A/N: Just a little Kurt and Blaine fluff. The idea came from Chris Colfer being a ninja and Darren Criss' amazing sunglasses. And, yes, Darren's sunglasses were featured in the Valentine's day episode! But just how awesome would it be if Kurt randomly whipped out a pair of swords? Right? Review to let me know what you think!

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Kurt heaved a sigh of relief as he closed his French binder. He had finally finished the extensive amount of homework his teachers at Dalton had been so thoughtful to give him. But he was done now, so he could finally do what he wanted. He stood up from where he was sitting at his desk and walked over to his bed. He crouched down at the side of it, and reached under, pulling out a thin box. He opened the box and smiled as he pulled out two thin metal objects-his Sai swords. He stood up and gave them a quick spin, one in each hand. Yes. Sai swords, his guilty pleasure. Luckily he had a single room, so he could practice them without arousing suspicion from anyone. He turned on his iPod, and started singing as Bad Romance by Lady Gaga came through the speakers. As he sang, he spun the swords, doing complicated tricks with them. Suddenly, he stopped however, noticing something in his peripheral vision. He spun around and saw Blaine standing in the doorway, eyes and mouth both wide open. Damn, he had forgotten to close the door all the way! How could he be so stupid?

"...Umm...hi Blaine..." Kurt said sheepishly.

Blaine just stared back at Kurt for a moment, an awkward silence falling over them, despite Lady Gaga singing in the background. Finally, he spoke, "...Whatcha got there?"

Kurt groaned internally, how was he supposed to handle this? No one knew about his...hobby... "Umm..." he said, spinning the pair of swords slowly once in his hand "They're Sai swords..."

"Sai swords?"

Goodness this was embarrassing," Yes, Sai swords."

"You're really good, like amazing" Blaine said.

Kurt felt the tips of his ears turn red as he laughed quietly in surprise. "Thanks...you wanna try them?" Blaine didn't seem to think he was weird...or he wasn't showing it, so it was worth a shot to ask him, Kurt figured.

"Wow, uh, sure!" Blaine said hesitantly.

Kurt held out the swords as Blaine walked into the room, closing the door behind him, which Kurt mentally thanked him for doing so. Blaine put his book bag down and took the swords in his hands and held them awkwardly. "So, how exactly do I do this?"

"It's pretty easy actually," Kurt walked over so he was standing to the right of Blaine. He took Blaine's right hand, with the sword in it, "You put your thumb here...mmhmm, and you pointer finger here, good." he said as he helped position Blaine's fingers. "Now you want to flick your wrist, and twist your fingers around-" Blaine attempted to do this, and managed...somewhat... Kurt chuckled as he said, "Very good! That's really all there is to it, once you get that down you can spin them faster, and twist your hands differently for some tricks."

Blaine held out the Sai to Kurt, "I want to see you do it again."

Kurt laughed and took the swords from him. "Ok.." He spun the sword in his right hand, then the one in his left. He then spun them both together, very fast, moving his wrist differently as he went. He stopped and smiled at Blaine. "Tada."

Blaine looked back at him in amazement, "Wow, I never pegged you as the ninja type," he laughed.

"Well, I guess I am kind of a ninja," Kurt laughed back.

"Yes, yes you are. So, interesting what you do in your free time," Blaine continued laughing.

"So, you got any hidden talents, Mr. Anderson?" Kurt joked.

"Unfortunately, no...but I do have a bit of a secret..."

"Oh?" Kurt asked, intrigued.

Blaine walked over to his bag, crouched down, and stood up again, wearing a pair of hot pink sunglasses. Now it was his turn to smile sheepishly. This time it was completely silent, Bad Romance had ended a bit ago, and Kurt had only picked that one song to play. However, the silence was soon broken as Kurt laughed and said, "I like your taste in eyewear...very...unique."

Blaine smiled, "Why thank you."

"So…any specific story behind that…?" Kurt wondered.

"No…not really…I just really like them, I guess…I don't quite know why I always carry them around, but yea…" He responded awkwardly.

Kurt laughed, "Well, they're very fashionable."

Blaine laughed too. "Unfortunately I don't wear them much, no reason to inside, and I have a feeling Wes or David would end up stealing them and wearing them instead."

"Oh yes, I could definitely see that happening…oh god, imagine they found the swords too…"

There was a moment of silence in which they both imagined the destruction that would be done if the duo got either the sunglasses or the swords. "Yea, let's not let that happen," Blaine decided.

"Yea, no, but do you want to try the swords again?" Kurt asked, holding them out towards Blaine once again.

"Sure!" Blaine said, taking one in each hand. He spun the one in his right hand, faster this time, then spun the one in his left, a tad slower.

"Very good! I think you're getting it!"

Blaine smiled deviously as he said, "You better watch out Kurt, there's a new ninja at Dalton" and he began spinning both swords at once, quite fast. Kurt was actually impressed, until Blaine managed to drop them both on the floor. "...oops."

Kurt raised an eyebrow "Oh yes, I should be careful." He said sarcastically, though he smiled slightly to show he was joking around. "Maybe just stick to the sunglasses being your thing," he laughed.