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Its too bad shes not here tonight. Alison wouldve been really proud of you."

Emily began to stumble back through the doors of Rosewood until a hand latched onto her wrist.

"You can compare me to Alison all you want but unlike her I'm not leaving you when you need me the most. You're not going back inside Em, who knows what could slip out." said Hanna gripping Emily's wrist tighter.

Hanna gasped as Emily ripped her arm violently away.

"Yeah and whose gunna stop me?" questioned Emily morosely trying to stay upright.

Hanna quickly latched onto her as she began swaying and pulled her into a tight hug.

"Your best friend." she whispered into Emily's neck. Hanna melted into the embrace with her eyes closed and the world slowly began to fade away. I

"Wow, this is fucking unbelievable! So you're into girls now as well as psychotic freaks?"

Hanna pulled away from Emily as Sean came out of the shadows.

"Sean, its not-"

"Yeah, yeah I've heard all of your excuses before."


"Hanna," Emily whispered, "just let him go."

Sean growled as he walked up to Hanna. "Yeah Hanna I'm sure you're girlfriend would like that," he scoffed, "You're pathetic and I'm done with you, no girlfriend of mine will be a dyke!"

Hanna put her head in her hands as the tears started. She jumped at the sound of bone braking and quickly lifted her head up.

"Emily! What did you do?" gasped Hanna as she saw Sean unconscious on the ground before her.

"Dont worry about it he'll be fine. Let's go find Spencer and get the hell out of here." reassured Emily as she held her hand to her chest.

*Spencer's house*

Emily stumbled into Spencer's room mumbling about a car door. She threw her bags carelessly on the bed and grabbed her phone.

Hanna slowly entered and sat on the bed before looking at Emily.

"What are you doing?" she questioned raising an eyebrow.

"Calling Maya." Emily replied while drunkenly scrolling through her phone. Hanna laughed sadly as she snatched Emily's phone away.

"Give that back!" Emily yelled trying to wrestle it from Hanna's grip.

"No!" Hanna replied holding said phone over her head. "Friends don't let friends dial drunk, even if they have a cute puppy dog pout working for them."

"Shut up" Emily murmured crossing her arms.

"Don't be like that besides I said it was cute," she said tapping her on the nose "Stop being dramatic and get in bed Em."

Emily huffed as she climbed onto the bed "happy?" she replied.

Hanna sighed as she pulled her knees to her chest. It was silent for a few moments before Emily spoke.

"Listen Hanna I'm sorry about what I said in the courtyard-"

Hanna quickly stood up and began pacing the room. "Its fine Em, you were right. I know how Lucas feels about me and I took advantage of it. God I was worse than Alison tonight. I never meant to do that to him but I didn't have a choice, I had to." Hanna cried with tears in her eyes.

Emily was quiet so Hanna took the time to control her breathing and herself.

"Em, please say something." she said turning around desperately only to find Emily passed out on the pillows.

Hanna sobbed quietly as she began to get Emily ready for bed. She took her shoes off slowly and began to tuck her in.

"Night Em." she whispered as she kissed Emily on her forehead.

As she pulled back she found herself staring into dark brown eyes. "Em?"

"Why did you have to do it? Why would you hurt him Hanna?"

Emily gasped as Hanna collapsed on the floor sobbing.

"I-I didn't want to, honestly, I would never-"

"Baby slow down," Emily said as she gathered Hanna in her arms, "shh it's okay. What are you talking about Han?"

Hanna shook her head "I can't tell you I..just can't tell you."

Emily held her tighter as she felt Hanna unraveling in her arms. She placed quiet kisses on Hanna's head and rubbed her back trying to calm her down.

As Hanna began to quiet down Emily lifted her chin up and gazed in her eyes. "You can't keep all these secrets to yourself it'll eat you alive baby. I'm not asking you to tell me all your secrets but you need to tell someone, you need to be able to trust someone. I want you to be able to trust me."

Hanna surged forward and connected their lips in a passionate kiss. She sighed as she noticed that Emilys lips were a thousand times softer than any boys she had ever kissed. Hanna began to panic when she noticed that Emily wasn't returning the kiss and pulled away.

Hanna quickly opened her eyes and jumped out of Emily's embrace. "Oh my god! I'm sorry Em I-I gotta go" she stuttered stepping out in the hallway.

"No, Hanna wait!" Emily said desperately catching Hanna around her waist

Hanna just stood in front of Emily sobbing into her hands uncontrollably.

"Hey, shh it's okay Han." Emily soothed wrapping her arms around the frail girl. "Everything is going to be okay."

"How-how can you s-say that Em? I'm ruining everyones life all because of some bitch named A!"

"Oh Han, A is hurting everyone and it's not your fault." Emily quietly comforted.

"You don't know the things that A has made me do-"

"And I don't need to know Han, unless you want to tell me. I've known you long enough to know what type of a person you are Hanna Marin and I'll be damned if I let some bitch tell me otherwise." Emily interrupted pulling Hanna tighter against her chest.

Hanna fell into the embrace weakly sobbing into Emily's shoulder. Emily continued to make reassuring noises as she brought them back into Spencer's room.

"Come on, I'm sure Spencer won't mind us taking over her bed." Emily said as she helped Hanna with her shoes.

Hanna silently climbed under the covers with Emily and sighed as she felt Emily pulling her closer. Hanna placed her head in the crook of Emily's neck as she latched onto her waist. After several minutes of Emily continuously rubbing her back Hannas sobs turned into sniffles.

"I'm sorry." Hanna whispered. "I was supposed to be the one comforting and taking care of you."

Emily giggled as she rested her head on top of Hanna's. "We take care of each other remember. Best friends don't let best friends suffer alone."

Hanna silently chuckled not feeling in the mood to laugh. "Weve been doing that a lot actually; letting each other suffer alone."

Emily nodded. "Its because we don't trust each other and A knows that. It is one of our biggest weaknesses as friends."

Hanna sighed as she tangled her legs with Emily's. "I need money. That's why I was dancing with Lucas, A promised me money."

Emily covered her shock by kissing Hanna's head. "Makes sense now, I wouldve done the same thing, but why do you need money?"

Emily felt Hanna shake her head a couple times "I can't tell you that yet Em-"

"Its okay, baby steps Han, baby steps."