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Harry Potter and The Butterfly Effect

Chapter 4


Harry stepped into the office and closed the door behind him. Looking across the room, he knew that this was going to be a very tedious meeting. Sitting behind his desk in all of his supposed benevolent glory, was Albus Dumbledore. In front of his desk, sat in two chintz chairs were his parents. As he entered the room, both of his parents shot to their feet.

"Harry…Son…We've…" His father stuttered for a few more seconds before his mother cut in.

"We've missed you so much." His mother sobbed, rushing over to gather him in a hug. Harry stiffened when his mother held him, as years of hatred rose within him like a volcano. Shoving her so forcefully that she would have fell had James not caught her, Harry stepped back and scowled.

"How dare you touch me?" Harry said coldly, quietly, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Harry, what the hell?" James said angrily, as he steadied his wife

"She has no right to touch me. Neither of you have the fucking right to talk to me, let alone touch me." Harry spat hatefully. James looked confused while Lily looked crushed. Dumbledore looked on with a calculating frown on his face. Clearly he didn't expect Harry to be acting this way.

"Why are you acting like this?" Lily whispered, dreading the answer, but deep down, knowing.

"Why? WHY? Do Vernon and Petunia Dursley ring any bells? You sentenced me to ten years in hell. They beat me, starved me, ridiculed me and belittled me every chance they got. My childhood was ten years of torture." Harry replied hotly. Snapping is mouth shut, Harry tightened his occlumency shields and ruthlessly pushed his anger down. It wouldn't help him here.

"Come now, Harry. I'm sure things weren't that bad." Dumbledore spoke up for the first time in an irritating, grandfatherly voice, which was no doubt supposed to placate him and calm him down. His parents on the other hand had gone deathly pale.

"They what?" James asked quietly before Harry could reply to Dumbledore.

"You heard me. I was their slave and their punching bag." Harry said coolly.

James and Lily whirled on Dumbledore. "You swore to us that he would be safe. That it was necessary." James yelled at the old man.

"Now, James, I understand you are angry, but lets not lose focus of the bigger picture…" Dumbledore began smoothly.

"What bigger picture?" Lilly asked scathingly. Apparently in the heat of their argument they had forgotten that Harry was there. Surprise surprise.

"Erin needed to be trained free of distractions." Dumbledore replied, eyes twinkling full blast.

"The only reason we agreed to let Harry go was because you promised us he would be safe. That it was the best decision for both of our children" James fired back.

"And he was safe. He is here is he not?" Dumbledore said with a smile.

"Because he chose to be. If he wanted to we would never have seen him again. And it's all your fault." James spat with the same amount of hatred that Harry felt for him. Harry looked on in disbelief. So it was Dumbledore that suggested they give him up? Harry felt fury run through him at the mere through. Not at Dumbledore though. At his parents. His hate for them had just magnified ten fold. What kind of parents gave up their child at the request of a fucking school headmaster?

"I want to speak to Dumbledore alone." Harry said flatly, before allowing the telltale sound of desperation to enter his voice. "Please. I just need to think about things. Before I can forgive you, I just need to think." He looked at them with pleading eyes and knew he had won.

Hope bloomed in both of their eyes. With tentative smiles, both his parents silently departed the office. Turning fully to face Dumbledore, he noticed a look of calculation on his face.

"You were lying." He said simply. Knowing he couldn't fool Dumbledore, he nodded.

"I was."

"You hate your parents for abandoning you, yet you seem to hold no ill will towards me for suggesting it to them." Dumbledore seemed genuinely confused about this.

"Is there a question in there?" Harry asked with a smirk. Dumbledore quirked his lips before nodding.

"I don't. Hold any ill will towards you that it. I mean its pretty fucked up that you would ask a family to give up one of their children, but James and Lily are the ones who actually went through with it. They could have told you no, but they blindly followed your orders and gave me up." Harry replied with a scowl.

