Harry Potter Yu-Gi-Oh crossover – Disclaimer: I own neither. I also haven't read HP 5 in forever, so I'm not going to follow it that well.

Summary: It's the summer after Voldemort's return and the muggle world is still blissfully unaware of the danger that is lurking about. After Battle City, Ryou Bakura has returned to England at the request of his father. Ryou was hoping for a stress free summer, but trouble seems to always track him down. Harry is finding life at the Dursley's suffocating until he meets the new boy down the street. Little does Harry know, his new muggle friend isn't as magic-less as he seems. Unfortunately, another dark wizard has noticed…

What to expect: Shadow Magic, Ryou-Bakura friendship, slow updates (Sorry!)

What NOT to expect: Yaoi, dueling, Yugi and co. (This is Ryou centric.)

/Ryou and Bakura mind link/

"foreign language"

Koe – Voice (What Ryou calls the spirit of the ring)

Yadonishi – Landlord (What the spirit calls Ryou)


The sky was darkened by the gray clouds, forming a barrier between the sun and the streets of London. Nothing spoke and the silence was only made more eerie by the layer of fog that had decided to cling low to the ground. The city held no energy this morning, too tired and perhaps too aware of the grim future that seemed to be crawling closer with each passing day.

A young boy stood calmly, surrounded by small mounds of stone. The rain poured down, soaking the boy through his thick coat. He didn't mind it. In fact, he didn't even seem to be aware of the pelting water or the icy cold wind that would normally send a chill up his spine. He sighed, at last moving from his petrified place among the stones, bending down and laying a hand on the smooth granite before him.

" Good bye Amane. Mother. I'll be sure to visit again soon."

The boy's voice was just the barest whisper, but he knew they heard him. He could always count on them to hear him when he needed someone to talk to. Especially Amane.

He stood, rubbing his eye with his palm before realizing a soaked hand would do him no good. He smiled at the graves one last time and then turned away, heading back towards the road. He brushed a sodden white bang away from his eyes and raised his hand to hail a cab. He was relieved when one finally pulled up. The driver didn't seem to mind that his passenger was thoroughly soaked. Not many people were out in this weather, so he was probably just glad to have a paying customer.

"Where can I take you?" He asked in a polite tone. The boy was looking out the window, staring at the entrance to the cemetery he had just walked out of.

"Little Whinging please."


As the car pulled up, Ryou dipped his head in thanks and paid the driver. He turned his attention to the old house he called home years ago. He blinked slowly, letting a breath escape between his parted lips, before he headed towards the door. The house was overgrown with weeds and ivy snaked its way up the delicate gray brickwork. Ryou wasn't surprised to see the windows were shattered or that broken beer bottles surrounded the steps. His family hadn't been to this house in years and it was most likely assumed to be abandoned. Ryou tugged his bag over a pile of garbage and finally reached the door. His pale hand traced the round bronze doorknob, remembering the last time he had gone through this door. This time however, his little sister wouldn't be there to greet him. His mother wouldn't be there to ask him how school went. His father… his father should have been there. Ryou had been expecting to see him waiting at the airport. But he wasn't. He shouldn't have been surprised. This was what always happened and he should be used to it by now.

Ryou reached into his pocket and plunged the key into the old door. With a creak it slowly opened, revealing the dark dusty living room that had held Ryou's childhood. He stepped in and closed the door behind him. He left his shoes on, not really wanting to chance a shard of glass in his foot on his first day back in England.

The place was filthy.

He walked further inside, draping his long black coat on a hook, letting it drip on the floor. The place needed a good cleaning anyway, so he decided the water trail he was leaving behind would only help. Ryou's hand gently traced the edge of the couch as he walked behind it. The delicate fabric that covered the furniture was a revolting shade of yellow gray when it had once been white. Hopefully it had done its job of protecting its treasure beneath it from sharing the same fate. With a quick tug, Ryou pulled away the cover and let the burgundy fabric taste air again for the first time in ten years. Ryou let his eyes drift towards the door where his luggage was wet and waiting. He stifled a yawn and rested his hand on the banister that led upstairs. He brought only a single suitcase to England so it wouldn't take long to unpack, but it could wait until later. The boy rang his hair out, letting the water pool on the wooden floor. He grabbed his bag and he headed upstairs. The hallway was just as dark as the sky outside and Ryou wasn't really in the mood to see if the lights were still working. He ghosted his way down the hall, his boots crunching as glass crushed under their rubber soles. At last he reached a pale wooden door. He rested his hand on it gently and pushed it open. His old room. He smiled a smile that didn't seem to reach his eyes and made his way over to his old bed. Another tug on a fabric covering and the mattress was revealed. He pulled off his heavy boots, soaked socks, and clinging shirt, leaving him in nothing but his black pants and a glittering ring that sat against his chest. With another yawn he crawled onto the mattress, not bothering to find a sheet or a blanket, and started working on getting over his jet lag.


