Hi guys! This is my first Pokemon FanFic! I hope you guys like it! If you like Detective Conan, you should check out my other story: Into the World of Detective Conan! I haven't finished it yet, but this takes place after everything in my other story. Enjoy!

As I walked during a freezing cold Monday on the way home, I sighed. It's been a month since I had returned from the world of Detective Conan. I stared into the white and cloudy sky as snow slowly fell down. We had successfully taken down the Organization and the Boss. I shivered, but not because of the temperature.

The Boss had forced Conan and I to become part of the Organization, and made us into murderers... Like them.

I sighed again. At least it had turned out alright in the end. I smiled, thinking about everyone. It's kind of strange reading the manga and watching the anime now…

Suddenly, I stopped. It was here. This place. The place where I had been transported into the Detective Conan world. Whenever I walked past here, I would remember.

I stood, reminiscing about my adventure. It was definitely fun, even if it was dangerous.

Once again, I sighed. I wish another adventure would happen to me… But where would I be transported to? Who knows.

I looked around. It was quiet and peaceful, just like before. I checked behind me, just in case Julia was there. But she wasn't. Good thing I had left school as fast as possible.

What am I thinking?
I scolded myself. That was a onetime thing. Nothing else will happen like that again!

And just as I was thinking that, yep. I looked down to see a familiar glowing portal. As I fell through, I had to smile. And then I lost consciousness.

The morning sun flitted in through the window. A Pokemon's cry filled the air.


"Dawn!" Johanna called. "You'll be late!"

Dawn mumbled something and slowly sat up. Then, she remembered.

"Oh, that's right!" She said excitedly. "Today I get my first Pokemon!"

She jumped out of her bed and opened the window to breathe in fresh air. After, she quickly grabbed her clothes, a navy blue top, a pink scarf, a white beanie hat with the famous Pokemon symbol on it, a pink mini-skirt, and two yellow triangular clips in her hair. Dawn ran down the stairs happily. Her mother, Johanna, was setting food down onto the table. On the counter, Johanna's Glameow purred

"Good morning, Mom! Good morning, Glameow!"

"Good morning, Dawn." Johanna greeted, smiling. Glameow yawned, and mewed a little.

Dawn sat down at the table and began eating. "Yum! Delicious! Thanks, Mom!"

"I'm glad you like it. So, are you ready to choose your first Pokemon?" She asked, while sitting across from her daughter.

"Of course! The problem is, which one to choose… I want to have good combinations to be a Coordinator!"

"Don't worry, Dawn. You'll know when you see the Pokemon."

"Okay!" Dawn hurried to finish eating her breakfast. She went upstairs to grab her items to bring along with the trip.


When she came back down, Johanna frowned. "Dawn? What on earth is that for?"

Dawn was lugging a gigantic suitcase down the stairs. "Mom, it's all my clothes for my journey!"

"Dawn, you don't need that much." Johanna handed her daughter a small backpack. "This will be enough."

"WHAT? Just this? It's so small!"

"You'll be fine! Now, you should hurry, or you'll be late!"

"I'm going." Dawn put the backpack on, and was heading to the porch. She grabbed her bike, and prepared to leave. Johanna and Glameow watched her.


Dawn turned to face her mother happily. "Yes?"

"I want you to have this." Johanna handed Dawn something resembling a medal with an orange ribbon. It was a little beat up, but still intact. "This was my first contest ribbon. Think of it as a good-luck
charm. Don't lose it though, okay?"

Dawn gasped. Then she hugged her Johanna tightly. "Thanks so much Mom! I'll take good care of it!"

Dawn then proceeded to get on her bike, and was about to take off. She then started pedaling.

Johanna started waving. "Be careful Dawn! The rest of the world is very different from Twinleaf Town."

Dawn turned around and started waving back. "No need to worry!" Then, she hit a bump on the road and started to lose control. She quickly grabbed the handles and straightened out though.

Johanna sweat-dropped and Glameow yawned. "That's when I worry the most…"


Dawn started to hum happily when she saw the sign saying 'Sandgem Town'. She took out a postcard that had directions on it.

"Ok… Hm. Professor Rowan's lab is… This will be a piece of cake!"


After many twists and turns on her bike through Sandgem Town, Dawn was groaning.

"Darn! Now I'm lost!" She got off her bike and started walking while holding the postcard. "Um… Now where am I?"

Suddenly, she hit something and was bounced backward with her bike. She started apologizing immediately. "I'm sorry! I wasn't looking, and-"

"Hm…" The person turned around. It was an older looking man, however, he still looked strong. He was white-haired and an identical mustache. He was wearing a long and tan-colored coat while
holding a briefcase. He had a somewhat gruff and deep voice. "Are you a new trainer? If you have that postcard, you should be."

"Y-yes. I'm searching for Professor Rowan's lab. Do you know where it is?"

"Of course. I'm headed there myself."

"Really?" Dawn breathed a sigh of relief. "Could we go together?"

"Sure. By the way, I should introduce myself. I'm Professor Rowan."

Dawn couldn't help but gasp. "O-Oh! I'm sorry! I didn't recognize you! My name's Dawn."

"That's fine. Nice to meet you. We should be heading out n-"

Before Professor Rowan could finish his sentence, there was a dazzling shine of light. Dawn shielded her eyes.

When the light faded, there was an unconscious girl on the ground. She looked a little taller than five feet, wearing a black coat and blue pants with boots.

"What's going on?" Dawn exclaimed. Professor Rowan quickly rushed over to the girl. He picked up her gently in his arms, crouching. Dawn came over next to him.

"She's okay. It looks like she's fainted though. But where…?" He mumbled.

Suddenly, there was a groan. Both of them turned their attention back to the girl. Her eyelids were fluttering.

"I think she's waking up!" Dawn sighed in relief.

"It would seem so."


I groaned. What had happened…? Then, I remembered. My eyes flew open and I sat up instantly.

"Are you alright?" I turned to find a very familiar looking girl. I gasped.

"Can you tell us what happened?" I turned to see another familiar white-haired man.

"No way!" I muttered. "Here of all places?"

"What are you talking about?" The girl questioned.

"Dawn. Professor Rowan." They both were surprised and gaped.

"How do you know our names?" Professor Rowan questioned.

I groaned again. The only down-sides to these transports was explaining things.

"We should get back to your lab first. Then I'll explain."

Professor Rowan narrowed his eyes, but nodded slowly. "Deal."

With Dawn moving her bike, Professor Rowan supported me, and we started making our way to the lab.


"Isn't this nice, Pikachu?" Ash Ketchum asked his partner as he stretched. The yellow mouse Pokemon agreed happily from his shoulder. His other Pokemon, Aipom beside him, chirped it's agreement as well.

They were on their way to Sinnoh region by boat, and they were almost there. They were outside on the deck, enjoying the sea breeze. They sighed contentedly, as it was peaceful.

However, what they didn't know, was a certain trio was carefully watching Ash and his Pokemon. They smirked to each other, and continued spying.

I hoped you liked it, and I hoped it was ok! I'm going to be following the anime series, but it will be slightly different. I hope I can update this soon! Please review and tell me your thoughts! Arigato~