Arthur Kirkland glanced out the student council room's frosted window, gazing down at the noisy courtyard below. The worn cement surface returned his gaze, its stare only broken when the odd student would trample along it, making their way to the front entrance of the building. Sliding his chair closer to the window, the emerald eyed male dully leaned his elbow on the window sill, frowning at a cluster of heads that crowded the entrance way.

" Oi, Kiku. Who the bloody hell is that?"

Turning his head, Arthur motioned over to a small Japanese boy who was organizing a stack of papers into a file cabinet on the other side of the room. The boy, Kiku, made his way over to the other male, smiling politely.

" Who do you mean, Arthur-san? "

Raising his arm, the sandy blond pointed to the cluster of people by the front doors, singling out a shot of sunny blond hair noticeably bright even in the midst of the crowd. Kiku peeked out from behind the teen's shoulder, his eyes following the direction of Arthur's arm. He answered.

" Ah. I believe that is the new transfer student, Alfred F. Jones - san. " The dark eyed male paused, contemplating silently for a moment. " He is also the new model for the American magazine, Hero panic. It is quite popular, I you find him interesting, Arthur-san? "

The emerald eyed male cast a fleeting, sidelong glance at the Japanese male, catching the amusement that had crawled into the other man's dark eyes, even as his stance remained stoic with the polite smile still plastered on his face. Arthur ignored the question.

"...what time is it? "

Kiku answered immediately, not sparing a look at the clock. " 8:28 am."

Sighing, Arthur returned his gaze out the window. " Class starts in two minutes, they should be heading to homeroom by now...Gilbert? "

A young white haired male grunted in answer from his spot on the room's lone couch. His fingers moved in a fast fury as he focused on fiddling with the iphone in his hand, a game blinking on it's screen. The male didn't bother to look up as he awaited the student council president's orders. It came only a moment later.

" Crowd control. "

Gilbert's face contorted with a dark smirk, red eyes flashing with mischief behind pale strands of hair. He staggered upwards, mock saluting in affirmative and snatching a pile of yellow material from a shelf while rushing out the door, smile widening as he set off to prepare for his 'job'.

Alfred F. Jones groaned as he approached the building where he'd soon be attending the rest of the school year. It was rusty grey in colour, dull with no ornaments and from the placement of the windows, three stories high. No one would believe that, he, the Hero, one of American's top teen models would be attending such a plain, and unawesome looking school. If it wasn't for his parents and their stupid idea of getting along with his what's his face brother, he wouldn't have to be here at all.

Striding through the front gates, Alfred strutted forward with a confident air. Even in the midst of a horrible situation, he was going to show everyone just how awesome he was. Making his way towards the school entrance, he smirked to himself as a stampede of teenage girls rushed at him, squealing out profanities that might have once been his name.

" OMG! OMGOMGOMG! You're Alfred F. Jones!OH! MY! GOD! I'm like you're biggest fan! Can I, please,please, PLEASE, have your autograph? ! "

Alfred grinned brightly at the attention. Heaven be damned if he didn't love it. Procuring a pen, he winked at the girl. A petite red head with glasses. Cute. But not his type. Smiling, the blue eyed male lifted the pen up to his cheek, striking an adorable pose and making the crowd of girls scream in joy. He smirked when one of them even broke down with a nose bleed.

" Of course! Where'd ya like the Hero to sign? "

The girl squealed at the blue eyed male's smile as she shot a finger at her chest, surprising Alfred with her boldness. Leaning over, the American scribbled his name on the red head's front, adding a crudely drawn smiley face and the phrase 'the Hero', at the end of his messy signature. He resurrected his confident stance once more, preparing himself for the bombardment of bodies pressing towards him, all screaming for autographs. Alfred sighed happily, complying to the demands. Damn, he loved his job. Being a model was exhausting but the number of perks and the amount of attention that came with it were worth the effort. Signing shirt after shirt, his eyes strayed upwards to an open window situated at the second floor of the building. Azure met emerald as his eyes fell on a figure gazing out the window with his elbow resting on the rail. The other's emerald orbs almost looked as if they was glowing from the distance. Alfred paused for a moment, earning moans of disappointment from his fans, and raised his hand in the air to wave at the green eyed male. Because if the guy was staring at him, that must mean he was a fan, right?

Flapping his arm incessantly towards the figure, Alfred frowned when the other male didn't return the gesture.

So he waved harder.

The American's expression rose when the sandy blond responded to his wave the second time. A small smile entered the boy's face, one of amusement, as he raised his arm, not to wave back, but to point upwards. Confused, the blue eyed male squinted, trying to get a clearer look as the green eyed male began to mouth something. Fortunately, as a model, the blue eyed male had experience with lip reading, an awesome skill that he gained after constantly trying to decipher directions from photographers in a noisy studio. Alfred read the sandy blond's lips slowly.