"I'm sure that you will come to forgive your parents in due time. Once you get to know them you will realise that what they did was only out of love for you." Dumbledore said in what he must of thought was a wise voice. He definitely wasn't to tell Harry that a few compulsion charms were used to nudge the Potters in the right direction. Without them it was doubtful he would have been able to convince them to give Harry up.

Harry merely stayed quiet, knowing he would never forgive James and Lily but also knowing he couldn't get too much on Dumbledore's bad side if he wanted training.

"I assume there is another reason that you asked to speak to me alone?" Dumbledore asked, leaning back in his chair and popping a small yellow sweet into his mouth.

"I want training. From you. Now that Voldemort is alive and I am out in the open, I need to be able to adequately defend myself." Harry said, leaning back in his chair. Dumbledore surveyed Harry over his glasses for a long moment.

"I'm sure I can arrange something." Dumbledore said vaguely.

"Oh?" Harry replied. He wanted a definite answer. If he couldn't get adequate training from Dumbledore and Snape refused too, he would be out of the castle by Monday night.

"Yes. I had plans to hold two lessons a week for Erin and Hayley. You are more than welcome to join." He said casually. Apparently he thought that Harry's hatred for his parents spilled over to his siblings and wanted to force them to spend time together. Deciding not to correct him, Harry nodded.

"Fine." Harry stood up.

"You will be far happier in the long run if you let go of your hatred. I have seen what it can do to people." Dumbledore cautioned Harry as he made his way over to the door. Harry paused mid-step before continuing out of the office. Dumbledore frowned as he considered the newest addition to the castle. Harry Potter was very unlike what he expected him to be. He was confident and seemed to know what was going on around him, even if he didn't directly show it. This new development could either work out very well for him, or become a very big problem. Deciding he would have to keep a very close eye on Harry, Dumbledore picked up the latest batch of paperwork from the Wizengamot and sighed. Sometimes being Albus Dumbledore was very tiresome.

Harry walked 30 paces down the corridor before he realised he had no idea how to get to the Gryffindor common room. Flicking his wrist, Harry deftly caught the wand that came forth. Twirling it between his fingers, he thought back to the day that he purchased his two wands.


Ten-year-old Harry Potter and ten-year-old Blaise Zabini both followed Manuel Zabini as he led them down Diagon Alley. Today they were going to get their wands and in Blaise's case, school supplies. Harry had known the Zabini family for several months now after he and Blaise had met and become friends at their Muay Thai class. After they discovered who he was, Manuel had sat him down and explained everything to him: the wizarding world, his powers, his fame and Voldemort. He had explained that there was a school that he could attend to learn about his magic.

Manuel had explained all of Harry's options to him, putting him under no pressure and leaving the final decision up to him. After a lot of thought, Harry decided to stay in London and hire private tutors. However, to perform magic, Manuel had informed him about the need for a wand, hence the trip to Diagon Alley.

Harry and Blaise looked around the alley with wonder. People were bustling around, shopping and picking up school supplies for their children. When they walked past a particular shop, Blaise frowned in confusion. "Dad, I thought we were getting wands?"

Manuel looked back at his son. "We are." He said simply.

"But we just passed Ollivanders." Blaise replied, pointing to the shop they had just passed.

"You wont be getting your wands from Mr. Ollivander, son. I know of a master wandcrafter who happens to owe me a favour. He isn't going to be in London for very long. You will be obtaining your wand from him."

Blaise's eyes widened in awe.

"What's the big deal?" Harry whispered to his friend.

"Wandcrafters are rare. I didn't think anyone practiced the art any more." Blaise whispered back.

"Then what is that Ollivander guy? Is he not a wandcrafter?" Harry asked.

"No, he is a wandmaker. The difference between a wandmaker and a wandcrafter is a wandmaker will make a wand and then sell it to the person it is best fitted to. With a wandmaker you will probably get a good wand that works well for you, but it will never be a perfect match. A wandcrafter makes a wand specifically for your magical core." Blaise explained.

Harry nodded in understanding. It was like buying a suit from a shop as oppose to having one tailored for you.

