Chapter 13.

"WHERE THE HELL IS MY DAUGHTER, JASPER!" The voice literally screamed out of my cell, and quite frankly, made my eardrums want to bleed if they could.

"Charlie? Sir? Bella is.." He cut me off.

"Is she like you now? Is she a vampire ? Is she safe from all the crazies I have been encountering ? - Do NOT stall.. Answer me son!"

"Yes Sir! She's is safe. And right here..." I began, but this time Bella interupted as she grabed the phone and screeched...

"DAD WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU... WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED? You know the fucking shifters came tracking my sparkling ass to wherever the hell I am... WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU CHARLIE... AND STOP YELLING AT MY JASPER!" Bella screamed... I felt joy, happiness, a bit of anger, and love as she yelled.

"Thank GOD your okay... I woke up with the big guy and the knock out blonde looking over me... Then I met some other weirdo's... I think they took me to some sexual vampire cult Bella.. These women here want me as their mate... I don't feel that pull.. Anyways tempers started to flair and with the full moon well I did what comes natrually... After stating I will not be a vegan sex vamp cult member... Well Bella... Turns out I have a gift and everyones a little scared shitless by me now... I need your help... How soon can you and Jasper be here ?" Charlie was rushed ashe finished. Bella looked a bit confussed as to what to ask or say, so I gentily took the phone back from my mate.

"Charlie... We can be there within two hours... I need you to stay calm and tell me what happened." I stated gentily full of calm, but firm. What the hell could he have done to freak out the Denali coven and Rose and Em?

"They are.. they're... Human again." Charlie stated in a leathal flat tone. I thought for sure he was bull shitting me.

"Charlie, what really happened?" I asked not buying it...

"They are fucking human again... They smell delcious...Except for Tanya, she smells kinda funny... Like stale potatos." Charlie stated truthfully.

With that... Bella mouthed what I was thinking... Run.. Start running!

"Charlie Ineed you to stay on the phone with me , we wouldn't want you to do anything drastic." I pleaded with him.

"Jasper damnit... I am not going to murder people who have been walking the world for eons. That's why I called for help... Do not negociate with me kid... I was the cheif of police in Forks for years." Charlie finished with a sigh.

"Here is what I want you to do Charlie... Go to the forrest and find anything that moves and drink it... I mean anything... I don't care if it is some stupid human where they shouldn't be.. Do not drink from any of the family there!" I barked into the phone. sure ididn't exactly care for human blood being an empath and all, but Rose and Em especially had prioritys.

"Okay.. I can do that. . ." Charlie answered.

"Good stay on the line with me." I stated... I didn't want him to hang up.

"Okay I'll slide it in my shirt pocket though." Charlie stated. I was fine with that.

"Peter! Call Maria... Inform her as to what the hell is going on, and tell her to please inform Carlisle and Esme. " I shouted out as we where running at a pace I am not sure I have ever ran before.

Suddenly I heard a very terrified Rose yelling at Charlie... "You called Jasper? Are you out of your fucking mind! He is the God of War, you DOLT! We are all so going to die, by a vampire - Not any vampire, my brother in coven... And one of the most feared in the world! How ironic I get my humanity back and we are going to die!" She seemed to be sobbing.

"Listen Rose, I don't think Jasper or Bella mean you any harm they are coming to help figure this whole mess out!" Charlie was trying to sooth her... But - that only made matters a little worse.

"BELLA IS A NEWBORN LIKE YOU CHARLIE! OH God! I wonder if it will be fast... I hope so!" Rosalie sobbed.

"Isabella Marie ismy daughter, and I just know she has control... So quit whining, Jeeze... I'm going to hunt... DO NOT MOVE... I think it's safe to say I would catch you... And I do not want to scare anyone to death." Charlie snapped back. Good - keep them there till weknowwhat the fuck happened, I thought to myself.