It was the loud slam that first caught Harry's attention. He lifted his head from his pillow, grabbing his glasses and slipping them on. His feet swung around the bed and he lazily made his way over to the door. The noise coming from below was going to ensure he wasn't getting back to sleep anytime soon anyway. He pulled the door open, slightly surprised it wasn't locked but then remembered that his aunt and uncle were still awake so they probably just hadn't gotten around to bolting it shut yet. He walked down the steps to find his cousin shaking and stuttering in some sort of attempt to tell his mother and father what he just saw. All Harry could really make out was rock, glass, and ghost. He was about to head back upstairs when Dudley caught sight of him and instantly grabbed his arm.

"Harry! Harry, you're magic, you gotta kill it!" He barked before rambling some more about whatever it was he apparently wanted Harry to 'kill'. Vernon seemed a bit angry his son had turned to Harry for help, but was more concerned with calming Dudley than Harry's sudden appearance. It took a minute for his chubby cousin to finally settle himself into coherency.

"I'm being serious! I saw a ghost. It had to be a ghost." The boy started after Petunia had asked him to explain what happened.

"Me and my buddies were walking by that old Harthrow place right? You know, the one that ain't been lived in forever? Yeah, well I… I mean, Jay, thought it would be funny to try to shatter another window. I tried to talk him out of it, but you know. Anyway, it was a perfect shot, nothing could have better aim. That's when we heard it though. A really loud thump!" Petunia was patting her son's hand, looking between Dudley and Vernon. Naturally Harry's uncle was going to make this as far from mystical as he could.

"Now now son, I'm sure it was just something in the house falling over. There are no such things as ghost." Instantly Vernon was cut off.

"But dad, I SAW it. We were looking up at the house, and we saw something white in the window. It moved I tell ya! Some white thing! It HAD to be a ghost. It was probably THE ghost!" It was at this point Dudley turned to Harry again.

"So you gotta go kill it Potty." He said with complete seriousness. Harry merely raised an eyebrow.

"You want me to kill a ghost? You are aware that ghosts are already dead?" He replied with a bored yet somewhat mocking tone. There was no way a ghost had decided to show up here anyway. It was probably just a curtain blowing in the wind now that the window was broken. Dudley wasn't the brightest kid.

"Well then banish it to wherever ghosts come from then! What if it really is the ghost they say haunts that house? If we don't do something, it'll steal our souls." Dudley growled at his cousin, disliking the way Harry was brushing this off. He only grew angrier when Harry rolled his eyes. The only thing that could steal souls was a dementor and if there was a dementor nearby, he'd know. Harry started to ignore Dudley's rantings, instead wondering curiously how the soul stealing ghost rumors first started. He was maybe four or five when the family that lived in that old house moved away. Rumors had spread that kids who went over to that house ended up in the hospital and that they never woke up. It was kind of silly to think that could happen though. Kids had been using that old place for a hangout for years now and nothing bad has happened to them.

"Look son, calm down. I'm sure there was nothing there. Why don't you go and check it again tomorrow huh?" Uncle Vernon seemed a bit desperate to get his son to stop asking Harry of all people for help. After awhile though, Dudley finally quieted about the matter and Harry was able to return to his room for some sleep. It was already two in the morning. Three hours wasted thanks to his idiotic cousin.

He thought that would be the end of it too, but no. Ten o'clock and the black haired boy was being wrenched from his bed and ordered to get dressed. He didn't even have the chance to grab some breakfast before his insane cousin was pushing him out the door.

"Are you serious?" Harry glared at Dudley, who glared right back.

"I'm telling the truth about this and you're going to go in and check the place out"

Harry stared at his cousin. Was he serious?

"That's private property. I'm not just going to break into someone's house" He replied, though followed after his heavy set cousin. Dudley actually laughed at him.

"Oh please, even YOU know nobody lives there. The place was abandoned years ago after that girl got hit by a car." Dudley said with a roll of his eyes. "There. Now… go in" Harry blinked and looked over. They had made it here in record time… he didn't even realize how fast they were going. It wasn't like the Harthrow place was just down the street. It was a few blocks away.

Harry glanced up at the house, still unimpressed. He could see the freshly broken window but otherwise the place was exactly the same. There was pressure on his back and he was propelled forward.