Manuel led them through the throngs of people up to the wizarding bank, Gringotts. Harry followed Manuel and Blaise up the stone steps that led to the huge bank. Harry gasped in awe as he entered the wizarding bank for the first time. Trying not to stare at the goblins, he scurried after Manuel and Blaise, who were heading towards what looked to be an office door. The goblin standing outside nodded curtly to Manuel and opened the door for the trio. When Harry stepped into the room, he noticed that there was a man sitting behind a large ornate desk, lots of boxes surrounding him. He looked up as they entered.

"Manuel. Good to see you again. You look well. How's the family?" The man asked in a friendly tone, standing up to shake Manuel's hand. Manuel let a ghost of a smile grace his features as he shook his friends hand.

"Very well Robert. The family are doing well, too. My youngest is to start Hogwarts come September." Manuel said smoothly. Harry heard the underlying pride in his voice.

"Ah yes. Young Master Blaise." Robert said, stepping up to Blaise, offering his hand. "How are you today?" Blaise muttered a greeting shyly as he shook his hand.

"Excellent, excellent. And who might this young man be?" Robert asked, his eyes coming to rest on Harry.

"Harry Potter, sir." Harry said, eyeing the man warily, his trust issues still at the back of his mind.

"A pleasure." Robert said, shaking his hand before moving to stand back behind the desk.

"Now, am I to assume you want me to construct a wand for each of them?" Robert asked Manuel.

"Actually, I would like you to construct two for each of them." Manuel said. Robert raised an eyebrow in surprise.

"Indeed? Dual wands at such a young age. Interesting." Robert said, nodding thoughtfully.

"Master Potter. If you would step up here please, I will take your measurements to determine what length of wand would be most suited to you." Harry walked up to Robert, who flicked his wand at a tape measure lying on his desk, causing it to unravel and hover slightly above the desk.

"Since you are being fitted for dual wands, I will take measurements for both arms?" Harry nodded and held up both arms in front of him. Robert nodded and with a slight jab of his wand, the tape measure flew over to Harry and began to measure him. Every time it measured something, the length or width would be displayed for a moment in fiery letters above Harry's head. Robert was diligently scribbling down these numbers and when the tape stopped measuring, flicked his wand and watched as it rolled itself back up and floated back to the desk.

Harry watched with rapt attention. He loved watching magic and couldn't wait to get a wand so he could begin to do it himself. Robert scribbled down a few equations before looking up with a smile.

"11 and a third inches would be the optimal length for both of your wands. Now we will see which woods are best suited for your wands. I want you to pick up each dummy wand and tell me which one feels right." Robert said, pointing to the numerous boxing littering the desk.

"What do you mean ' feel right'?" Harry asked curiously.

"You will know." Robert assured him with a smile. Shrugging, Harry picked up the first piece of wood. Closing his eyes he wondered what 'feeling right' would actually feel like. Feeling nothing for this sliver of wood. Harry picked up the next one. Still nothing. By the time he was nearing the end of the pile he was getting slightly nervous. What if none of the woods felt right? Finally picking up the last one, he focused hard on feeling something…anything. However, he felt nothing, placing it back into the box, he looked up at the wandcrafter with disappointment shining clearly in his eyes.

"Interesting. Perhaps…" Robert trailed off as he lifted his travel bag onto the desk. After a minute of rummaging, he pulled out two boxes. Placing them on his desk, he opened them both. Glancing at what was inside them, Harry looked up at Robert with more confusion written on his face. From the look on Manuel and Blaise as well, they too were confused.

"Shall I explain?" Robert asked with a slight smirk. Without waiting for an answer, he dived right into his explanation.

"As a wandcrafter, my research into magical focuses takes me across the globe. About seven months ago, I was in Peru following up a lead on the small magic tribes that reside there. I managed to track them down and what I learned completely changed my outlook on wandcrafting. I found out that this tribe didn't use wands, but rings. And these rings were made of metals." Robert said excitedly. Clearly he hadn't told anyone about this little secret.

"Metal focuses? I haven't heard of such a thing. I didn't even know it was possible." Manuel said in disbelief.

