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The Quidditch match was tied, and Severus Snape watched intently as James Potter maneuvered deftly through all the Slytherin defenses. Across the field's large expanse, beyond the set of three golden hoops, sat the Gryffindor House. It was raining, and Severus impatiently pushed his wet, greasy, black hair out of his eyes. Through the fortress of grey thunderheads, all that could be seen of Potter was a shapeless figure, and the fluttering ends of his scarf as he pursued the tiny Snitch. Every once in a while an anxious gasp rose from the stands when a flash of gold whizzed through the sky, but for the majority of the match, the Snitch had been determinedly elusive. The rain obscured the view of the spectators, and an excited murmur rose from both Houses as James disappeared into the clouds. A moment later, he reemerged with a triumphant shout, and dove towards the ground, the Snitch struggling helplessly against his grasp. In an instant, the Gryffindor House erupted in a mass of cheering burgundy and gold that surrounded Potter, congratulating him enthusiastically. Severus stalked angrily across the castle grounds, but as he passed the slowly emptying Quidditch field, he caught sight of James and his three faithful sidekicks, still exulting over their victory. James ran his fingers through his hair to tousle it, and Snape turned furiously away, seething with disgust.

Snape saw waves of bright red hair in his peripheral vision, and turned to find Lily Evans walking briskly towards him. "Don't be disappointed, Sev, the Slytherin House isn't disqualified from the finals yet. Besides, you're already better off than us on winning the House Cup." He tried to smile pleasantly at her, but Snape's expression was more of a desperate grimace than a friendly greeting. She patted him on the shoulder encouragingly. "Besides, it doesn't really matter anyway. There's always next year, and all the Quidditch players are conceited and not worth the effort of getting mad at." She turned and glanced pointedly across the grounds towards James. He caught her eye, and, misinterpreting her attentions, threw a wink in her direction.

"Then why do you spent so much time with his werewolf chum, Lily?" Severus spat out the sentence like an accusation, and looked sullenly over at the short boy with the scarred face who trotted alongside Sirius, Peter, and James.

"You can't know that he's a werewolf, Sev. I'm not going to give up a friend because you've made a claim without solid proof that's bias - "

"I do have solid proof, if only you'd listen for just once! Every month, every full moon, the wolf leaves! They think nobody notices the four of them creeping out of the castle. He's a danger to everybody here, and you shouldn't be hanging around with him," Snape was shouting now.

"I think I can manage to take care of myself. If Remus was a threat to any of the students, Dumbledore wouldn't allow him to be here. And even if he is a werewolf, he's not like the others. He's nice and sweet, once you get to know him."

Before Snape could offer his rebuttal, they heard footsteps behind them, and turned to face Potter and his friends. Instead of quickly turning away and retreating as he usually did, Severus stepped forwards, emboldened by his anger. "Hey there, Evans! What was that you were just saying, that I'm nice and sweet? How endearing." James said brightly, throwing her a charming grin. "I heard Snivelly here shouting at you, and thought I could, ya know, break up the fight. It'd be a pleasure to hex him, if you'd like.."

"This is exactly what I mean, Lily," Snape retorted, still engrossed in their discussion. "Look at them, they're all disgusting. Potter is an egotistical jerk, and his sidekick is no better. Peter's such a cowardly rat, the way he follows them around like they're two gods. And Lupin is a good for nothing were -"

"Expelliarmus!" James voice cut through the air like a knife. Snape's wand went flying into Potter's outstretched hand.

But before he could utter another, more cruel curse, Lilly franticly began to scream, "No, James, don't! Please, he didn't mean it, he wasn't thinking"

"Well, then, Snivellus is just going to have to think a little harder before he decides to accuse one of my best friends of something he knows absolutely nothing about, won't you, Snivelly?" Snape glared defiantly back at James. "Won't you, you pitiful little Syltherin?" C'mon, answer me," James taunted. And then under his breath, he whispered, "Muffliato." Snape struggled to respond, to break through the curse, as the one-sided interview commenced again, "Hmm, you Slytherins are just a bit insolent. Dirty, too. Greasy hair, unkempt clothes. You're not presentable at all. Let's give him a bath, and then perhaps we'll teach him a thing or two about manners. Aguamenti!" A strong jet of cold water blsted against Severus, the force of the spray making him take a step backwards. Lilly, hating to watch them fight, and yet reluctant to break any rules by joining the turmoil, pressed her wand into Severus's hand, and, with an apologetic glance, slipped away to observe from a distance. Snape, still unable to speak, thought "Accio wand," as hard as he could, flourishing Lily's wand, and his own wand was quickly returned to him. Just as he was about to hex James back, a long shadow fell across the two dueling boys. Severus and James both looked up into the ominously sinister face of Filch.

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