It's been a long road since I started this story. To see it end was inevitable, but hey! It was a fun ride while it lasted. Not to mention it's the LONGEST story I've EVER written. EVER. That's saying a lot. So without further ado, the Epilogue! Short and sweet, just how I like them. Enjoy!


What was once an empty blackness in her heart was no more. Everything had played out to its fullest, and the void was slowly beginning to fill with light again. Seras had disappointment in her last bit of failure, but it was worth it in the end. She learned tricks aplenty being out on the circuit, and even got a new motorcycle with fine tuning in the process. In no way could she say she was a professional, but she was pretty good by other people's standards.

Her suspension from the circuit less than a year ago gave her a chance to really recuperate. Going between missions and dashing out to make it to the next race was beginning to wear on her heavily. For once, she just wanted to do one thing at a time. Hard enough being a vampire who works killing other vampire. But being a vampire who kills other vampires and tries to fight off humans on motorcycles for money was more than she could manage on her plate. The other reason for her leaving was to spend the money that she earned in her short time of being involved in racing. Though the check that she won by default still lays in her own account, but it will never be touched. At least not so soon.

So when she stared at her closet, now full of clothes of every shape, color and size, she could easily torment her master with clothing of the very skimpy variety. It was worth it seeing Alucard try to avert his gaze as his fledgling walked around in nothing but a bikini top, miniskirt and high heels when it became warm in the summer months. Bastard vampire he may be, but he still had the needs of flesh. "Now where on Earth did I put that cute little babydoll? I wonder if Integra could fit into that."