"That's the thing. Outside of this tribe no one has. Wandcrafter's experimented with metal wands years ago but there has never been a successful metal wand created. Using a metal focus ring as a starting point, I was able to emulate the magical properties of the ring onto a wand. I've found that only two metals are capable of being stabilized and used as a wand. Titanium, and Methril." Robert said, pointing to each box in turn. In each box, sat 15 inch rods of metal, one Methril, and the other titanium.

"So far, I have only been successful is matching three metal wands. Two titanium ones to a pair of witches in America and a Methril one to a wizard in Sweden."

Motioning Harry forward, Robert indicated that he should pick up the metal sticks. Picking up the titanium one, Harry frowned when he felt nothing. After a few more seconds of nothing, he put it back down and picked up the Methril one. As soon as his fingers brushed the surface, he knew that this was the one. Adrenaline pumped through his veins as his body began to feel warm and tingly. After a few moments, the adrenaline receded, but the warm feeling remained.

"This one." Harry whispered in awe. Robert was right. It did 'feel right'. The wandcrafter was almost giddy at this point.

"Fantastic. Now for the cores." He said, leading Harry over to a bookcase. On the bookcase were about twenty jars, all holding…something inside. Some were easily identifiable, such as fangs, feathers and even blood. Others, he had no idea about.

"Same again, Master Potter. Place your hand on the glass and whichever ones feel warm, place on the desk." Robert was very curious as to which two cores the young man before him would select for his two wands. Imagine his surprise when he placed not two, but four jars on the desk. Deciding that he shouldn't be surprised after the boy had chosen a Methril wand, Robert leaned forward to see which cores the boy had chosen. He spoke the names aloud for the benefit of everyone else.

"Tail feather from an Ice Phoenix, heartstring from a Hungarian Horntail, a vial of vampire blood and a vial of acrumantula venom. Very rare combinations Master Potter. Only powerful witches and wizards have dual core wands, let alone dual wands with dual cores." Robert said with a touch of envy.

"Now, to further stabilise and purify the magic, a tiny crystal will be fused to the tip of the wand. It doesn't matter which, so I leave you with the choice of an emerald, a ruby, a sapphire or a diamond." Here, he pointed to four small boxes, each with a tiny gem sitting on a cushion.

Taking a look at the aforementioned gems, Harry selected an emerald for one of his wands and a ruby for the other.

"Excellent choices, Master Potter." Robert said, plucking the two tiny gems out and placing them with the rest of the materials.

"This will not take long." Robert said, sitting behind his desk. Flicking his wand, the titanium rod rose into the air. The wandcrafter spent the next five minutes flawlessly cutting the rod down to ten and a third inches in length and about a centimetre in width. Setting the wand shaft back on the desk, he pulled another Methril rod out of his bag and did the same again. With both wand shafts done, Robert twirled his wand and levitated the Ice Phoenix feather out of the jar. With another jab, the acrumantula venom pooled upwards and out of the jar. It was strange, seeing liquid floating in the air like that.

Muttering an incantation, the venom slowly began to soak into the feather. With that done, he lowered it down to the first wand. With a long and complex sounding incantation, the feather began to slowly fuse with the Methril. After a few seconds, all that remained was the Methril. Another incantation and the ruby was fused to the tip of it. The surface of the Methril was slightly bumpy and Harry had to admit, even without the gem, it looked cool. Harry went to pick it up but Robert stopped him.

"Patience, Master Potter. Wait until the other one is finished." Setting back to work, Harry watched as Robert soaked the Horntail heartstring in the vampire blood and fused it with the other wand. Fusing the emerald to the tip, he stepped back.

"Some of my finest work." Robert said, standing up and stepping back. Looking at Robert and receiving a nod, Harry walked slowly over and with shaking hands, picked both of his hands up. Closing his eyes, Harry basked in the warmth and power that flowed through him. It was breath taking. Slashing both wands vertically in front of him, he as rewarded with a shower of glowing green and red sparks. Grinning, Harry turned and thanked the wandcrafter.

