Ch.1: Society's Conventions- Galinda

Location: Shiz

Rating (for chapter): T+

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"Entrancing." Galinda said. "There's some strange exotic quality of beauty about you. I never thought."

"Surprise," said Elphaba, and then nearly blushed, if darker green constituted a blush- "I mean, surprise, not beauty. It's just surprise."

The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch, pg.78-79

Afternoon sun filtered in through the window next to a bed that was dressed up in pink. A petite blonde was lying on the bed, reading a book on Ozian architecture to herself, sighing every so often. She flipped another page and huffed, flicking a blonde curl out of her face. The glossed page in front of her depicted a large brick building with emerald staircases that were accentuated by golden balustrades. She huffed again, slamming the book shut and swinging her legs over the edge of the bed. The wooden floor was cold beneath her bare feet; despite having studied for only an hour, the blonde was completely tired of anything school related. Her gaze traveled up from her chilled feet to fix on her roommate who was sitting across the room with a large book propped up on her bended knees. Her brown eyes were squinting down at the text from behind her wire-rimmed spectacles. Her purple-tinged lips were pursed and her brow was furrowed in what seemed to be intense concentration. The angle of the afternoon sunlight illuminating that green skin seemed to make Elphaba glow; the sight of it nearly took Galinda's breath away. Silly. Galinda thought, shaking her head to dispel such fancies. The curse of an idle mind. Although, I wonder...

Unable to control her whims, Galinda crossed the room in a few strides pausing right in front of her studious roommate's crossed green feet. The skin in front of her looked so soft, like the petals of a flower rather than the stem; Galinda couldn't help but brush the back of her hand against the top of a bare green foot. Being much softer than her mind could possibly have imagined, the blonde yearned to touch more of her roommate's silky skin; she began ghosting the back of her hand up and down the length of her roomie's exposed green calve.

"Miss Galinda?"

The leg in front of her was yanked back sharply, pulling Galinda from her trance-like state. She blushed under the harsh brown gaze of her roommate. "I-I'm so sorry, I've no idea what I was thinking."

Elphaba shrugged, as if it didn't matter to her in the least, but Galinda noticed the green girl flinch as she flopped down on the bed next to her.

"Do you ever..." The blonde glanced sideways, waiting for Elphaba to shut her book. With a nod of satisfaction Galinda continued, "Do you ever consider society's expectations?"

Elphaba's brown eyes narrowed in consternation. "Society doesn't expect much of me."

Galinda set her head on Elphaba's shoulder without thinking too much of it. "That's not exactly what I meant."

"Then what do you mean?"

She was certain that Elphaba's voice had trembled just then. Flicking back a blonde curl she replied, "Society has so many conventions, just once I would like to break them.

Elphaba chuckled. "And how, Miss Galinda, would you accomplish that?"

Galinda didn't fail to miss the sarcastic grin that accompanied her roommate's question. "I would," She paused, thinking it over briefly. "I would do something memorable and shocking. It would make all of Oz stop and stare."

"Well, one of your outfits could manage that." Elphaba replied, the smirk fading from her lips as Galinda's hand captured hers, interlacing pale fingers with verdant ones.

"We could shock Oz together, take the Emerald City by storm. There are so many things we could do together." Even as the words left her lips Galinda couldn't deny the double entendre, whether she meant it or not, well, maybe it was too late to question.

"Such as?" Elphaba mused as she felt Galinda's hand tremble.

Pale fingers shook as the blonde reached up to remove her roommate's glasses, setting them on the bed before bring her fingers back up to lightly caress the green cheek. "It's not surprise, you really are beautiful."

Despite herself, Elphaba smiled. "Perhaps to you, but the rest of Shiz might disagree."

Blood rushed to her cheeks as Galinda replied, "They must be blind."

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