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/Ryou and Bakura mind link/

Koe – Voice (What Ryou calls the spirit of the ring)

Yadonushi – Landlord (What the spirit calls Ryou)


When the weekend finally arrived, Ryou was up and ready long before Harry and his friends came to collect him. Wearing his borrowed robes and Gryffindor scarf, the trio found him waiting by the door talking to himself in his excitement.


The boy looked up at Harry's call, smile spreading across his face as he all but bounced his way over to them. Harry snickered as he watched his white haired friend.

"Excited, then?" he asked as the group of four headed down towards the castle entrance where all the students were gathering for the outing. Ryou blushed, ducking his face down, hidden behind his hair, which only made the other three chuckle. It was understandable. Each of the other three youths had experienced the same rush of excitement their first time to Hogsmeade, though technically this wouldn't be the first time Ryou was physically there. Still, it would be the first time he really got to experience it.

As they got in line, Ryou noticed Professor McGonagall at the front taking little slips of paper from the younger students. A quick explanation from Hermione gave Ryou the information of the third years and their permission slips. He was old enough to not need permission, however he had a heavy feeling in his chest that had he been a third year here at Hogwarts, had he been a student here from the start, he wouldn't have gotten his permission slipped signed in time. Or at all for that matter.

/We still would have gone, Yadonushi. I'm sure a castle like this is riddled with secret passages./

Ryou didn't respond to the spirit. He knew Koe was just trying to bait him, as usual, with the thought of breaking school rules….but had he been in that situation, would he have given in to temptation and just snuck out?

He jerked his head up and out of his thoughts as Harry gave a light tug on his arm. The walk down to the actual town was surprisingly fast thanks to the idle chatter of the group and Ryou was more than happy to just listen in. Occasionally he would be prompted for some input himself, but his knowledge on their magic was too limited to contribute much. It was, however, enough to steer their conversation and they kept their topics on things Ryou showed interest in such as mythical creatures that weren't so mythical, enchanted trinkets and toys made by Ron's older brothers, and the apparently amazing sweets shop in Hogsmeade that Ryou simply had to check out.

It turned out that 'amazing sweets shop' would be the first thing on their list of places to see. The small group of four stood outside the already busy Honeydukes, Ryou gazing at the window shops where taffy was stretching and making itself without any type of human help, the ingredients just floating in midair.

"Here, Ryou. It's wizard money," came a voice from his side and he turned to see Harry handing him a small brown bag.

"Oh Harry, I couldn't," Ryou protested instantly, but Harry pushed the money into his hands anyway.

"Come off it, Ryou. Harry's got plenty to spare," Ron chipped in, turning his attention to the shop window when he caught Hermione giving him a disapproving frown.

"Ryou, trust me, this is no problem. Besides. What's the fun of shopping if you can't buy anything?" he asked with a smile. Of course Ryou didn't know Harry was practically oozing galleons in the wizarding world, and Harry had to pull out his own bag of money – far larger – to finally get that guilty look to leave the other's face.

Still, Ryou resolved to use as little as possible as well as repaying every sickle spent.

Inside, the aisles required a bit of finesse to traverse, and not due to the layout of the store. Students were packed inside, grabbing sweets and treats off the walls like starving children. Yet the candies seemed never ending on their racks and in their constantly overflowing baskets. Ryou just wanted to hold a basket upside down and see if candy would ever stop falling out.

/Or it wouldn't fall at all, Yadonushi. Perhaps a spell is on them to stop them from spilling. The floor is clean./

"Really?" Ryou gasped at the idea and instantly looked at the ground. True enough, the floor was spotless.

"Ryou! You HAVE to try these," Harry said as he brought over a handful of something small brown and…were those legs? Ryou made a surprised sound audible only to dolphins at the sight of cockroaches nestled in Harry's hand. Which of course made the other laugh and shake his head, holding one up. Ryou sighed. Why would anyone make candy in the form of a roach? He wasn't particularly scared of them, but they certainly weren't a welcome sight in his home. Especially in the kitchen. They weren't the only odd treats he found in the store. There was a collection of chocolate frogs jumping around a glass container with the help of an 'endless hopping charm', blood red lollipops that were actually made of blood, six foot long gummi snakes that hissed when you walked by, and a collection of what looked like candy legos that kept rebuilding themselves into various shapes. Once, the lego candies even shaped into a plane and flew about the store.