"I was my pleasure Mr Potter. I think we can expect great things from you…"

End Flashback

After a long chat with Robert, Harry had learned that his wands were equal, yet exceedingly powerful. After a couple of tests, it was discovered that both wands were best suited for duelling and combat magic. Over the years, Harry had placed several runes, charms and curses on his wand. For starters, anyone with the intention of harming him would have disastrous results with the wand. For anyone else, it simply wouldn't work. Harry had carved several runes into the handles of his wands, making them summon proof. There was also some tracking charms and the like in case he ever lost them.

Harry gave his wand a slight flick and a small purple orb flew out of the tip and hovered in front of his face. Since Dumbledore hadn't seen fit to ensure he could find the Gryffindor common room, he would have to do it himself.

"Gryffindor Common Room." Harry said clearly. After a few moments, the orb began to move down the corridor at a moderately fast speed. Taking long strides in order to keep up, Harry followed the orb through the meandering corridors of Hogwarts. Harry had to admit, the structure and decoration of the school was breathtaking. In any other place, the suits of armour, portraits and other mounted plaques would just look tacky and stupid. But here, they look right, like they belonged.

After a long walk, Harry finally made his way to the Gryffindor common room. Stopping outside the door, he mentally prepared himself to face his sisters, whom he was certain were waiting for him just beyond this portrait of a fat woman. Harry knew that this would be a very awkward conversation, given that they were siblings, yet had never actually met. Harry sighed. Maybe if they could get the awkward first meeting out of the way now, they could actually build some kind of relationship.

Steeling his resolve, Harry stepped in front of the portrait to the common room.

"Password, dear?" The fat lady asked in a kind voice.

"Erm, Professor Dumbledore didn't give it to me. I've been in his office you see." Harry replied politely. No sense in giving a portrait attitude.

"Ah, Mr Potter. The Headmaster sent along a message that you would be coming. The password is 'fire flight'." The fat lady said as she swung her portrait open for him. Smiling in thanks, Harry entered the common room to find it almost empty. There were older students dotted around the room, some talking, some playing various games. Harry scanned the crowd before his eyes came to rest on two girls.

Sixteen-year-old Erin looked to be about 5'4'', though it was difficult to tell since she was sat down on a couch on front of the fireplace. She had raven hair that fell down just below her shoulders, pale blue eyes, and had an overall look of cuteness. Hayley on the other hand looked to only be an inch or two shorter than him. She had inherited their mothers red hair, and, in a non-incest kind of way, looked more 'hot' than cute.

As Harry made his way over, they caught sight of him and stood up. When he reached them, they all stared at each other for a few moments before Erin rushed forwards and embraced him, Hayley not far behind. Harry tensed ever so slightly before awkwardly hugging them back. After a few moments, Erin and Hayley let him go and took a small step back.

There was silence for a few moments before Erin grinned. "It's good to have you back." That was all that was needed and the three of them sat down and talked to each other like Harry had never been away.

Harry learned that Erin was the youngest quidditch player to be drafted onto the team in a century and played in the position of chaser. Hayley, he found out, was considered a charms prodigy. Harry tried not to reveal too much to his sisters, as he knew that Dumbledore was a master legilmens. He did reveal his proficiency in Muay Thai and his strength in combat magic. He was sure to understate anything he did tell them. Eventually, they got to the part of the conversation that he was dreading.

"…and I'm sure mum and dad will be able to set you up with a new room at the house." Hayley was saying. Shifting uncomfortably, Harry stopped them there.

"I won't be coming home with you." Harry said quietly.

"Why?" Erin asked in a confused voice. Surely he would want to.

"Because I haven't, and never will, forgive our parents for what they did to me." Harry said, touches of anger lacing his tone. "You don't know what kind of people Vernon and Petunia Dursley were. They tried to literally beat the magic out of me. When that didn't work, they settled for just beating me. I didn't run away in a childish fit of rebellion. I ran away because I couldn't live with those people any more."

