Letters from the Broken

I love you, but you'd never see

Just how much you mean to me

I love you true

I love you so

But you just had to up and go

Did you know, that I love you?

Did you know, I mean it too

When I say, I say I love you

I've always, always, loved you, too

Dear Tsukiyomi Ikuto,

Yeah, you read that correctly. Tsukiyomi Ikuto, that's a rather disgusting name to say, isn't it? I'd love to say I wish I'd met you, but I'm afraid I'd be lying. Did you know: I've been in your classes since the fifth grade, if you omit a year in middle school where I moved to Seiyo. Yet, a year later, there you were! Again! Imagine my horror at seeing you back here after having such a relief from you and your perverted ways!

I've admitted I missed you, but telling you is something completely different. Did you know that you're the only one who calls me a kid, still? Honestly, my parents only ever call me… a nickname (you don't need to know).Yea, I admit, you didn't have much competition for calling me a kid the most.

Oh, right. You don't know who I am, now do you? I'm afraid you shall be in the dark a while longer sire. I don't intend to tell my identity, although I'm not quite sure how you could not know with a hint as obvious as the one I've given you.

HA! You're looking for a personality in this letter, now aren't you! You won't find one. At least, not one, per say, 'in character' to any girl you know at school.

Whoops. Now you know I'm a girl. Shame, I wanted to hide that a bit longer, but I guess what's done is done. I don't suppose my crossing that out would do much good? Nope, it would have. Geez. Now you have the ability to say "well, she's such a…"

I know you would. You seem like the type of person who would do such a thing like talking about someone you don't even know from behind their backs. Rude. That's what you are.

Rude like that guy who sneaks onto a little girl's balcony and knocks at nigh hours of the night, obviously awaiting an answer…

Oh. There I go, saying too much again. You must know who it is, although I'm not quite sure that you of all people would know. After all, I've been told that you can be even denser than I am sometimes. Anyway, that's pretty dense.

Oh, I think I'm rambling. On paper, it's actually kind of sad how impossible such an embarrassing feat is. Then imagine how embarrassing the achievement of such a thing is. LAME!

Yeah, well, I've got to go. You can reply if you want, just leave it outside your locker. I'll get it. It's not that hard; most gossip girls tend not to take papers from some guy who always gets love confessions anyway.

I mean, who does that? Creepy people.

But I digress. As in, way big time digress. So long,

The Broken (Hearted)

You broke my heart, so here I cry

Until the day, the day I die

No more! No more! No more, says I

But there you stay among your lies

I'm still breaking, and you don't care

You watch, you're safe, just over there

Far enough to live, close enough to stay

If only, if only you'd just go away

Yet there, right there, still there you stay

Does that mean, that means, that I'll go away

Dear Mashiro Rima,

I know you. You should know me. Want a hint?

I'm not giving you one. Who's the funny one now? Yeah, I get you. Did you hear me, funny girl? Oh, you're not funny. Come on, you know you want to be! You like to make people laugh, don't you. You're not making me laugh right now. You just ignore me.

I don't take it too personally, don't worry. After all, you ignore nearly everybody in school. I don't think I make much of a difference.

You're a funny girl. A funny, funny girl. You think you make up the whole world.

Funny girl, funny, funny, funny girl.

Besides that, did you know that you did used to talk to me? I mean, you. As in, Miss anti-social princess, talking to me! Imagine that! If I'd known at the time what you would become, I would've cherished the thought. But I didn't, because I was so naïve as to what was happening at your house.

Why didn't you tell me your parents were having such fights? Why didn't you….

Forget it. The past is the past. After all, it may not be written in stone, but that doesn't mean that you can possibly change such creations of past events. Now what are you? Well, you don't have anyone. I guess that means you're a person with no one?

Excuse my harsh words, but I do believe that that hardly classifies you for being a human at all. Oh, you hardly even try to have someone! You push everyone away with that little shell of yours. You've changed since I've last known you, Rima-chan.

Heh, I guess I've blown that one, am I right? Yes, I've known you Rima-chan, I've known you quite well. I'm nearly ready to say I know you best of all.

Oh, you do know me, too. Just it's a question on whether you remember little ol' me, that friend you had once upon a time.

Do you know what they're like, friends, I mean? They're the best thing that can happen to a person. Will you be my friend?

