(My main reason for doing this is because after hearing Marty call out the name "Doc" about 50 times over three films all I could picture after a while was him calling out "Doc" and having the Doctor reply.)

Back to the Doctor

Frozen in Time Part I


November 26th


It had been one month, exactly.

He hadn't been keeping track of the passing weeks or anything, he hadn't been waiting for a month to pass, but as he stared at his reflection that morning, his untamable brown hair looking more disheveled and his blue eyes looking more tired than usual, he thought about that day in October and realized that somehow a month had managed to pass him by.

As he sat in his English class that day the sight of the letters 2 and 6 staring up at him from the assignment sheet made him feel uneasy.

October 26th, that was the day that would stay ingrained in his memory for the rest of his life, it was the day he had been so desperate to return to or else spend the rest of his life trapped in the wrong time. Sometimes the memory amused him, because who else could say there was a day they had to return to? Who else could say they had actually done it? Three times?

He had time travelled. 17-year-old Martin S. McFly from Hill Valley California had stepped into a DeLorean on October 26th 1985 and stepped out in 1955… and 2015… and 1885.

For a long time Jennifer, his girlfriend, and he didn't speak about it. What was he gonna say?

"Remember that time we travelled to the year 2015 and met our bratty children?"

The simple matter was that Doc Brown's time machine had been destroyed beyond repair and there was no point discussing time travel when Marty knew he would never do it again.

That suited Marty just fine, he was done travelling through time and messing the timeline so bad he very nearly couldn't fix it. Maybe Doc Brown wanted to keep time travelling with his family, but Marty wanted to stay in Hill Valley for as long as possible.

Still, now that a month had passed Marty realized he couldn't just keep ignoring what had happened. With Doc Brown god knew where in time, Marty needed to make sure the information about time travel left in Doc Brown's lab didn't end up into the wrong person's hands. He had seen the catastrophic results that could lead to first-hand.

He had asked Jennifer to meet him at the lab after school; however, thanks to her cheerleading practice she would be a little late, so when school got out that afternoon he stopped home first.

The house was quiet and still. He walked through the halls quickly and threw schoolbooks into his room, where his eye caught the picture of him and Doc Brown in 1885. He sat down on his bed and stared at it for a minute. It was black and white, the two of them dressed in old west clothing. They stood in front of a large clock face, Marty on the left and Doc Brown with his wild white hair and manic smile on the right. It was the only evidence he had of his time travelling, and the only photo in his possession of the Doc.

It was troubling not knowing where – or when – his best friend was. Marty had thought that by now he would have heard from him again.

He lay down for a minute, wondering where he might have gone, and as he contemplated all the possibilities of time travel, he gently drifted off into asleep.


"Marty?" Jennifer pushed open the door to Doc Brown's laboratory and was met with darkness and the sound of ticking clocks. She strained her brown eyes to see into the black. Marty, however, was nowhere to be seen.

She sighed. Marty had made such a big deal and getting this over with, and now he was late? She felt around the wall for a light switch. She was hoping to find a phone she could call Marty from.

The light switch didn't work.

"Jennifer," said a quiet voice from within.

"Marty is that you? The light's not working," she took a step forward. "Marty, what's going on?"

"Time traveller detected. Subject acquired," replied the robotic voice.

The lights suddenly came on. Jennifer's eyes went wide with shock, and then all she could do was scream.


Marty woke with a start. He could hear people talking. His family was home. For a second he couldn't figure out why they were home so early, then he realized he was lying in the dark. The sun had set.

"Shit, Jennifer!" He grabbed his jean jacket, threw it on over his red shirt and ran out of his room, nearly ploughing over his mom and dad.

"Where's the fire Marty?" His dad called out.

"Marty, dinner's ready," his mom chimed in.

"Sorry mom, I'm late!" He was already opening the door as he replied, and his words were lost to the night as he opened the garage door and jumped into his black Toyota 4X4.

He couldn't believe he was late! Jennifer was going to be pissed – if she was even still there. Things already felt too distant between them and he didn't want to add the stress of a fight to their relationship. He managed to reach the Doc's lab in record time, and could see the door was partially open. She was still there. He parked and ran to the door.

"Jennifer, sorry I'm late!" He went quiet, there were no lights on in the lab. He flicked the lights on and saw the lab had been completely trashed. He stared in shock, unable to comprehend what he was seeing for a second. Had it been broken into? Had Jennifer trashed the place in anger? Had there been an earthquake?

Marty went in and started looking around to see if anything had been stolen, and that's when he saw Jennifer's purple shoe.

It was laying in the middle of the room, but not by itself, it was attached to a foot, and a leg… He walked slowly towards it, and there was Jennifer as still and quiet as death. No article of clothing, no strand of teased dirty-blonde hair, was out of place, but her pale face was twisted into a horrified expression, as though she were screaming.

He fell to his knees by her side, grabbing her hand. She was completely stiff, but he could still feel warmth on her. Warmth, but no pulse, and her face still screaming.

Marty looked away, he felt sick. His mind raced trying to understand what was happening… then he heard the sound. It was like listening to a song when the radio was tuned between two stations, it was like there was a melody but it whined with static, getting louder and louder. Then he saw a blue light coming from behind one of the lab's doors.

He couldn't help but wish against the odds. He couldn't help but want the one person he trusted to get him out of situations. He couldn't help but wish for a miracle.

"Doc?" Marty chocked out, desperate for his friend to be there.

Marty slowly got up and walked over to the door. He took a deep breath and threw open the door to the other room. He saw in the shadows the back of a tall man with wild hair who wore a long brown coat.

It was him. It was Doc Brown. He had come back from his time travels to fix this. Marty ran forward, reaching towards his old friend.


The man turned around, a slightly confused look on his face as he smiled down at Marty.

"Yes?" He asked in what sounded like an English accent, though Marty couldn't be sure. He was the same height as Doc Brown, but that was the only similarity. He was a wiry man with brown hair that seemed to stand on end. His light brown eyes looked kind and wise beyond Marty's understanding and he smiled with his entire face.

"Who the hell are you?" Marty took a defensive step back.

The man's forehead wrinkled and his smile faded completely into incomprehension. "Um, I'm sorry. I thought you were calling me," he held out his out for Marty to shake. "I'm the Doctor."

(Has this been done before? Maybe. I'd be shocked if it hasn't. I made a point not to look because I didn't want anyone else's fic influencing me. If there were an exposition song, I'd be singing it right now. I don't think fan-fiction should assume its audience knows all the facts about the fandom it's tackling, and seeing I'm putting two fandom's with different audiences together I thought it prudent to give a basic summary. I apologize if you're a hardcore fan and feel I'm being redundant. I also apologize for the cheesy title, but the second I wrote it down it made me smile so I couldn't change it. This is a very ambitious project, and being I'm only doing this for fun when I have the time, I'm not sure how long it will take to write. Obviously, the more people are interested in it, the more I'll try to work on it – so send some reviews my way. I want to make 13 adventures (like a season of Doctor Who), which will probably be 4 parts each. So… 52 chapters. Heh, we'll see.)