Both Erin and Hayley had identical looks of horror and fury on their faces. "How could they do that to a child? Their nephew?" Hayley asked, outraged that anyone could treat a child like that, let alone family.

"They were a sadistic family." Harry said simply. "The world, unfortunately, is full of them. While taken aback at Harry's semi-blasé attitude, they didn't know that if Harry ever bumped into any of the Dursley's again, he would most probably kill them, or at least give them the beating of their lives.

"But couldn't you just come home? Try and work things out with mum and dad?" Erin asked softly. All she had wanted her whole life was her brother back. Now that he was, it seemed her wish of a proper family was even further away. Taking in the pleading looks on Erin and Hayley's faces, Harry decided he would make an effort to be civil with his parents, but knew deep down, he would probably never give them another chance to be his parents.

"I won't be moving back in, but I promise I will try to make an effort with them." Harry said finally, as though the words physically pained him. Erin beamed at him.

"I wouldn't hold your breath though." Harry added seriously.

"Why? You just said you will make an effort and I know mum and dad will to." Hayley said confidently.

"Maybe." Harry said with a shrug. "But I wont stand for them trying to interfere with my life and take control."

"We will tell them Harry." Erin said, smiling. Maybe that family she had always dreamed about wasn't so far away after all.


Harry woke up the next morning feeling refreshed. He had to admit it; the four-poster beds in the Gryffindor common rooms were bloody comfy, almost as comfy as the one back home. Almost. His roommates seemed like nice enough blokes, even if the red-haired chap, Rod, was a little bit enthusiastic to meet him. Rod and Neville were apparently good friends with his sisters and Neville had something of a relationship with Rod's little sister.

Harry, Erin and Hayley had spent several hours talking and getting to know each other. At first the conversation was a little strained, forced and awkward, but as the time went on, they became more relaxed with each other. Erin was the prankster out of the two while Hayley was the more studious of the sisters.

Stretching, Harry rolled out of bed and straight onto the floor, where he began his daily routine of push-ups. After one hundred, Harry did one hundred sit-ups and squats before heading to the shower. If there was one thing most wizards thought that they were above, it was physical exercise. Maybe they were just too stupid to understand that someone with a higher level of endurance could out duel someone with a lower level. Shaking his head at the stupidity of the wizarding world, Harry grabbed a towel and headed to the shower.

Letting the hot water wash over him, Harry contemplated his game plan for dealing with Snape and hopefully getting him to teach him advanced dark and black arts. While the dark arts knowledge he had now was enough to make anyone think he was a Dark Lord in training, the knowledge locked in Snape's head was next level. Drying and dressing himself quickly, Harry made his way quietly through the dormitory as not to wake his roommates. It was only 5am after all.

Breakfast started at 8, so that gave Harry, and Blaise if he knew what was good for him, 3 hours to train. There was no way he was going to let this castle dampen his razor sharp skills.

Rummaging through his trunk, Harry pulled out a shrunken bag and with a slight flick of his fingers, resized it and flung it over his shoulder. Quietly shutting his trunk, Harry made his way out of the dormitory and headed for the entrance hall. Finding Blaise leaning against a wall, looking only a little bit tired, Harry walked over to him.

"Morning." Harry said brightly, knowing it would annoy his friend.

"I hate you." Blaise stated, looking as though he was debating whether or not to try and make a runner back to his bed.

"I wouldn't." Harry said, not even looking up from where he was looking through his kit bag, making sure that all of his books and training equipment was present.

"How do you do that?" Blaise asked curiously.

"Magic." Was the sarcastic reply.

Harry followed Blaise out of the castle and over to the Great Lake where there was a primitive training arena set up in a clearing a hundred yards into the forest. Hanging from a tree was punching bag and there was also a set of very questionable looking weights. Harry looked between the weights and Blaise with a raised eyebrow.

"Hey!" Blaise said defensively. "You know transfiguration isn't my strong suit."

Harry laughed and held his hands up in a gesture of surrender. "Relax, I know you talents lie in potion making."