Ryou didn't bother with any of the fancy treats, choosing instead to purchase a few of the less magical (and less likely to run away) sweets. A few chocolate frogs, licorice wands, sugar quills, and a pack of bubble gum that changed flavors at just a thought sat on the counter when he was being rung up. He pulled out the requested galleon and three sickles*, taking the bronze knuts he received as change and plopping them into the bag Harry had given him. Hermione brought her purchases up next, but not before giving Ryou a curious stare.


The trio plus one wandered around for quite a while, Ryou wanting to stop and at least glance in the window of every store they passed. He did his best to suppress that urge after he caught Ron rolling his eyes upon him jumping to go see the common black and gray wizard hats at Gladrags Wizardwear. /If the red head is bothering you, Yadonushi…. I'm sure we can do something about it in that Hog's Head place….or perhaps that building up on the hill your little play toys think is haunted./

Ryou sighed, taking a seat as they entered a cozy little pub called The Three Broomsticks. The spirit's interest in this magical town was higher than he wanted to admit. Otherwise he wouldn't even be paying attention to what Ryou was doing at all, Ryou was sure.

/Oh nonsense, Yadonushi. I'll always watch over you. Protect you from harm./

Ryou scoffed at that, almost seeing the smirk on the spirit's face. If that meddling Egyptian voice had any real intention of protecting Ryou, then he wouldn't have found blood pops in his pockets or jumped 5 feet in the air when he opened his bag of sweets and saw those candied roaches inside. It was like the spirit was determined to get him arrested by the wizard cops or something.

/We've been over this, Yadonushi. I do not get caught./

"You will…eventually," he mumbled.

"What's wrong?" asked a curious Hermione, jerking Ryou from his mental chit chat and catching the frizzy haired brunette's intense gaze. He blushed and shook his head.

"Oh…. I was just thinking about spirits. Anou….do you really think that ….anou…. shack place you mentioned really has ghosts inside?" he asked, giving Hermione a genuine look of curiosity, but the little witch just gave a noncommittal shrug.

"No ghosts. It used to have a werewolf though."

Three sets of eyes turned to stare at Harry Potter, two in surprise, one in excitement. Harry smirked, knowing damn well that the truth behind that old house wasn't common knowledge and he wasn't sure if Lupin, the werewolf in question, really wanted Ryou to know… but then Lupin didn't know Ryou and probably never would. So what was the harm? Especially since Ryou loved this type of thing. He took a sip of butterbeer as it was brought to the table, grinning at his friends.

"We usually stop by the Shrieking Shack anyway, so we'll check it out after this."

And that was just what they did. Within the hour, Ryou was bouncing on the heels of his feet at the gate to the creaky old house up on the hill. His fingers curled around the iron bars of the rusted old fence, curious eyes peering into the overgrown garden that covered the vast stretch of land between the gate and the house itself. Calling it a garden was a bit of a stretch though. There were no flowers or pretty little decorations. The grass was long and browned, trampled in parts as if something ran through multiple times, and torn up in other spots. The trees around the house were long dead, their branches brittle and splintered. But there was life beyond the gate. Thick ivy curled and slithered its way up the shack, digging its roots into any cracks and crevices in the walls and over time, forcing the great structure apart with its sheer force.

Ryou smiled.

"It's beautiful," he said as his eyes roved over worn out wooden shutters that were opening and closing in the wind, letting an eerie howl fill the air as the world's breath tried its hardest to rip them from their hinges.

"Beautiful? You've got a funny taste in scenery. The place is downright ghastly," Ron spoke up, frowning at the old building and shivering at the memories it contained. Nothing too pleasant, what with his leg being torn up and his rat turning out to be the bad guy. Ron held no fond memories of the musty old building, and he wasn't going to gain any today either. He knew that the instant he saw a flash of light shoot by his face and explode against that rusting iron gate.

