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Harry Potter and The Butterfly Effect

Chapter 1

The Early Years

They say that a butterfly flapping its wings in the south of Brazil can cause a hurricane in the north of America. One small, seemingly insignificant action can create the largest of changes. Maybe the change will be instantaneous, or maybe it will happen gradually. Either way, there is no way to know how are actions will have an effect on something. James and Lily Potter are about to experience the Butterfly Effect in all its catastrophic glory, and how one decision they make, will come back to haunt them for the rest of their days.


"Alohomora." Lord Voldemort spoke the incantation with a surprisingly soft voice, and the door unlocked with a barely audible click. Tonight, Voldemort would remove the only hope of salvation from the light side: The prophesised Potter twins and their irksome parents. Three times they had the audacity to defy him. Three times they had narrowly escaped his clutches before he could kill them. They were as bad as the Longbottoms. But no matter. Tonight, his most faithful would be paying the Longbottoms a little visit. Voldemort let a ghost of a smirk cross his face. Yes, the Longbottoms would get what they deserved. Bella could be most creative with her...amusements.

The Potters and their children however, he was going to take care of personally. He could afford no mistakes with the twins and wanted to end their lives himself. Hearing the sound of hurried footsteps from inside Voldemort flicked his wand several times and warded the house against anyone or anything from leaving. Striding into the hallway of the Potter residence, he was met with the sight of James and Lily Potter, wands drawn and faces hard.

"Lily, Go. Get Harry and Erin, I'll hold him off." James said, his brown eyes, never leaving Voldemort's red.


"Go." He said, this time a little more forcefully. Voldemort simply watched with couple's minor dispute with amusement. He was in no hurry. They were not going anywhere. Not tonight. With one final look at her husband, Lily nodded and took off down the corridor and up the stairs.

"I will offer this once, and only once." Voldemort hissed quietly, yet his voice echoed along the corridor. "Join my forces. Join my forces and I will spare the lives of you and your wife. You children, however, are not negotiable."

Voldemort thought he was being very reasonable. He did not offer this precious gift to just anyone. Especially those who had defied him on more than the one occasion. The Potters were powerful however, and would be great assets to his Death Eaters and it wasn't like they couldn't have more children. James looked visibly sick at the thought of abandoning his kids and Voldemort knew the answer to his question before James spoke it.

"Go to hell." The Potter patriarch spat before bringing his wand up.

"Avada Kedavra." The jet of green light rocketed towards Voldemort at high speeds before he flicked his wand causing a lamp shade intercepted it.

"Impressive." Voldemort said honestly. It took a lot of power to cast that curse. "But not good enough."

That was all the warning James got before the bookcase to his left smashed into him and sent him crashing to the floor. Walking forward, Voldemort stepped over the limp body of the fool before calmly ascending the stairs to the upper level of Gordric's Hollow. He would deal with the Father later. Feeling the wards go up, Voldemort walked down the landing to what was most probably the nursery. Voldemort flicked his wand at the door a few times before trying the handle. To his surprise, the door was still securely locked.

'So the mudblood has some skills.' Voldemort thought idly, a grudging respect forming for his enemies. Still. Their powers would not be enough to stand up to the might and magic's of Lord Voldemort, the most powerful sorcerer in the world.

Twirling his wand in a complicated manner, Voldemort unravelled the complex wards and blasted the door off its hinges. Seeing a curse sailing towards him, Voldemort lazily batted it to one side. Lily Potter was standing in the corner of the room, placing herself between the two cots that her children were lying on.

Again, curses flew towards him, and again, Voldemort exerted no effort in blocking them. "Stand aside."

"Never!" Lily cried, tears of anger rolling down her cheeks.

"You need not die. Move, or you will." Voldemort spoke forcefully, and there was no doubt in her mind that she was going to die. She just hoped by some strange miracle, that her babies were spared.

Voldemort sighed. 'What a waste. For mudblood, she had potential.' Jabbing his wand, Lilly slammed into the wall and slid down, blood staining her teeth and mouth. Maybe she was dead, maybe not. It didn't matter anymore, as long as the twins were killed. Walking over to the cots, Voldemort looked down at the twins. The girl with the blue eyes looked up at him and Voldemort smirked.

"You must be Erin." Voldemort's voice was soft, yet lacked any kind of emotion. Letting his eyes wander to the second child, he took in the startlingly bright emerald eyes.

