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The Rune Chronicles

Ch. 2

Aaron and Jade crashed to the ground with sick stomachs. The boy shook his head violently and looked up at the blue-haired young man who was on the brink of a laughing fit.

"I see you don't teleport much," Trev stated though his giggles. He was quickly silenced by a vicious looking back hand from Valient.

"Jerk," The knight mumbled while helping Aaron up, quickly being followed in suit with the wizard helping Jade up while rubbing the back of his head. Once on his feet, Aaron spun around to get a good look at the structure before him, a three story stone grey castle surrounded by a towering wall.

"What is this place?" He asked.

"This 'place' is the Lumbridge Castle, and your new home," Trev answered, still rubbing the back of his head.

"This is our home?" Jade said with wide eyes, breaking out in a huge smile when the wizard gave her a small nod.

The small group all walked to the large wooden doors guarding the entrance of the castle and entered promptly. After a quick walk down the well-furnished hallways the group entered a large room that appeared to be a dining hall. At the other end of the hall was a large man with the largest beard Aaron had ever seen on a man and the finest blue tunic visible. He looked up and visibly grinned.

"Hello boys," He called happily, "I hope your trip went well."

"Very," Trev cheered with a smile.

Valient sighed heavily and rubbed his temples, "Hypnos and Elvarg beat us there."

The news seemed to surprise the man, "Hypnos you say? We haven't heard from him in quite some time." He stroked his beard for a moment before shaking any sign of concern from his face. "No matter, will you introduce me to your guests?"

Jade jumped on the opportunity, "Hello! I'm Jade," she then quickly grabbed Aarons arm and held it up, "And this is my friend Aaron!" The boy gave her an annoyed glare but made no attempt to take him arm back.

"Well, great to meet you two," the man replied, "I'm Horacio, Duke of Lumbridge."

Jade and Aaron's eyes widened. "So this is your castle?" Jade asked.

"Indeed it is," Horacio answered happily.

"And you two live here?" The girl asked Valient and Trev.

"Home sweet home," Valient replied with a smirk followed by a nod by the wizard, "Now let's get you two settled in," Valient said while walking back out the door and down the hall, followed quickly by the others. They climbed the spiral staircase up to the second floor for the castle. They walked down the hall to the fourth of the five doors and stopped as Trev opened it wide.

"Your room, madam Flare," Trev said while holding the door open, causing Jade to giggle as she went inside.

The three guys walk to the fifth door, this time opened by Valient. "And this will be your room," He informed while letting the boy in. "We'll be talking to Horatio about the little, 'incident', you should get settled in and go explore the town."

The two older men walked out of the room, leaving Aaron to himself. After a quick look around the mostly empty bedroom, he walked into the hallways to find Jade waiting.

"Want to look around town?" He asked while walking by. The young girl jumped up and down before following the boy down the stairs and out the door.

"What are we going to go first?" Jade questioned happily.

"I don't know, let's just walk around," Aaron said while eyeing the small town. They walked all around; they stopped at the large grey church, passed the smith's house, browsed the general goods store, and got themselves chased out of the fishery. All in all, it was a far better trip than Aaron had anticipated. They ended the day of exploration at the small farm that held sheep within its fences. Jade happily petted the wooly creatures while Aaron kept his distance from the fence.

"Come-on, they won't bite!" the young girl cheered.

"How do you know?" He asked.

"It hasn't bit me!"

Aaron rolled his eyes, choosing not to argue with her terribly flawed logic, and approached the fence. He cautiously held his hand above the sheep's head and slowly petted the creature. He let out a sigh of relief when the sheep reared up and walked away.

"Aw," Jade pouted, "You scared her away."

"I thought you said she was an 'it'," Aaron replied.

"Animals aren't 'its'," She said defiantly.

"But you said it was-"

"She!" The girl interrupted, earning herself a glare.

"Alright, you said 'SHE' was and 'it'," Aaron corrected while looking away with an annoyed sigh.

"Yes, Jade agreed, "But I have concluded that she is a she."

Aaron looked at the girl with a raised eyebrow as she tried to lure another sheep to the fence so she could pet it, or her, or him, or whatever pronoun she wanted.

"You know we could just go in, right?" Aaron asked when he saw her lunging herself at a sheep that was just out of her reach.

"Are you sure?" She asked while pushing herself off the fence.