The spell landed a mere inch away from Ryou's face and he fell backwards in surprise, landing in the dirt. Wide eyes turned to see a team of two people coming towards them, all dressed in black with their faces concealed. It was too eerily similar to the events that happened back when Ryou was in the hospital not too long ago. He quickly scrambled to his feet as Harry Potter stepped in front of him, wand drawn.

"Give it here and you won't get hurt, little boy," sneered a voice from behind a skull shaped mask. These were the Death Eaters. Ryou knew that in an instant. He stepped closer, but was soon blocked by Ron and Hermione who had drawn their own wands and were standing beside Harry protectively.

"What do you want? We don't have anything you couldn't get from those shops down there," Hermione barked, showing her fighting spirit as she glared at the black cloaked attacker. Then all four of them were hitting the ground, Ryou dragged down by Harry just as a spell went soaring overhead, splintering and destroying a tree behind him.

"Hand over the Shadow Mage!" the wizard yelled as another spell flew through the air. Ryou was utterly confused for two reasons: One being the Death Eater's words and the other being the twinge of recognition from his second mind. The tomb raider was listening intently now.

"We don't have whatever that is. Just leave us be," Harry barked at the man, but a laugh sounded behind them. Ryou spun around so his back was to the trio and found himself staring at two more rather aggressive looking wizards. Both of them had their wands pointed his way too. The younger students were quickly shuffling towards the trees, where they wouldn't be sitting between two enemies. That was never ideal.

"Oh dear boy, you don't know just how bad a situation you're in right now. But we'll be merciful. Give us the mage, and you and your friends can go safely back to your little school. Fight and you won't survive the night." The speaker held out his hand towards Ryou, who instantly backed up a step. Apparently whatever they wanted was from him. Did they know about the millennium ring?

If that was what they were after, there was no way he could give it to them. He didn't want to even imagine what they could do with the spirit's powers….nor what the spirit might do to them.

"Not on your life. Expelliarmus!"

Ryou's attention snapped back to the scene as a blast shot from Harry's wand. The death eater laughed as he swatted it away with a shield charm and launched a counter-spell of his own. Luckily Hermione had the group covered with a strong shield charm, but the fifth year student, no matter how brilliant she might be, wouldn't be able to keep this up for too long. Even with them rolling, dodging, and casting spells, once the other death eaters had begun to join in the attack, it became far too uneven to have any hopes of winning.

"Harry. We need to run for it. If we get back to the village, there will be too many people for them to attack us," Ryou said quickly as Hermione blocked another spell. Harry tugged the white haired target back behind a tree while Ron and Hermione took shelter behind a nearby rock.

"He's right Harry. The sooner we get back to the town, the safer we'll be," Hermione said as she ducked to avoid a splattering of debris. The death eaters were laughing as they slung their spells. They clearly weren't taking this seriously at all.

"Well that's great and all, but what do you expect us to do? Just run?" Ron asked, ever the helpful tactician.

"We don't have much of a choice," Harry grimaced, after jumping to the side behind a new tree to avoid the splintering remnants of his original cover. Ryou winced as the raven pulled a small shard of tree out of his arm and tossed it to the side. All three of the magic users were already panting as they ducked, dodged, and sent spell after spell up just to keep the attacks from the death eaters at bay. Then here was Ryou, unable to do anything.

Or could he?

"Harry, they're after me, right? The town isn't that far away."

/Yadonushi, be quiet./

" We can make it if we split up. I'll go one way, you guys go the other.

/You won't even make it ten feet./

"They'll follow me instead."

/If you're going to make a plan, use the Potter brat as bait, not yourself. Foolish Yadonushi./

Ryou could feel the spirit's anger at his horrible 'self sacrifice' plan, but luckily for the spirit, Harry was instantly shaking his head no.

"Are you crazy? How could that possibly be a good idea?" his friend argued, even as they ducked down to avoid another blast. The longer this fight dragged on, the more spread apart the group was getting. Ron and Hermione had dove in the complete opposite direction, and Ryou had no idea what rock or stump they were taking shelter behind now.

"Harry, just trust me. If we run in a group, we'll just be a giant target!" Ryou pointed out, desperation in his voice. But Harry didn't get the chance to retort. A shadow loomed over them, and their eyes shot up to meet the grinning face of a man dressed in black.