"Hey, what the hell!" He growled at his cousin, who was still pushing him onward.

"I get it now Potty, you're a chicken. Well, maybe the ghost will go away if it eats you. So move it" Dudley was just too big for Harry to physically fight off and the door was right in front of him now anyway. The two boys just stared at the door a moment.

"What now genius?" Harry said flatly. Dudley glared at him then motioned to the window. It, like most of the building, was broken. Dudley was even 'kind' enough to give Harry a boost through.

Once inside, Harry looked around. It wasn't the first time he had looked inside and honestly he'd been in thrown in here before by Dudley's little gang as a joke. It still looked dark, dirty, and dilapidated. He stood up straight and headed back towards the door. With a click the door was unlocked and Dudley carefully stepped inside. He seemed wary but more so mischievous. Harry rolled his eyes again. His cousin probably wanted to vandalize the place some more.

He started walking over to the sofa once he noticed it was uncovered. The wind probably blew the cover off. The least he could do after his cousin had broken another window was re-cover the furniture. He was almost there when his feet suddenly went out from under him. He landed with a nasty thud on the floor which got a round of roaring laughter from his cousin. He turned his head to glare yet again at his overweight relative and his hands flattened against the floor with a light splash. A splash? His green eyes looked down at the ground and traced the trail of drying water from the door. It had rained the previous morning and apparently somebody came inside to get out of the storm. Maybe that was what Dudley had seen. A squatter.

Harry pushed himself to his feet and dusted himself off, ignoring the still laughing Dudley behind him. The puddle he had slipped in was fairly large and he wondered what in the hell someone did to dump that much water in a single place. He was also curious to see if the squatter was still in the house. A creak echoed in the room and both his and his cousin's eyes jumped to the ceiling.

"Do you think it's the soul stealer?" Dudley whispered. Harry just gave his cousin a look. Ghosts didn't even make footstep sounds, so … wait. Footsteps? Someone was coming down the stairs. The two boys had their eyes glued to the staircase as the palest kid Harry had ever seen came into view. In the darkness of the room, his white hair and pasty skin almost seemed to glow. The fact he was wearing some pale blue shirt and the lightest possible jeans you could find wasn't helping. Dudley actually jumped when he first saw the kid and for a moment, Harry wondered if it really was a ghost. It was this wondering that made him miss what the kid said.

"S-sorry. What?" He asked, now completely embarrassed. Why should he be embarrassed though? This kid was a squatter. He had broken into the house too, so he was no better than Harry. Actually, was he even a he? Harry wasn't positive.

"I asked what you're doing in my house. How did you get in here?" The white haired kid repeated, giving the duo an curious stare. He didn't really seem angry, but he did look wary. Harry gestured to the window but quickly returned his attention to the person on the steps.

"Sorry. My idiot cousin thought there was a ghost here. Do you really live here?" Harry was curious now. There was no way after leaving the house for so long to rot that the owners would just suddenly come back. He waited curiously for an answer, staring back into those soft brown eyes. Harry flinched a bit when the kid's eyes grew incredibly cold.

"Get out. I should have you arrested for trespassing on my property. And you." Harry felt relieved. Those dark cold eyes were no longer trained on him, but rather his cousin. "You're the one that broke my window last night. You had BETTER be willing to pay for it. I bet some of the other windows were your handy work too weren't they?" The kid growled as he stepped closer to the two boys. Harry stepped back without even thinking. He couldn't say why, but this kid was making him very uncomfortable all of a sudden. Curiosity be damned, Harry wasn't in the mood to play questions and answers anymore. Dudley seemed to have gotten his second wind now that he knew there was no ghost, but even he was hesitant to stand up to those piercing eyes.

"You've got no proof I did it" Was tubby's immaculate reply. If it was even possible, the white haired kid's eyes hardened even more.

"I said get out" He hissed, a silent threat in his tone. "Now."

Harry and Dudley didn't wait to be told a third time, though they were too proud to just run out the door. They walked quickly and in Dudley's case, arrogantly. As he reached the pavement, Harry peeked over his shoulder to catch one last fleeting look at the stranger. The kid was standing in the doorway, still glaring, with his arms crossed over his chest.


Kit: Alright, opened with a nice dose of angst from everyone's favorite white haired British boy. Yep, he's going to be British in my story cause I think that makes him all the more adorable.

Also, I think Harry made a LOVELY first impression, don't you?

I know there are plenty of HP YGO crossovers out there, but whatever. If you're a fan, you probably don't mind another one anyway X3 I hope you enjoy it!