"Char, Maria, Carlisle, Esme, and Gayett are on their way.. Surprisingly Maria left Lauren in charge of Edward and Alice's punishment, apparently the girl is quite saddistic... I'll let Maria herself explain that one haha. Should arrive shortly after we do." Peter spoke over to my direction.

"Who the hell is Gayett?" Bella interjected. "I mean who the hell would keep that name... I would have changed it imediately. " She finished as we pushed our speed of our run even faster.

"Haha... His name is Garrett, Bell." Peter replied with a soft chuckle. "I call him Garrett because after being aroundsince the times of George Washington he still is solo." Peter finished honestly.

"Well that has gotta suck." My Bella replied. I agreed.

Finally after running in silence for a long forty five minutes, we reached the surrounding forrests to the Denali covens house.

"Dad... I smell you!" Bella shouted out with an eager edge.

"Oh Bella... I didn't think I'd ever see you again, there where whispers about you ending up with Maria of the South!" Charlie exclaimed as they embraced in awarm father daughter hug.

"Well actually Dad... You know what nevermind... How about this.. Since you and I are going to be around forever... Let's make a promise to never, EVER, discuss our personal or sexual life- EVER." Bella stated bluntly with honesty rolling off of her. I had to agree that would just be awkward as all fuck.

"Um... Is.. Is there anything you need to tell me? Where you hurt? Forced?" Charlie began concerned.

"Dad - I canassure you Maria is well different, then again I have my own differences too.. Let's just leave it at that... I can assure you I was not forced into anything, but since your going to hear about it eventually... I am a true Succubus, Vampire, Well and you know about the werewolf part - hybrid... So assuming you know the lengends of succubus, and well ... Yeah Dad please let's just not. Have. This. Discussion. - EVER!" Bella replied embarassed... It was bittersweet almost made me miss her blush, except for the burn it brought.

"Oh wow. Okay then kiddo... I agree, we just uh, won't go there... BUT - and this is only because I am your Father... If you ever need help - you can ask." Charlie finished, uncomfortable, honest, and glad to be done with where that conversation might have gone. I agreed again, moving on.

"Dad, this is Jasper, The God of War, and my mate. . . That is Peter, he is like yoda, but more annoying and not nearly as handsome... And the Others will be here soon." Bella stated to her father, earning a chuckle from me and a glare from Peter.

"I am way more handsome then Yoda... And nice to meet you Sir.. Now can you explain what the fuck happened?" Peter responded.

"Well I told you... Things got a little out of control, tempers flaired, and when tanya and Rose tried to restrain me I snapped almost as an odd unwanted reflex, when my venom hit their skin it caused them to fall to the ground... When they came to ... They where human... So then everyone was in an up roar of sorts... I was only defending myself, and snap after snap same effect. " Charlie finished calmly, yet underneath he was terrified of his own power... Not that I blamed him, I had never heard of such a thing... Not even in documented vampire history. Freaky shit for sure.

"Well Dad... Hmm... I have no idea... Just don't bite me.. I like this life. And I plan to spend it with Jasper." Bella stated, and it made my dead heart want to race. I loved that woman,more and more with each passing minute.

"I would never... I didn't even mean to dothat.. I guess Im a freak of the undead... Not that I schose this life.. Emmett, the big guy? Yeah he said something as he was biting me, that he wasn't going to have me depressing his little sister... Guy cares about you, but damn if he is terrified of all of us now. " Charlie then finished.

"Sounds like Emmett, maybe Bella and I should try to talk to him, and you and Peter wait out here for the others?" I asked sending some agreement around... I knew my gift would be handy, and I also knew that Charlie getting provoked could be drastic.

"Fair enough... I'm terribly sorry. " charlie finished with an apology that was not needed.

"Never apoligize or being what you are Sir...They should have known better." Was my response as Bella grabbed my hand and we headed towards the large log and stone house.

"OH GOD! DON'T KILL US!" Tanya screamed as we entered the house. - Time to work my Jasper mojo... CALM - full speed ahead.

"Why the fuck would we kill you? We came to help now shut the fuck up, and tell us where Rose and Em are! " Bella snapped at her. - Well my girl didn't take shit, I liked that quality - a lot.