Look up.

His line of sight rising upward, the eyebrows above his bright blue eyes furrowed as his gaze rose up to the third floor to find nothing there. About to tear his gaze away, he froze as he spotted a flicker of movement from one of the windows. The movement became more defined as the window slid open violently, causing a deafening clatter that could be clearly heard even from the ground. An Albino dramatically posed at the open window, arrogantly leering down at the crowd below.

" Bow down to the Awesome Gilbert you unawesome brats, or face my awesome punishment! "

Gilbert continued to pose as the crowd looked up at him, some of the girls booing and flinging insults at the red eyed male.

" Go away, Gilbert! No one likes you!"

" You're so not awesome! "

The German laughed, unaffected by the offences.

" Kesesesese~" Smirking, the Albino disappeared from sight for a moment, returning with large yellow balls painted with poorly drawn bird faces in each hand. He leaned backwards, preparing to fling the balls forward and laughing maniacally.


Propelling frontward, Gilbert released the balls from his hand, shooting them ahead into the crowd. One of them landed less than two meters from where Alfred stood, an explosion of water scattering onto every unfortunate bystander in its range as it burst. If it wasn't for the crowd of fans surrounding him, it was no doubt the American would have been one of those unfortunate victims as well.

" Fuck! He's throwing water balloons again! Run! "

Another balloon flew over Alfred's head, causing the crowd around him to scatter, leaving the American to stand alone and confused. Hesitantly, he began to quickly head into the building to safety, first stealing another glance at the second floor window. The emerald eyed male was still there, but the small smile had widened into one of unrestrained amusement. Meeting each other's gaze once more, Alfred could've sworn that he heard the other chuckle even from his distance. The sandy blond gave one last smile before leaning back away from the window, bringing the curtains in along with him and hiding himself from the outside world behind thick curtains. Tearing his eyes from the window, Alfred stumbled towards the entrance, making it only a second too late. He felt his back soak with water as he heard a harsh snap as a balloon exploded behind him. The Albino's annoying laugh was the last he heard as he entered into the school building.

" Kesesesese~ Looks like I got golden boy! "

" That wasn't very...gentlemanly, Arthur -san. "

The two males rested under dimmed lights behind the closed curtains of the student council room. Both students were seated behind separate desks, Kiku looking over another stack of paper while Arthur was resting his head on thetable's surface. Smirking, the emerald eyed male looked up at his Japanese companion, making eye contact.

" What are you talking about, Kiku? It's not very polite to hold me responsible for that bloody albino's actions."

The Japanese male smiled softly in return.

" Ah. I apologize for that, Arthur-san. ", he returned his attention to his task at hand. " But it seems to me that Jones -san has caught your attention.

Smirk falling, the sandy blond moved his head comfortably into his arms, sending a sidelong look through the slim opening of the curtains.

" That wanker? ", he turned his eyes away from the light. " Ha! Don't be so daft! A blasted git like him isn't even worth a second of my bloody attention."

Grumbling, Alfred locked himself behind one of bathroom stalls, sliding off his soaked shirt. He crumpled it into a ball and stuffed it into an empty pocket of his backpack.

Those damn bastards! This was one of my favourite shirts!

Reaching into his bag, the American pulled out a clean shirt that he had fortunately chosen to bring for his phys. ed class. He tossed it on, giving himself a one over. The shirt was a plain cotton white, loose and comfortable, but completely unsexy. Swinging open the stall door, Alfred pouted at the sight in the mirror. Of course he looked awesome in everything he wore, but the plain white shirt was just that.


And Alfred F. Jones didn't do plain.

Frowning, the American resigned himself to his fate, slinging his pack over his shoulder and shuffling out the door, making his way to towards his first class.

...Room 1-5...history.

Tilting his head side, Alfred examined the room numbers down the hall, pacing through the empty corridor. It was already fifteen minutes into class and he knew being late for his first day at his new school wasn't going to leave a good first impression. But seeing how it was history class, his worst subject second only to English, the American decided to take his sweet time getting there. He could always blame the guys who soaked one of his favourite and not to mention expensive T-shirts for being late. They were lucky that he wasn't wearing his bomber jacket, otherwise he'd have been pissed. And they wouldn't have liked it if he was pissed. Running his hand against the lockers' locks, a loud clattering sound resounded through the empty hallway as he continued to glance at the room numbers.

" 1-2...1-3...1-4...1-5", Alfred grinned at his discovery. " Found it! "

Strutting towards it, the American flung the door wildly to announce his presence. He grinned at the sight of the students gawking at him from their seats in the room. The teacher appeared to be asleep, head on his desk.

" Hey, you guys! ", Alfred waved at his fellow students as he strode into the room. The teacher blinked drowsily, tilting his head to take a peek at the new entry.