"Well what do we have here? Two little rabbits just waiting to be snared," the man chortled as he raised his wand and sent out a silent curse. At this distance, the young wizard had little time to react and could only duck for cover. Thankfully, or rather, amazingly, that was all it took to dodge, for when Harry looked up, Ryou was on top of him, just as untouched by magic as well. The death eater meanwhile had stumbled back, almost as if he was surprised by something. What it was, Harry had no clue, but he was glad to take advantage of it and send a spell the death eater's way.

The two boys scrambled to their feet and Harry turned to Ryou, hair a mess and body high on adrenaline.

"No splitting up. We run together, and we run NOW!" he yelled, loud enough for his voice to echo through the trees. He darted towards the path that led to Hogsmeade, grabbing Ryou by the wrist to pull him along. The second he stepped onto the path, he was greeted by the welcomed sight of Ron and Hermione, but he frowned, noting that Hermione was bleeding slightly on her shoulder and Ron was down a wand. Oh Ron's mother would not be pleased to find out Ron would need another wand replaced.

The group didn't say a word as they joined together and raced down the path, slipping and stumbling but not daring to let that stop them. But where nature failed, wizard didn't. The group of four nearly ran straight into the two death eaters that seemed to almost appear out of thin air right in front of them. Harry raised a wand and backed up, but two more death eaters caught up behind them, thoroughly surrounding them. It might have been four against four, but only two of the kids were armed with wands.

"Come now, boy, we just want the shadow mage. Had you behaved, you could have all escaped this without a scratch. But now…"

Ryou Bakura reacted the instant the death eater began saying 'crucio'. He shoved harry down and out of the way before he made a run towards the wizard. Since he lacked a wand, he made due with a fist and sent it flying at the masked man's face. Sharp brown eyes turned to the trio behind him before he took off into the woods. As expected, the three uninjured death eaters instantly took chase. The fourth cursed as he held his face and turned his wand towards Harry, Ron, and Hermione to vent his rage.

"You three will take his punishment. Avada Ka—" the man began only to be shot ten feet into the air, crashing against a rock further up the trail.

"Potter, Granger, Weasley. Get behind me," called a woman's voice as an emerald robed witch quickly made her way up the hill, wand at the ready. The death eater barely managed to get to his feet before the powerful witch sent another spell his way, turning the man into a temporary sky ballerina, spinning and flipping through the air until his inevitable crash landing.

"Professor McGonagall! They went after Ryou!" Harry quickly informed his head of house, and the professor gave a nod.

"Stay here," she ordered, and soon took off towards the trees. The golden trio looked at each other before taking off after her seconds later.

Ryou Bakura raced through the shadowed trees, nimbly eluding his pursuers despite not knowing the terrain. Spell after spell impacted trees and rocks around him, while on the rare occurrence, a spell would seem to skew to the side just enough to miss. The boy smirked when this happened. But he couldn't do this forever. He stopped short, rolling to the side to face the three death eaters. But he soon found his actions were unnecessary from this point on. A beam of light shot out from the trees, colliding with one of his enemies and sending him crashing into another. The death eaters re-focused their attentions on the third party, giving Bakura the chance to scram. He was ducking back through the trees when he nearly crashed into Potter and his lackeys.

"Ryou!" Harry gasped, "Thank god you're ok! Professor McGonagall must've made it in time." Harry looked at his friend, who was just standing there, staring at him with a frown and …. Annoyance? Maybe? He wouldn't figure it out. Ryou had turned his head in the direction of the fight. If it could even be called that anymore. It was laughably one sided thanks to the surprise attack from the transfiguration instructor, who had transfigured the trees to grab and imprison two of the death eaters already. They disapparated away with a subtle crack, abandoning the third death eater to fight alone.

"Hmph. My my, how noble of them…" noted Bakura as he watched quietly from the sidelines, his voice rather mocking considering his usual gentle demeanor. Then a smirk fell on his face as the teacher was blasted back for a moment, only to retaliate in a second. Now it was a true battle. It was fleeting though, for soon another low crack hissed through the air as the third attacker fled. Harry went rigid and quickly pulled at Ryou's arm to get him to move before McGonagall saw them. The group of four retraced their steps, with Ryou lagging behind quite a bit as the other three talked rapidly amongst themselves with a conversation Bakura couldn't be bothered with.