"I'm here, are you okay Bella? It always helped me to uh hold my breath.." Rose stated meekly.. fearfully, but trying very hard to compose herself... My poor poor Rosie twin.. She had never wanted the life of a vampire, and now she was scared shitless because she was not one...I truly did feel for her! - More calm straight ahead... It was after all the least I could do.

"Rosalie... Okay breath, you look like your having a panic attack.." Bella stated calmly... And it worked.

"I don't know what to do... I'm alive..I mean human.. And I'm so scared!" Rose breathed out with honesty.

"Rosie... The only thing I can think of is giving you an option... I could bite you, again... and you know what that's like.. And you could bea vampire all over again... Or...Well.. We could let you stay human, providing you keep the secret... Otherwise you know you'd end up... Dead." I said with a leathal quality, she had to know if it camedown to it, I'd kill her myself.

"You'd let us remain human bro?" Emmett interupted as he came out from the coat closet... Yeah like I couldn't smell him.. Moron. But I'll be damned I had a soft spot for them both.

"Of course.. I know out of anyone of you hiding or cowarding in this house, that you and Rose never ever wanted this life... " I replied with honesty.

"Bells... You were brought into this life by choice, you wouldn't be upset we gave it up with relative ease, when you had to fight for it, it seems, would you?" Rose asked Bella sincerely.

"Rose...I know, you always wanted a family, and are pissed off you did not get one... I do not know your whole story, Edward said that was yours to tell, and when your ready human or vampire...I would love to hear it... But honestly hun, I think if this is what you want, you've dreamt of, then go for it, as long as you keep in touch!" Bella replied wrapping her into a soft hug to be extra careful she did not injure her in anyway. She was such an honest creature, my Bella was.

"Well damn then we choose to stay this way... Until the time comes we may change our mind... So long aswe can still be family!" Emmett boomed with love.

"Yes Em... A family that puts the fun in disfuntional." Bella giggled.

As I was getting ready to adress the memebers of the Denali coven on the matter... My Cell rang.

"Jasper... get out here, well don't.. Shit." Peter stated almost sounding tramatized.

"What is wrong did you piss off Charlie that much that now you are a human too?" bella piped up with curiosity.

"No... Bella stay inside... Your father and Maria of all people seem to be ... Wells hit Ididnt feel this one coming... " Peter stalled. "They are mates, and uh making quite a spectical right now." Peter finished.

"Oh GOD! EW. NO.. OH - OH WHAT THE FUCK! Shit! This is something that belongs on the Springer show! " Bella screeched... Truly freaking out. Not that I could blame her, however this was the world of vampires... Shit happens.

"I'm disturbed." Was my brilliant response to the situation.

"That's not all... Char had to go back to the estate,and after you two are done talking I would like to follow... Seems their is a little situation going on there." Peter sighed.

"What kind of a situation...?" I asked concerned... Really I was still disturbed... Maria was fast furious when it came to lovers, But damn just a little over fourteen hours ago she had been riding my damn face and sucking on Bellas tits... Now Charlie... Mates... Well it was good in a way... I wouldn't have to share my mate with my sire anymore... I would have Bella naughtyness all to myself mmmm hmmm.. Stop - Now is not the time.

"Seems... Lauren got a crazy ass idea... She likes to face fuck Alice and Edward with a chainsaw.. Apparently she improvised one to make a nice strap on." Peter finished... I knew the fucker deep down, he thought that was hot - probably.

"That's not a problem, that is fucking hawt! " Bella laughed out with glee, to my surprise.

"Oh shit gotta go the shifters are here.. Just... Hurry up and get back outside, but Bella close your eyes." Peter stated as he hung up.

"Oh ... Fuck." Bella whispered as i wraped my hand around my mate needing to feel contact... and wanting to give her some peace.

"Darlin' don't worry... I love you." I whispered to my loving mate, as she leaned into my side, finding comfort there.

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