Doubtful. Ha. Ha. Hahaha. Funny, funny girl…

The Broken (Laughter)

You're a funny boy. A funny, funny, funny boy

When will you realize, that you're just a toy

You're just a toy, you funny boy

Who makes people laugh, gives people joy

But you're just a toy, to be thrown to the trash

And then you will find, when your ideas do clash

You're a funny boy, I'll give you that

A funny, funny boy, but that's just that

Hey, funny, funny, funny boy

I'm sorry, so sorry, but you're still just my toy

Dear Fujisaki Nagihiko,

I didn't know you like funn- I mean Rima. Whoops, there I go again, accidentally spouting off secrets of mine. I didn't mean to, but don't read too much into it. Rima, oh Rima. I've seen the way you look at her. You like her, did you know that? I'd bet you didn't. You're a funny boy like that.

By the way, I didn't know that you weren't always such a boy. Who am I to think out of the blue that you are such a graceful person, yet there's the proof! The proof that announced itself! I was amazed to say the least.

Nadeshiko. Apparently, your twin. I'm not sure if this is my stupidity taking over, but I'm sure you're an only child. Gasp, shock, the horror. A random girl with a pen and paper and a little too much time on her hands knows a bit too much about you. Sigh, what to do, what to do.

Don't worry, Nagihiko, your secret is safe with me. After all, nobody listens to a nobody no matter what the information held is. Apparently, they probably wouldn't believe me anyway. I mean, who is a nobody to say that one of the most popular guys, next to some other idiotic popular guy, is a post cross-dresser? How dare she spout off his secrets! Let us go and violate her privacy by chasing her everywhere (including the bathroom).

Shiver. It's happened before. Don't get me wrong, it was worth it, but I would never willingly go through that torture again. I mean…

Shutting up now. Yep, you probably think that's a good idea. No worries, I agree. This was a horrible idea, but I think you must know. I know a lot about you, Nagihiko. What do you know about me?

You know I've got pen, paper, a little too much time on my hands, and knowledge. A lot of knowledge. About you. Such things have done great harm in the past.

What else? Oh, you know I'm a girl. That's more than I can say about you. Are you really a boy… or….

The Broken (Dancer)

Of grace and song

You dance along

To a silent, a quiet, a hidden song

Do you, do you sing, sing along?

And then, and then, you get the words wrong!

Imagine! To sing a silent song,

How oh how, do you sing a song

Such a song, a song, a song for the gone?

And then, and then, get those words wrong!

Dear Tsukiyomi (Or was it Hoshina?) Utau,

Hey Popstar! Is it okay if I call you that? I mean, you are one, right?

Wait, you're not supposed to know that I know that. Whoops. Okay, ignore that. Pretend that was just a figment of your imagination, like most things are. It's all in your head Popstar. All of it. Yep, let's go with that!

Anyway, back to the main subject… Oh, never mind. So let's create a subject! You know, do you try to get… how should I say it… The Best of Both Worlds? You can't, Popstar. Did you know that you're either an angel, a devil, or way too indecisive for anyone to get close to you? It's a shame, really. A crying shame. Heh, not really. I've never cried for this. You're so boring, Popstar.

Oh, what else was it, you have a crush, don't you. Who was it, that boy you always say you hate? Souma, that's him, right? You probably thought of him the moment I said you have a crush, heh. You know, that means that you're in love already. It's too late to salvage your sanity. That's gone way down, it's impossible now.

I don't think he'd like an angel, now would he? Not someone who always follows the rules. You seem to always take a liking to those bad boys. It's sad, really. Popstar, you should take better care of your heart. He'd love a devil, but he's too much of one by himself.

Never mind. In this case, maybe being indecisive is a blessing. After all, he'd never love just an angel or devil. Maybe a weird concoction of the two would work instead. Heh, he's a freak. Pretty much perfect for you, right?

Okay, don't answer that. Nope, never. Anyway, just wanted to say that your little crush is on the right way, as in, he likes you much. Like, how do you say it, like likes you a lot, bunch, very much.

Congrats? Oh, wait, I probably should've never told you that…

Okay, so hint. You need a hint as to who I am, don't you? Well, I'm one of the people who knows who you really are. Amazing, I know, right?

Just so you know, that doesn't necessarily mean that you told me so.

The Broken (Song)

You play such a sweet melody

And swing along eternally

Step by step, it's a game you play

To kick or throw, day by day

Say it's a sport, a way to live

Yet no one believes any of it

So hear a sweet little melody

As you go step by step, every day

And then you finish finally

A win or loss, it's stupidity

More to come :P