The Doctor clutched his head over the console, luckily Amy and Rory were in bed. This was the third time in 8 days, whatever was wrong with him was getting worse. What's wrong with me?

Well knowing my luck it'll probably be the deadliest disease in the universe. He began to fiddle with the consoles main system displays, maybe I should go to medical and check myself out. He thought, he turned round to go to the med bay to see why he kept getting those headaches but stopped in his tracks when he saw that he had no shadow.

Oh, No that can't be good. He thought to himself. Hold on, no shadow, that reminds me of something.

"Oh, were is it?" He screamed at the TARDIS console. Of course it wasn't going to answer him, he was just shouting at himself and of course the TARDIS didn't know what 'it' was. Said it was in fact a special room outside of the fabric of history, shielded from both all of history and the TARDIS' own internal structure by Narvin's adaptation of the partition field.

And said partition field separated room contained records, well not just any records, his records of everything he saw up until his ninth incarnation, including a few corrupt timelines created during the time war. Maybe, just maybe the answer lied within one of the great logs.

After what he thought was hours searching he found it, he was sure that Amy and Rory would be up and looking for him, but that didn't matter now.

He crossed the threshold into the chamber, he was instantly surprised by how vast it was. Of course he knew he was older than 908, it was just a guess and a lie, and to be honest he thought it was around that margin.

Great, I have no idea which ones to start with. What have I encountered that would make my shadow disappear? He thought the question through his head many times, but to no avail. Until a few shelves moved aside and another shelf moved forward. Of course telepathic circuitry. It's helping me find what I need to see. He moved to the shelf in which a book poked out slightly. He removed the book from its shelf and saw that it was made from lizard's skin and had the mark of a partial skull mask.

He began to read, it was not so much a diary more a guide. What it said was truly terrifying, it told of a truncated timeline in which the Faction Paradox; a group of time traveling voodoo-terrorists who worshipped time Paradox's. Altered his timeline by making his third self regenerate on Dust and infecting him with a biodata virus that would make him one of there own. And now it has...