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His mind was reeling, spinning on its axis. If it had an axis anymore. If it did, He could not feel it. He could only focus on one feeling, that consumed him from the inside out. One feeling, one tearing, ripping, scalding, rapturous feeling that He could now name. Love. It seared His soul, and healed it in harmony with the pain.

Yet, a fraction of that unbearably glorious feeling of Love- Love, which He had nearly forgotten- was pushed aside to make room for one more myriad feeling. Content. He was content. Incredible, inconceivable, but true. A lost feeling that was only remembered from the days before he was cast out, formerly embroiled deep down in the depths of hatred from where it emerged, triumphant and champion. He reveled in it.

He knew, somehow, that all was well. Something had irrevocably, inevitably gone right. Some old, broken part of Him was healed, and was bright once again. He no longer feared that light. He embraced it, and burned in it. A magnificent burning. The burning filled Him, opposed Him, and cleansed Him. And Loved Him.

He turned, and saw His spark.