"And Harry." Levelling his wand at Harry's forehead, he cast the curse.

"Avada Kedavra!" The green light connected with the infants head. Voldemort smirked cruelly before a look of object horror replaced it. Instead of killing the boy, like it had so many before him, the child screamed as a scar appeared on his forehead and the curse was expelled from his body. In his direction. Voldemort had no time to duck or dodge as the curse struck true.

With an agonising scream, Lord Voldemort, the post powerful and feared Dark Lord in centuries, was banished from his body. Nothing more than a mere spirit. His wand clattered to the floor and rolled under a small desk. The backlash from the curse sent out a powerful shockwave, blasting the house and crushing its support beams. Being a muggle house with no magic to hold it up, that meant one thing. The Potters were in deep trouble unless they got some help. Quickly.

As the room shook, chunks of brick and plaster began to litter the floor. It was one piece of such plaster that grazed Erin's shoulder, leaving a srange looking, halfmoon scar. The children began to wail for a few more minutes before a man raced into the room and took in the scene. With a swish of his wand, Lily was levitated into the air. Careful to keep the levitation charm in effect, he gently but quickly scooped up Harry and Erin before rushing out of the room. Taking the stairs three at a time, the man barrelled out of the front door just as a support bean crashed down into the floor where he was standing, not a millisecond previously. Jogging down the front path, Lily floating ahead of him, he gently sat her down to where another man was running his wand over a very pale looking James Potter.

"He needs help, Sirius. More than I can give him. He has lost a hell of a lot of blood. Probably to internal bleeding as there isn't a serious looking wound on him. His leg is broken and he has multiple fractures. He needs a healer." The man said, looking slightly frantic.

"We can go to Hogwarts, Remus. Dumbledore will know what to do." Sirius suggested, gently rocking the two children who were crying loudly. Remus nodded and gathered James in his arms before his disappeared with a soft pop, presumably to the gates of Hogwarts. Making sure he had a firm hold on the twins and Lily, Sirius followed suit.

When Sirius appeared at the gates, Remus was already halfway up the track towards Hogwarts, James floating behind him. Renewing the levitation charm on Lily, Sirius rushed to catch up to his friend. Scowling murderously as he thought about how his friends were in this mess, Sirius silently fumed at their one time friend and brother, Peter Pettigrew. If it weren't for Remus needing his help with James and Lily, he would have hunted down and killed the little bastard. Little did he know, that his one decision to not pursue the rat had saved him in more ways than he could have imagined.


Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts, and according to many, the most powerful wizard alive, was awoken rudely from his slumber by the wards informing him that six unknown people had crossed the wards and were on their way up to the castle. Leaping out of bed with agility that seemed out of place on such an old man, Dumbledore threw a robe over his head and snatched his wand from its residing place on his bedside table. Stepping through a door, Dumbledore reappeared in his office. Wasting no time, he walked over to his familiar and friend, Fawkes, and gently stroked him on his head to wake him up.

"I need you to take me to the entrance hall." Dumbledore spoke quietly but urgently. Fawkes immediately took flight and hovered above him, offering his tail feathers. Gripping them tightly, the pair disappeared with a swirl of fire and magic before reappearing in the entrance hall of Hogwarts. Nodding to his companion, the Phoenix disappeared in a ball of flame. Levelling his wand down the corridor, Dumbledore spoke clearly:

"Expecto Patronum." The silver Phoenix locked eyes with Dumbledore for a moment before vanishing down the corridor. After a time, Professor Minerva McGonagall, Professor Fillius Flitwick and Madam Poppy Pomfrey came rushing down the corridor, all in their night attire, all with wands drawn.

"Do you know who it is, Albus?" McGonagall asked worriedly.

"No. But if they harboured ill intentions towards the school I would have known and put the school into full lock down. It is for the reason that they hold no ill will towards the school that I have not. I thought however, that the four of us might greet out late night guests?" Dumbledore spoke softly and his eyes twinkled in the dim candle night. His four friends and colleagues all nodded and with a very slight flick of his wand, the huge oak doors slowly creaked open.

In the bright moonlight, two figures could be seen getting closer to the castle. What was odd, or maybe not so odd considering the times that they lived in, were the two other people that were levitated along with them. After a couple of minutes waiting, the intruders ascended the stairs and skidded into the castle, stopping before the four professors, panting heavily.

