all concerned parties are here" He started as Merlin rolled his eyes.

"Oh spit it out" Merlin smiled slightly as Arthur raised his eyebrows.

"Yes" Uther uncharicteristically agreed with Merlin. "What is it?"

"Well, on my rounds in the surrounding forest this morning I came across some evidence" Sir Leon wished he had been able to speak to everyone. The last thing he wanted was to have Elyan and Gwaine hear it second hand.

"Evidence? What evidence?" Uther almost shouted.

"The Lady Morgana" He watched as Merlin and Gwen seemed to visibly pale in front of him. Moira gasped "I believe she is back"

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