"Why would the gate next to the road?" He reasoned pointing to the wooden gate that seemed about ready to fall inward and doom all of Lumbridge to a sheepocalypse. Aaron walked over and nudged the poor gate open and wandered inside, Jade staying close to his back as they walked into the masses of white with a few spots of black.

"See Jade? This is far easier," Aaron said proudly while turning around, only to find her several yards away petting a black lamb that was bleating happily. He wandered over with a small pout as she continued to rub the lambs head, but the scene was far too cute to remain mad at.

"I think it likes me," She beamed happily.

"Yeah, she does," Aaron agreed, correcting her pronoun.

"No, this one's a 'him'," She said while continuing to pet the small creature. Aaron's eye twitched but he refused to have the same argument again.

Jade gave the lamb a few more pats on the head before she heard the thumping of footsteps. "What are ya'll doin' to mah sheep?" A voice called. Both Jade and Aaron turned around to see a farmer in blue overalls and a red and white plain shirt coming out of the farmhouse with a pitchfork.

They both let out a terrified shriek and bolted for the edge of the farm. Jade gracefully hopped the wooden fence and ran up the dirt road out of sight. Aaron however tripped on the fence, cut his chin open, and followed Jade with a very humiliating limp. They ran, or staggered, their way to a nearby boulder and dived behind it. They spent several moments panting behind the large rock before sitting down and looking each other in the eye.

And then they laughed.

It wasn't a crescendo from giggled to hysterics, but an instant chorus of pure laughter that covered the duo. They continued until they're sides hurt and the laugher had died to an occasional giggle.

"You ok?" Jade asked while rubbing the already healing chin.

"Yeah," Aaron said, "I'll be fine. Let's go home."

Jade nodded and jumped to her feet, turning to skip down the road with Aaron following her back with a slight limp. They were halfway back to Lumbridge when they ran into a sick sight. The red-haired freak that had attempted to mug them was standing in-between them and their new home. Jade squeaked and ducked behind Aaron like she had the first time they had encounter the boy.

"Well, if it isn't the sweetheart and the killjoy," The boy taunted with a toothy grin.

"What do you want?" Aaron asked, "And I'm tons of fun."

"I'm sure you're the life of the party," The boy said slightly bored, "Anyways, I'm going to ask you to hand over your valuables, again."

"And if we refuse, again?" Aaron replied.

The boy grinned and drew a long, grey sword from his side, "I think you get the point."

"Aw, that's my line," a familiar voice said sadly. The three teenagers turned to see Trev jump down from a nearby tree, "Did you hear that Val? He stole my pun."

Said knight strolled around the tree with a large grin on his face, "Don't worry, I heard him. The kid's got no respect."

The boy seemed to be enraged by Valient, "I'm no child, I'm Draco Lombardi. It seems you're the ones without respect." He stared at the two newcomers with a puffing red face for several moments before charging at Trev. The wizard stared Draco in the eye as he ran for him with a knowing smile plastering his face. Before the redhead could lunge at him, Trev had vanished into a puff of smoke that the sword cut though with a loud 'clang'. Draco slowly looked up to see his sword lying uselessly on Valient's breast plate.

"I'm afraid your sword," Valient began while grabbing the blade and slowly bending it skyward until it snapped, "just isn't up to standard."

Draco stared at the useless blade, then at Valient, back to the blade, and began to run over the horizon in a frantic dash.

Trev chuckled, appearing in a puff of smoke next to Jade, "He seemed a bit bent out of shape when you broke his sword."

"Are you out of jokes yet?" Valient asked while glaring at the wizard.

"One more, 'he shouldn't METAL around with us,'" Trev continued with a large smile. Noticing the lack of amusement from the others he hung his head low.

"Let's go home before you embarrass yourself anymore," Valient mumbled as he began walking away. After a few moments and sighs the wizard followed obediently.

"Wait, how did you know where we were?" Jade asked the larger man.

"When Farmer Fred starts shouting, everyone in Lumbridge can hear him, didn't take long to connect the dots and come after you two," He said with a smile, "Now hurry up, dinner's waiting."

Jade and Aaron walked several steps behind the older men on the trip home.

"I think we're in for more than we bargained for," Aaron whispered into Jade's ear.

"So what? I think we're going to have a lot of fun," She said merrily before catching up to Trev and starting a random conversation with him.

Aaron stood still and just watched the group walk away as the sun slowly began to set in a golden glow.

"Well, our lives will at least be interesting."


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