"Black? Lupin? What in the devil..." McGonagall stop mid sentence and gasped as she noticed that the two floating bodies were James and Lily Potter and that Sirius held two crying babies. Rushing forward, Madam Pomfrey and McGonagall each took one of the babies from Sirius before turning and walking briskly in the direction of the hospital wing.

"Yes I quite agree, hospital wing." Dumbledore said gravely, looking between James and Lily with an ashen face. It was no secret that during their school years not so long ago, James and Lily were favourites of many of the professors, Dumbledore being one of them. He still carried on that fondness when the couple had joined the Order of the Phoenix. Dumbledore, Flitwick, Sirius and Remus all rushed after the two witches, Sirius and Remus taking care not to bump James and Lily into any of the walls or suits of armour. It wasn't long before they reached the hospital wing and laid Lily and James into bed. Harry and Erin were already sleeping in cots, presumably conjured by the Mistress of Transfiguration.

As soon as James and Lily were set onto beds, Madam Pomfrey set to work healing them. Sirius and Remus, finally able to relax, crashed heavily into chairs and began to wait for news on their friend's condition. This wait was not spent in silence however. Dumbledore, for lack of a better word, interrogated the pair on the details of the night. After they finished their tale, Dumbledore left to verify Voldemort's apparent demise. Flitwick and McGonagall also bid their goodnight, leaving Sirius, Remus and Madam Pomfrey to wait for the Potters to wake up.


Dumbledore looked out of his office window at the retreating members of the Order of the Phoenix. He hoped that this would be their last meeting for at least ten years. Twenty if he was lucky. He had no illusions that Voldemort would return, but hopefully it would be a long time coming. Still seated were James and Lily Potter, James holding Erin, Lily holding Harry. It had been a week since the Potter's home had been attacked, Voldemort had been defeated and Erin had been proclaimed The Girl-Who-Lived. The first person in living history to survive the Killing Curse. The peculiar half moon shaped scar on her shoulder was testament to that. Harry Potter, however, was not left unscathed. From what Dumbledore could determine from the nights events, the magical backlash of the killing curse, rebounded from Erin, caused the house to collapse. As the house was coming down, a chunk of brick or plaster had grazed young Harry's head, who was no doubt looking up and around in panic.

Dumbledore sighed as he took his half moon spectacles off and gave them a wipe with a hanky. What he was about to suggest would most probably not be well received by the Potters.

"James, Lily. How are you settling into Grimmauld Place?" Dumbledore asked kindly, replacing the now clean glassed and peering intensely at the seated couple.

"As well as can be expected, Albus." Lily said with very little enthusiasm. Dumbledore nodded. This was understandable.

"And how are Harry and Erin settling in?" He enquired, giving the two quiet children a fond smile.

"Well, whenever they are separated, they scream and cry until they are together again." James said with a less than joyful laugh, the events of the previous week still fresh in his mind.

Dumbledore sighed again and linked his fingers in front of his face. "I know this will seem like a very unreasonable request, but I urge you to think on it." Lily and James both nodded, taking note of the seriousness in the headmasters voice.

"I want you to consider giving Harry to your sister to raise until he becomes eleven, and eligible to attend Hogwarts." Both of the Potters looked absolutely furious.

"Absolutely not, Albus!" Lily said heatedly, James nodding vigorously in agreement. "Give my son to my sister and her sadistic husband to raise? Are you out of your mind, Albus?"

"Please hear my reasoning." Dumbledore said calmly. They needed to see that this was the only way. The only way that Erin could be raised free of anyone's influence but his. Twins were tricky, and for his plans to succeed, Harry needed to be gone.

"Voldemort will undoubtedly return. You know the prophecy and you know that Erin must one day face him. She must be trained, and we simply cannot afford to spend time training Harry as well. How do you think Harry will feel when his sister is learning magic at an early age, yet he cannot? Resentment will grow. I only wish to avoid all of this by sending Harry to live a normal life. A life he can grow up free of the burdens of watching his sister treated better than him." Albus finished his little speech to find the Potters a little more thoughtful. Smiling internally, he knew he had them convinced. Even if they didn't know it yet.

"We would never treat Harry different from Erin." Lily protested, appalled at the idea.

"I know, Lily." Dumbledore said in his soothing grandfatherly voice. "Never would you intentionally favour Erin over Harry, but down the line, it would inevitably happen. What happens when Harry wants to play with his father outside, but you, James, are too busy supervising Erin, who will be learning advanced magics?"