" must be the new transfer student. "

Grinning, Alfred nodded erratically, pointing to himself to his thumb. " Yup! That's me! Alfred F. Jones, the Hero!"

The teacher smiled slightly at the American's enthusiasm before giving a small nod.

" I'm Mr.'re late for class..."

Flashing another smile, Alfred winked at the male teacher. " Sorry 'bout that! I was a little busy with something! "

" Ah..then just take your seat."

Nodding, Alfred headed to an open seat to the back of the room, dropping his back pack onto it and slumping into the chair. The American was about to reach towards his bag to grab his textbook when he heard a whisper from his left. He glanced over, seeing a girl with dual pigtails gazing down at him.

" Hey. You're that model for Hero Panic, right?", the girl gave a friendly smile at the American, a smile that Alfred returned.

" Yeah! Are you a fan? "

The girl nodded. " I'm Michelle Sechel! It's nice to meet you, Alfred! "

Alfred grinned. " You too!"

Resuming his previous action, he slipped the history textbook out of his bag. As the teacher began to doze off again, the door swung open, interrupting the class for a second time. A boy with sandy blond hair entered. Mr. Karpusi looked up once again at the door.

" Mr. Kirkland...your late too..."

Arthur sent a gentlemanly smile at the teacher, bowing slightly in apology and speaking in an accent that was unmistakeably British. " I apologize for the interruption, but the principal has given me the morning off to deal with a few matters. "

The teacher tilted his head in slight confusion. " Mr. Roma? Then, why did you come to class?"

Arthur turned towards the classroom, giving Alfred direct sight at his face and the colour of his eyes. The American jumped up at the recognition.

" It's you! You're the one who-"

The emerald eyed male cut him off, resuming his conversation with the teacher. " Mr. Roma asked me to give the new transfer student a tour of the school and help him find his classes...though it seems he found this one without a problem. "

Giving a nod of understanding, the teacher gazed over to the standing American. " Yes, that's him over there... It looks as if he recognizes you. "

Arthur's eyes slid over in Alfred's direction, his emerald orbs unreadable.

" No, I don't believe we've met. ", turning back towards the door, the sandy blond cast a small glance at the wide eyed American. " Well then, when you're ready, I'll meet you in the hall "

With that, he exited, leaving the sunny blond staring in surprise at the empty doorway. He stuffed his textbook back into his bag, standing up to leave. Michelle grabbed his wrist, staring at him intently before he had the chance.

" Don't get on eyebrow's bad side alright? If you get on his radar then you're in for hell."

Alfred looked down at her, smiling. " No worries! I'm a Hero! I can handle it! "

The pigtailed girl shook her head at the American's answer.

" Not with him.", she pointed to a boy with dark brown hair in the class. " See him? That's Antonio Carriedo. He did something to Arthur during our freshman year and it made eyebrows pissed so he did something back to him. The guy couldn't even stand looking at him without screaming for the rest of the year."

Alfred frowned at the Spaniard, sitting obliviously in his desk. He looked fine.

" 'Kay. ", the American nodded at Michelle, trying to look serious and not buying for a single moment that the weird guy with bright green eyes could ever be dangerous. The pigtailed girl saw through him and sighed.

" I'm just giving you a warning. You don't want to get on his bad side."

Nodding his head again, Alfred carried his bag across his shoulder and headed into the hall where the sandy blond was waiting.

Taking his first step into the corridor, Alfred spotted the green eyed male leaning against a locker. The moment the teen saw him, he corrected his posture and primly stepped towards the American, stopping in front of the slightly taller male.

" It is a pleasure to meet you. ", Arthur extended a hand forward. " My name is Arthur Kirkland, the president of the student council. And you are...?"

Alfred stared frozen at the extended hand before his eyes climbed towards the other male's face. He deadpanned. " You don't know who I am?"

A nerve bulged on the sandy blond's forehead as he glared darkly at the American. " Of course, I know who you are! "

Alfred frowned, confused. " Then why'd you ask? "

The emerald eyed teen scowled, scoffing at the other male. " Because it's proper to introduce yourself to someone just met. Now hurry up so I can end this blasted tour and get on with my work, you uncultured git! "

Arthur took off down the hall, leaving the American to chase after him, pouting. " Hey! Why are ya being so mean ? ! I just wasn't used to people not recognizing who I am because I'm-"

Spinning around suddenly, the sandy blond turned to face the other blond, with a mocking expression on his face. " What? Because you're popular? Famous? Don't be so arrogant, Jones! Just because you're a celebrity doesn't mean everyone bloody likes you!"

The American furrowed his eyebrows at the shorter male. What was his problem? He was just trying to be nice! Frowning, Alfred tried to think of a come back to say to the other teen. " Well...You have huge eyebrows!"