Harry paused and looked back at his friend once they were back on the path, letting Ron and Hermione go on ahead now that the danger had passed. "Ryou… they didn't hurt you, right? You seem…distant," he said, tone careful as if he was handling a newborn baby or something. But he didn't get an embarrassed frown and apology like he'd usually get. Just a blank, neutral stare. It was only after a long few seconds that a smile finally graced his face, and a fake half chuckle escaped his lips. The kind that wasn't from humor, but just a noise to fill the silence. And for some reason, it made Harry's skin crawl.

"I'm fine. I don't have a scratch on me," Ryou replied, holding out his arms to show his unscathed form.

Then Harry was splattered with blood and Ryou's eyes widened in shock as he fell to the ground.

A shrill laugh filled the air and Harry looked up just in time to get blasted away. He thudded to the floor a good ten feet away and panted as he slowly pushed himself to his hands and knees, head whipping around to see a death eater with a bloodied mask and torn up clothes grabbing Ryou by the hair and yanking him up.

"And now, you little ass, you're coming with me," The man growled as he glared at the white haired boy now tainted red. Ryou's breathing was shallow and his eyes narrow, a pained pant coming from him. Still the boy managed to fist his hands and fight the man with his bare hands, making his injuries gush fresh blood. Harry grew angrier and angrier at the sight and yelled stupefy, the spell soaring towards the death eater and Ryou. The death eater looked up just in time to see the attack and threw Ryou into the line of fire, letting the now stunned and bleeding boy collapse unmoving to the dirt.

"You've only made my job easier, brat," he hissed as he raised his wand towards a shocked Harry Potter, but he did not get the chance to attack. Once again a life saving, powerful witch intervened.

"Leave those boys alone," yelled Minerva McGonagall, waving her wand and sending a gust of wind to blow the already worn out man backwards. Harry ran to Ryou's side, frantically trying to stop the bleeding from the multitudes of cuts that littered his body. His professor stood protectively in front of him, and he looked up, aiming his wand at the death eater who was howling with rage. Then, finally, he turned with a loud crack and vanished.

But Harry wasn't going to let out a breath of relief just yet.

"Professor. Professor, he's hurt badly," he blurted, looking up at McGonagall, even as the wise witch was bending down to look at the damage.

"Out of the way Potter. I will handle this," instructed the witch.

"Harry! Oh Harry, what happened?"

Harry turned to find Hermione and Ron staring in shock, a few other students and professors trailing up the path behind them. Ron had his wand back. The two must have gone to look for it after they thought everything was okay.

"There was one more…Professor, is he going to be okay?" Harry looked to his head of house, who had been joined by another teacher and the two were picking Ryou up. She turned to Harry as the other quickly left, making haste to get Ryou some medical treatment.

"He should be fine, Potter. But this trip is over. Stay together, all of you," she said, addressing not just the trio, but the flock of curious bystanders that had come over.

The Hogsmeade trip was abruptly ended, and the students filed back to school early talking only of the rumors that the white haired friend of the boy who lived was seriously injured.


Harry frowned as he sat in the hospital room, watching as Madam Pomfrey removed the bloodied bandages from Ryou's arms and inspecting the cuts. Ryou's body was oddly slow to heal considering how fast magic usually mended wounds, but with the nurse's spells and salves, every cut that had littered his body was quickly vanishing within just a few hours, leaving not even a scar to remind them of the incident. And despite Ryou's smile and wave in Harry's direction, he felt guilty for hitting Ryou with a spell, even though it wasn't even the spell that hurt him so badly.

Ron was sitting on an empty bed, idly swinging his legs and tracing the grooves on his wand. He was relieved he hadn't lost or broken it after being disarmed in the trees, and he had stopped trying to console Harry about the whole thing with Ryou, since talking to Harry was like talking to a pile of bricks sometimes.

Hermione stood beside Harry, watching Ryou with a sad expression. But Harry was caught off guard as her eyes suddenly flickered with confusion and curiosity. Harry followed her gaze and watched as Madam Pomfrey looked down at Ryou's freshly unbandaged chest, concern on her face as her fingers moved over five small scars on his chest.