James avoided eye contact, knowing what he would undoubtedly do. Hook, line and sinker as the muggles tend to say. James looked at Lily for a moment, and a silent conversation seemed to take place before Lily visible deflated and nodded resignedly. "Very well, Albus. But only until Harry turns eleven. Then we want him back."

Dumbledore nodded at once. "I would not have it any other way." By that time, his influence over the girl would be iron clad.

Standing, Lily and James made their way to the doo before turning back. "We will make the arrangements for Petunia to take Harry." Lily said, tears rolling down her cheek. Holding Erin with his left arm, James put his right around Lily's shoulders and led her from the room. When the door was shut soundly behind them, Dumbledore finally let his shoulders sink. He knew he was doing a terrible think and condemning young Harry to a very rough ten years, but for the greater good it needed to be done. Only he was wise enough to guide Erin to her destiny. Only he could be the one to influence her decisions and mold her into the perfect light aligned soldier.

'Yes. Things were going according to plan.' Fate, however, threw a monkey wrench into that plan in the form of Harry James Potter.


Life, for one Harry Potter, wasn't what many people would call comfortable. In fact, it was quite the opposite. Ever since he could remember, he had lived with his aunt Petunia, uncle Vernon and cousin Dudley. Also, ever since he could remember, he had been beaten by his so called family. At first, Harry thought it was something that he did. The first times it had happened, Harry figured he must have done something to deserve it, I mean come on, why else would it have happened. As the beatings continued and got more severe, Harry realised that it wasn't something he did, but rather just him.

He remembered one particular incident when he was six when he came home from school with a black eye, courtesy of his cousin Dudley and his ruthless gang of friends. When he had told his aunt and uncle about the incident, his uncle had added some more injuries to his collection including a bruised rib, a fractured wrist and a concussion. His aunt, on the other hand, had given him a verbal beating on how much his parents hated him since they abandoned him with them. As Harry lay in his cupboard, trying to lie perfectly still, he mulled over his aunts words and figured she must have been right. His parents really must have hated him for them to condemn him to a life here with these sadistic people. As the night went on, Harry began to form an intense hatred of his parents.

When Harry turned seven, his family celebrated by making him clean the entire house with a broken wrist, courtesy of Dudley the day before. When Vernon found a small patch of dust that Harry had somehow missed, he lost it and attacked. Thrown back into his cupboard with another broken wrist, a bloody nose, a split lip and an incredibly belt-beaten back, Harry prayed to god for the first time in his life. He prayed for god to take him away. To take him to a home where the people would love him, and not beat him. If this was too much, Harry asked that god simply let him die, so the pain would end. But god wasn't listening. God didn't take him away or let him die. Harry did however; wake up with all of his injuries healed. As Harry thought about this new development, he quickly set about making his relatives breakfast before they woke up. If Harry had learned one thing from living in the Dursley household, it was that to minimise the damage, it was better to be silent and invisible. That meant being gone before they saw you.

As the months went on Harry forgot about his little healing incident until he was given a particularly nasty beating of his cousin and uncle. Tossed into the cupboard with a broken jaw, a gash on the back of his head and broken nose and several bruised ribs, Harry closed his eyes and concentrated on making the pain go away. After a few minutes, Harry felt a tingling sensation across his jaw, then his nose, then his head and finally his ribs. As the sensation faded, Harry cautiously moved his jaw and broke out into a big smile when he felt no pain. This is when the exhaustion caught up with him and promptly sent him to sleep.

By the time Harry turned eight, he took his beatings diligently, and healed himself in the privacy of his cupboard. After a while, he was able to heal himself almost instantaneously. This also got Harry thinking. If he was able to heal himself, what else could he do? Then an idea formed in Harry's head. Tomorrow was his cousin's ninth birthday. When they went out to the theme park, Harry would sneak up to his cousins room and look through his comic books to try and find some ideas as to what his new found powers would be able to do. Super heroes sometimes have loads of powers. Maybe he did too.

Smiling for the first time in years, Harry nodded off to sleep, dreaming about finally finding the means to fight back and escape this hell.

Waking up early, Harry silently left the confines of his small cupboard/bedroom and made his way into the kitchen. Making breakfast for the Dursley's was something he had done since he could remember, so he was pretty much on auto pilot as he set to work. After a time, a very nice looking breakfast was set up perfectly on the kitchen table, ready for the Dursley's. Harry had quickly munched down enough toast to satisfy his hunger as it really didn't bode well to eat any more of the Dursley's food than absolutely necessary. Bounding quietly back to his cupboard, Harry crawled back inside and began to wait with a growing sense of excitement for his relatives to eat their breakfast and leave the house.