Emerald orbs darkening, the student council president took on a threatening aura as he stared eye to eye with the golden haired male. " Do not EVER make fun of my bloody eyebrows! Do you understand me, you blasted yank ? ! "

Alfred frowned, not sensing the dangerous atmosphere. " Well, they ARE big, you should trim them or som-"

The Brit didn't bother to wait for the American to finish his sentence as he continued back down the hallway. Alfred followed soon after, increasing his pace, careful to not lose sight of the other.

After several minutes of silent fuming, Arthur began the tour of the school, pointing to each room in turn. " The first floor has the gym, workout room, locker rooms and the classrooms for English, History, French, Spanish, geography, music and theatre. There are two restrooms, one by the front entrance and another one by the gym. The only other class you have on this floor other than history is English which is in room 1-8 "

The Briton led the way towards a set of stars leading towards the second floor. " This floor has the cafeteria, the Science wing and the student council room. You're taking Physics class in room 2-2 and the Chemistry and Biology classes beside it in rooms 2-3 and 2-4, do you understand me? "

Arthur glanced back at the American, who strangely hadn't spoken for the entirety of the tour. Alfred caught the glance and nodded.

" Yup! I got it! This school more interesting than I thought!", he paused. " Hey, what's on the third floor? "

" The third floor has the library, the teachers' and principal's office and storage rooms."

The green eyed male continued forward, as the American followed. " That's all. Do you have any questions? "

Alfred increased his pace to walk side by side with the other male, tilting his head to get a clear look at the shorter male. The teen had tousled, sandy blond hair, messy but with a look of softness to it. If you looked beyond the eyebrows the Briton wasn't all that bad looking, with the bright emerald eyes and defined jaw that gave him a sharp look, it was easy to call the male handsome. His body wasn't anything to laugh at either, slim but not too thin with lean muscles showing in his arms and probably the rest of his body if it wasn't covered with a forest green sweater vest. Tearing his eyes from the delicious sight, the American answered the Brit's question.

" Yeah! I got one question!"

Arthur sighed at the improper grammar in the sunny blond's question, but decided against correcting it to hear the question. " What is it? "

" Why'd you and that other guy throw water balloons at me? "

The sandy blond glanced at Alfred, frowning. " I didn't throw water balloons at you. "

" But you knew that guy was going to!", Alfred argued. " You pointed up at him! "

Arthur let out another sigh. " So you're going at me for warning you? Ungrateful git. "

" That's not what I mean! "

The emerald eyed male remained silent for a moment before answering. " Gilbert wasn't throwing them at you specifically. He was trying to get that irritating crowd around you to stop blocking the entrance. The method he uses is up to him. "

" But he still hit me with a balloon! That shirt was really expensive, y'know!"

" Belt up, you whiner! ", Arthur quickened his pace, heading towards a door near the end of the hall. Alfred followed after, asking a second question. " Why are so mean? You're acting like you hate me or somethin'!"

The emerald eyed male stopped in front of the door, taking out a key and inserting it into the lock. " That's because you irritate me. Now leave, the tour is over."

Alfred pouted. " Why?"

Disregarding the American's question, Arthur swung the door open, revealing the student council room where Gilbert was once again lounging on the couch while Kiku held a clip board in his hand. The moment the door clicked open, both males looked up.

" HEY! It's golden boy! How'd the water feel ? "

Alfred frowned at the sight of the person who was the one who soaked one of his favourite T-shirts. He grinned, deciding that it wouldn't be Hero-like if he sulked about it. " Awesome, actually! Y'know you should lemme return the favour. I bet you wouldn't be so much like an asshole if you cool off. We should get together some time so I could pour a bucket on you! "

The Albino smirked at the American's retort. " Kesesesese~ You've got guts! I like you! "

Striding into the room, Arthur ignored the two arrogant males, heading over to the student president's desk. Kiku handed him the clipboard as he approached. " Arthur-san. The clubs sent you their budgets."

Nodding, the emerald eyed male took the clip board before scanning it and returning it back to the Japanese teen. He glanced at the door where the American still stood. " What are you still doing here, Jones? The tour is over."

Alfred pouted from the door way. " But I don't wanna leave! "

Scowling in return, Arthur glowered at the golden blond haired male.

" Starting today, as a student of this school, you are expected to obey figures of authority, myself included, Mr. Jones.", the student council president turned to face the American directly. " Now leave, unless you wish to be given detention on your first day of school. "

Returning to face his desk once again, Arthur lifted a stack of paper, looking over it. " Also, I don't know how much that prestigious school of yours allowed you to misbehave, but here, I will trust that you will follow the rules with no exceptions. If you can do that, then on behalf of the student council..." the president paused for a moment, looking back at the door to examine the new transfer student. " I welcome you to Hetalia Academy "

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