So I don't think I've ever written about Blaine's Blaine finally has a house in this chapter. Yay! Haha, hope you enjoy :)

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"So Blaine, got yourself a girlfriend yet?" Alan Anderson nonchalantly asked his son.

Blaine inwardly groaned as he put his fork down and glanced at his mother. Rosie Anderson said nothing, as usual, and continued to eat her grilled chicken, oblivious to her son's discomfort.

Blaine looked back at his father and stared straight into his steely-grey eyes. "No dad. No I haven't." He said sharply.

His dad looked away and cut his chicken with his knife as he calmly said "That's alright, you'll find someone soon enough."

Blaine wanted to scream 'I have! We've been over this! I'm gay! I have a boyfriend!' but he forced himself to remain silent. Instead, he looked back over at his mom. She looked up and they made eye contact and Blaine tried to plead for help without words. She, however, just looked at him thoughtfully, and went back to eating.

Blaine slumped his shoulders, and reluctantly started to eat again. This wasn't right. His father shouldn't do this to him. And his mother shouldn't just ignore it. It just wasn't fair.

The next day, when Blaine was home alone, he texted Kurt Can you come over? -Blaine in hopes that he would just be able to vent to Kurt.

Kurt was humming along to 'My Favorite Things' as he watched the Sound of Music. It was his mother's birthday, and he liked to celebrate it by watching her favorite movie The Sound of Music and by baking her favorite recipe of strawberry shortcake.
Elizabeth Hummel had always been so happy on her birthdays. Sure Kurt felt a bit melancholy remembering her, but he liked to try and stay in high spirits for her.

He continued to watch the movie as he felt his phone vibrate and read the text message from Blaine. Blaine knew that it was Elizabeth's birthday. There must be an important reason he wanted Kurt over. Kurt decided The Sound of Music could wait, as he texted Blaine back sure, be right there -Kurt.

As Kurt walked up to Blaine's front door he was taken aback by the size of the house. Sure he had been to Blaine's house a couple of times before, but the large yellow colonial still impressed him.

Kurt knocked on the door, and soon after Blaine opened it. Kurt walked in as Blaine shut the door behind him and said "Hey, thanks for coming."

"Of course. What's up?"

"I just-" Blaine trailed off as he led Kurt into a large living room.

Suddenly, Blaine swung around and wrapped his arms around Kurt.

"Blaine!" Kurt exclaimed in surprise as he wrapped his arms around the shorter boy. "What's going on?"

Blaine continued to hold Kurt as he lifted his head up and looked at Kurt. "I love you."

Kurt squeezed Blaine's body closer to his own. "I love you too."

They stayed in the embrace for a bit until Kurt put his forehead down onto Blaine's and looked into his eyes. "What's going on?"

Blaine pecked Kurt on the lips and looked up at him. "Can't your boyfriend show some affection for you every once in a while?"

"Well of course." Kurt smirked. "But really Blaine, what's up?"

"I'm so glad I have you."

Kurt sighed and reluctantly pulled apart from his boyfriend. He took Blaine's hand and led him over to a couch. "Sit down." Blaine looked up at Kurt but sat as he was told and Kurt sat down next to him. Kurt cared about Blaine, and loved spending time with him, but he was feeling selfish. It was his mom's birthday after all, he kinda wanted to get this over with. He really had wanted to bake that cake. "Alright, talk." Kurt said as he looked into Blaine's bright hazel eyes.

Blaine sighed. "Fine. You know me too well. Last night at dinner, my dad asked if I had a girlfriend yet."

Kurt groaned. "He doesn't give up, does he?"

Blaine shook his head. "Nope. And of course I said no, but then he said that it was ok and that I would find someone soon, and-" Blaine sighed. "I'm sick of it Kurt. I love you. I know that. He knows that. So why does he keep pretending it's not true?"

Kurt scooted closer to Blaine and rubbed his knee. "I don't know."

Blaine smiled up at Kurt. "Thanks for being here. I just needed to see you. And vent a bit..." he added as an afterthought.

Kurt laughed. "You're welcome. Are you done venting?" he asked, eager to get back home.

"Well there is one more thing." Blaine sighed.

Kurt took a deep breath. He would listen to Blaine. This couldn't take much longer. He really did love Blaine, and normally he wouldn't give a second thought about listening to him. But really? Did it have to be today? He wasn't in the best mood to begin with, he was certainly feeling mournful despite the happiness he tried to express, and the fact that Blaine needed his attention wasn't helping much. "I'm listening." he said sweetly.

"Well while my dad was talking to me, my mom just sat there quietly, as usual."

Kurt's eyes widened and he closed them to relax himself as he took a deep breath. Blaine was going to complain about his mother. Of course it had to be today. Of course.

Kurt looked up at Blaine to show he was listening and Blaine continued. "And I just don't understand how she can just ignore it, you know? I mean, she sees exactly what my dad does to me, and she just doesn't care. I really can't stand her sometimes."

Kurt had been trying to stay calm throughout Blaine's talk, but he bristled and took his hand off Blaine's knee. "At least you have a mother." He muttered as he turned his back on Blaine.

Blaine blanched. He extended a hand and placed it on the small of Kurt's back, but Kurt just winced at the gentle touch.

Kurt knew he shouldn't have done that. He probably could've controlled himself better. But given the circumstances, he just couldn't.

Blaine sat on the couch looking at Kurt's back with wide eyes. He probably shouldn't have complained to Kurt about his mom...but there was something else. Normally Kurt would've just sat there, listened, and changed the subject quickly. But today... Blaine thought about the day and then remembered it was Kurt's mom's birthday. How could he have forgotten?

Blaine inched closer to Kurt on the couch. "Hey Kurt?" He said gently. "Kurt I'm really sorry. I know it's her birthday. I just-"

A slow tear dripped out of Kurt's eye against his will, and he continued to listen to Blaine.

"I'm really sorry Kurt." Blaine reached his arms out and carefully wrapped them around Kurt. Kurt melted into his touch this time, and turned his head so he could lean his head back against Blaine's shoulder. Blaine wiped the tear from Kurt's face with his thumb and placed a gentle kiss to Kurt's forehead.

"I understand." Kurt whispered.

Blaine pulled Kurt closer to him, and they sat there for a moment, Blaine wanting to wait for Kurt to calm down some more.

After a couple minutes he asked, "Are you ok?"

Kurt took a deep breath but gave a small smile. "I guess."

Blaine leaned his head against Kurt's. "Cheer up. It's her birthday, she would want you to be happy. Now you should go and bake that strawberry shortcake for her you were telling me about."

Kurt smiled wider this time. "Thanks Blaine."

Blaine rubbed Kurt's back in response. "And thank you, too."