One thing growing up with the Dursley's had given Harry, was an infinite amount of patience. The Dursley's had definitely not given Harry any toys growing up so all he had to occupy his time was his thoughts. By Harry's standards, it wasn't long before the stairs above his head began to shake and creek, signalling the Dursley's decent to the lower floor of the household. Making sure he stayed silent, Harry waited for the Dursley's to finish their breakfast and leave the house. Once the front door slammed shut, Harry gave it another ten minutes just be sure before opening his cupboard door an inch and peering out.

Satisfied that the coast was clear, Harry slowly and cautiously walked up the stairs and into the first of Dudley's bedrooms. There was no need to tempt fate by rushing or being too loud. Opening the door slowly, Harry poked his head round the door and looked into the overly packed room. There was everything a little boy would ever want or need and more. A large television sat on a desk with a VCR hooked up to it. Books of all kinds littered a book case and toys of all varieties were scattered about on the floor. That's when he saw them. Poking out from under the bed was a large red box, full to the brim with hundreds of comic books. Walking over, Harry pulled the box out further so he could get a closer look. The comics at the top of the pile had a thick layer of dust on them, indicating to Harry that they hadn't been read in a while. Taking a huge gamble, Harry grabbed a dozen of the comics from the bottom of the pile and put the box back to exactly how it had been before he had entered the room. Careful not to disturb anything or mark his presence here, Harry quickly left the room.

Heart thumping wildly in his chest, Harry descended the stairs and got back into his cupboard. Leaving the door open enough to let light in, Harry sat crossed legged and grabbed the first one. On the front of it was a woman with objects flying all around her. Grinning slightly, Harry opened the book and began to read. When he finished reading, Harry leaned back against the wall and began to think. This woman apparently had the ability to move objects with her mind. Sometimes objects much, much heavier than herself such as people and even cars. Deciding that this would be a very useful ability to have, Harry set to work. The woman in the comic had used her hands as the focus and instrument of movement, so Harry figured he would start there. Extending his right hand, Harry opened his palm and willed the comic book to rise a few inches into the air. Frowning when nothing happened, Harry closed his eyes and willed with all of his might for the comic book to hover.

When he opened his eyes, he was met with the comic book, motionless on the floor. Still, Harry was not deterred. If he could heal wounds in the blink of an eye, that by rights, should take months to heal on their own, then he could do this.

As the weeks went on, Harry continued to spend all of his free time away from school, the Dursley's and their chores, trying to move his comic book. He hadn't even opened any of the others, determined to master this ability before he tried to master any others. It was three weeks after his initial mission into Dudley's bedroom that Harry finally had some success. One day as he was practicing, he noticed that the comic book twitched. Ecstatic with his achievement, Harry threw himself back into his practices with renewed vigour. Two days after his initial success with his new ability, brought even more success. As sweat was beginning to bead on the eight year olds head, the comic book began to slowly lift off the floor. Straining with the effort, Harry willed the pages of the comic to open and turn, as if an invisible hand was guiding them. And they did.

The comic book suddenly fell to the floor and Harry panted with the effort. He hoped as he became more proficient, that it would become a second nature to him as his healing had. Only time would tell.

The next two years were the best of Harry's life so far. Yes, he was still treated worse than a slave, yes he was still beaten almost daily, and yes, he still did all the work around the Dursley's household. But now Harry had a secret. He had special powers. Since his success at levitating the comic, Harry had practiced religiously until he could move things of all shapes and sized as quickly and as far as he wanted. He didn't get tired when he used this power too much and this had only motivated Harry further. By the time Harry turned ten, he could move objects of any size, at any speed he wished, change the shape, size and look of inanimate objects, temporarily or permanently change the way something, including himself, looked, and teleport from one place to another. The teleporting had taken him the better part of half a year to master, but sheer willpower had allowed him to accomplish it.

Harry, now ten years old, was ready to leave this place behind, and start a new life somewhere else.

One Saturday morning in mid March, nineteen ninety, Harry Potter silently left his cupboard for the last time. He had swiped a duffle bag from his cousin's room the night previous and was finally going to leave this hell hole behind. Entering the kitchen, Harry filled his bag with two bottles of water, a loaf of bread, some ham, some cheese, some biscuits and a few apples and oranges. Moving a chair over to the fridge, Harry emptied the Dursley kitty of about two hundred pounds, and slipped this money into his pocket. Gracefully leaping down from the chair, Harry closed his eyes and disappeared silently from number four Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey.