"That's strange… there shouldn't have been any scars at all with the treatment I gave you. Do they hurt, dear?" she asked, but Ryou shook his head, blushing faintly.

"No no, those are old. I got them a few years ago in the not magic world," Ryou quickly explained, though he left out that they were obtained through magical means. Assuming a spirit possessed golden artifact counted as a magical attacker, anyway.

Ryou assured the nurse it was fine and thanked her as he made haste to tug on a shirt and cover his exposed stomach. He slid the millennium ring over his head and tucked it away under his shirt. He really didn't care if magic couldn't get rid of those scars. He'd been living with them long enough to not even notice them that much anymore. What he really wanted to know was why he had woken up covered in cuts and blood in the first place. The last thing he remembered was running for his life with Harry, Ron, and Hermione in Hogsmeade.

Ryou slid out of bed and got one last look over by the nurse before finally getting the ok to go. He made his way over to Harry with a smile, while his friend attempted to give one back.

"Are you ok?" Harry asked, even though he had been watching Ryou's checkup himself. Sure, he wasn't present when the bloody mess of a boy was getting all those cuts healed up and wrapped, but he saw for himself that he didn't have a mark on him anymore.

Well. Marks from the death eaters anyway.

"I'm perfectly fine, Harry, please don't worry about me," Ryou assured him, and Ron scoffed at that, earning a confused glance from Ryou. Ron caught the glance and just shook his head, smiling.

"Told ya, Harry. Nothing's wrong with him. You did all that freaking out for nothing," Ron stated in a flat tone – the voice of a boy who'd been trying to get this concept across for an hour now. Harry only frowned at him.

"Ryou? If you don't mind me asking… those scars on your body…" Hermione began rather suddenly. She wasn't just stopping a potential fight from breaking out either. Her curiosity was far too big for her own good.

"Oh, anou…." Ryou blushed, fidgeting slightly and playing with his shirt where he could feel the ring resting underneath, tines matching up perfectly with those scars. "I got them in the … muggle?" he started, glancing at Harry to make sure he used the right word. At the nod, Ryou turned back to Hermione to continue. "In the muggle world, at home. It was… an accident."

Sure it was. As much of an accident as the scar on his shoulder and the stab wound on his hand. The real accident was putting the ring on in the first place. He clearly hadn't learned his lesson either since he was still wearing the accident around his neck at this very moment and had once again awoken with injuries. Hermione was bright enough to pick up that it was a topic Ryou would rather not talk about. Still, Ryou could tell she wanted to know more details. Did it count as lying if he omitted the truth? He looked down at the floor and continued to play with the hem of his shirt rather than speak anymore.

Hermione watched Ryou, waiting, but dropped the subject when he didn't continue. Besides. The scars weren't nearly as important as the questions about what they learned after today's incidents. They learned about the death eaters' motives. Now they knew the name of what they were after…. But knowing what they wanted wasn't going to get them anywhere if they didn't know what exactly it was.

"Question. Does anyone here know what, exactly, the shadow mage thing they were looking for was?" Ron asked, voicing the very thing Hermione was wondering. The words sounded so familiar to the brunette. She was scanning the books she had read in her mind. Yes, the term was most definitely in one of the texts in her room.

"I swear I've read about it somewhere. I'll go through my books, and we can check the library. Surely there's something more we can learn," she said, but Ron groaned at the idea. He wasn't a big fan of studying. Harry didn't give much of a response, and Ryou merely gave a nod. He was just as curious as Hermione was about this. Shadow Mage sounded awfully close to shadow game. If that was the case, then those death eaters really were after his millennium ring. It made him queasy just thinking about it. Something Harry caught.

"It's late….we'll do it tomorrow. Ryou should sleep anyway," Harry added the last bit in after getting a look from the school nurse. She apparently agreed it was time for her patient to rest. So the group agreed, that the plan for tomorrow was studying and reading in the library. It didn't sound like the most exciting way to spend a Sunday, but the sooner they understood their enemy, the sooner they could defeat him.


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*1 galleon and 3 sickles is approximately 12 US dollars, 6 UK pounds, or 9 Euros in case anyone was curious (rounded up)