Blaise was watching Harry, expecting him to transfigure the weights into something nicer and more presentable.

"Don't look at me. Unless it relates to duelling, I'm no better than you are." Harry replied. His transfiguration and charms tutors had mainly focused on duelling. Any other spells he was taught were simple spells he would need in day-to-day life. He could transfigure some weights, but they probably wouldn't be much better than Blaise's.

"Now, to warm up, we'll jog round the lake. Twice depending on how long it is." Harry announced with a predatory grin. Blaise sighed as he shrugged his coat of. Having Harry around constantly meant it was going to be a very tough year.

Three and a half hours later, the two teens wandered into the great hall and over to their respective tables. Plopping down next to Erin and across from Hayley and Ginny, Harry began to help himself to various fruits and some poached eggs. Rod, who was seated a couple of seats down, saw his food selections and commented.

"Are you not going to get a proper breakfast?" he asked with a mouthful of bacon.

"In order to maintain a healthy body, Rod, one must eat healthily." Harry replied without looking up from his food.

"It's Ron." The red-haired boy said, the tips of his ears glowing in a faint blush.

"Oh. Sorry Ron. Must have misheard you the first time you told me." Harry said, only slightly apologetically.

"S'ok." Ron mumbled, returning to his breakfast.

"So where have you been all morning?" Hayley asked, looking up from a surprisingly large full English breakfast.

"Training with Blaise." Harry replied.

"As in Zabini?" Erin asked curiously. "How do you know him?"

"He's my best friend. I've known him and his family for years." Harry said absently.


"What?" Harry asked, looking up. Erin, Hayley, Ginny and Neville were all staring at him.

"The Zabini's have known where you have been this entire time and they didn't tell anyone?" Hayley nearly screeched. Glancing at the students that had turned to see what the fuss was about, Harry replied.

"Yes. It was they who introduced me to the wizarding world." Harry said with a shrug.

"Your dad is going to freak when he finds out." Ginny said, looking between the three siblings.

Harry shrugged. Manuel would no doubt find it amusing to knock James Potter down a few pegs when he inevitably came to confront him. Harry himself looked forward to watching the memory.

"What training were you doing? Defence?" Neville asked curiously.

"No, Muay Thai." Harry answered. Seeing the blank looks he was receiving, he elaborated slightly. "Martial arts. Fighting without a wand."

"Oh." Neville said, looking like he wanted to ask something. Waiting for the inevitable, Harry wasn't disappointed.

"Would you mind...what I mean to say is…" Neville stuttered for a couple more moments before Hayley saved him.

"Will you teach us?"

"Why do you want to learn?" Harry was genuinely curious about this. Harry thought any extra curricular training they did would be focused on defensive and offensive magic.

"Voldemort is back." Erin said, not stuttering over the Dark Lord name at all. "Against death eaters, we aren't much of a threat. So the odds of us getting disarmed in a fight are pretty good. If you can teach us ho to fight, maybe if we do get disarmed, we can still fight back."

Harry nodded. The girl made a good point and either way Harry loved to teach.

"Ok. I warn you now, it wont be easy. You will train twice a week for a month. When that month is over, you will train four times a week. When that month is over, you will train every day." Harry said slipping into what Page liked to call his teacher mode. Erin, Hayley, Ginny, Ron and Neville all nodded vigorously.

"You will not miss a single lesson unless you have a good reason. If you miss a lesson without a good reason, you will not be invited back." Seeing the serious look on Harry's face, they all nodded again.

"I'm serious, I won't waste my time if you are not willing to put the effort in." Harry warned.

"Don't worry, we will take it seriously." Ginny said. Harry nodded in satisfaction. Maybe this would be a good way to get to know his sisters and their friends better.

"Good. Be in the common room at 6am tomorrow morning." Seeing the nods, Harry finished his breakfast and looked up as Professor McGonagall approached, handing out what looked to be class timetables. Taking his own and giving the Professor a nod of thanks, Harry looked down at it.

First class of the year: Defence Against the Dark Arts. Perfect.

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