The bus station was deserted at this hour and the silence was not broken when Harry re-appeared next to one of the many bus stalls. Looking around curiously, Harry walked over to one of the benches and sat down. It didn't matter to him which bus he got on, all that mattered is he saw this place get smaller and smaller out of the back window. Deciding to draw less attention to himself, Harry concentrated and changed his appearance to that of a twenty year old with shoulder length brown hair. An added bonus of his little ability was when he changed his appearance, his clothes changed to fit his new size as well. After a time, a bus pulled up next to his bench. Standing, Harry walked over and got onto the bus.

"Where does this bus go?" Harry asked slightly rudely. Wounds still hadn't healed properly and he still didn't trust the adult populace since they had never come to his aid. The driver didn't look fazed by Harry's attitude when he replied.

"North London. Six fifty, mate." Harry nodded and counted out the right amount, glad he had the foresight to take the Dursley's money. Taking a seat at the back of the bus, Harry contemplated what his next move would be. First thing he would need to do was find a place to sleep. That wouldn't be too difficult. He would rent a hotel until he could find a small flat to buy. The bus journey was long and it was a good two hours before the bus came to a halt in a working class estate.

Exiting the bus, Harry watched as it drove away and turned a corner. Looking around, Harry took in his surroundings. This place would do nicely. He didn't think the people around here would take notice of a ten year old wandering around alone, and if the wrong kind did...well, he was more than capable of looking after himself. Harry walked aimlessly down the road until he came to a seedy looking hotel. Steeling himself, Harry walked inside and approached the bald man sitting on a stool at the reception.

"Yes?" He asked shortly.

"I need a room." Harry replied, just as shortly.

"Twelve pound a night, in advance." Harry handed the man twenty four pounds.

"This should cover me for two nights." Harry said. The man snatched the money before standing and grabbing a key off the wall. He tossed it down onto the counter where Harry picked it up.

"Room sixteen, third floor. Elevators are out so you'll have to take the stairs." The man said pointing to the staircase on the opposite side of the room. Nodding, Harry ascended the stairs and made his way to the third floor. Harry located number sixteen and after unlocking the door, stepped inside. The sight that met him was one that was very different than he expected. The room was actually quite nice. There was a large queen size bed along one of the walls and a desk on the other. There was a small kitchen in one of the corners of the room and a door on the opposite side presumable leading to the bathroom.

Closing the door and locking it, Harry tossed the duffle bag onto the bed and removed his disguise, reverting back to his ten year old self. Fishing into his pockets, Harry placed all of the money he had on the bed and counted it. One hundred and sixty nine pounds and fifty pence. Suddenly an idea struck him. He had changed the size and shape of objects, but what if he could change the size and shape of paper, into money. That would solve a hell of a lot of his problems if he had an endless supply of money. Looking around the room, Harry snatched the bible off the bedside table and began ripping out pages. Putting one sheet of the paper next to one of the crisp twenty pound notes, Harry held his palm over both of them and willed the paper to change into an exact replica of the twenty. After a few seconds, the paper began to morph and a moment later, there were two twenty pound notes. Grinning, Harry got to work.

By the time he ran out of bible, Harry had lost count of how much he had made. Suffice to say he wouldn't have to worry about money for a while. He didn't notice that the serial numbers were all the same, and didn't realise that this one action would trigger one of the largest investigations into counterfit money the country had ever seen. Slightly hungry after his work, Harry set to making himself a ham and cheese sandwich, free of the repercussions. Savouring the last bite, he unpacked the few clothes he had brought with him and stocked his kitchen with his very limited supply of food. Lying down on his bed, Harry finally let himself relax. Safe in the knowledge he was finally free.

Over the next few weeks Harry fell into a routine. For lack of anything better to do, he had acquired a cleaning job at the local Thai Boxing gym. Harry however, struck a deal with the owner. Instead of working for a wage, Harry worked for a free membership. With something else to focus on, Harry threw himself into learning the brutal martial art. It was during one of these lessons that Harry's life changed forever. It was during one of these lessons that Harry met his best friend. It was during one of these lessons, that Harry discovered that he wasn't the only one who had special powers.

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