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Max Pov

"Okay Max, this is your new home, now I'm sure you're going to love it here, it's…." this is where I stopped listening to Miss Fandi's lecture of how great this family is and bla, bla, bla…. Hey don't judge, I've heard it all before.

You see Miss Fandi is my social worker, or my agent, or whatever the hell you want to call her. She takes me to my new foster home and introduces me to my new family…..just like she has done for the other fifty-three foster homes I have been to.

Yes, you heard me right I have been to fifty-three freaking foster homes full of love and compassion and happiness… yeah no, that's so not what happened but hey, a girl can dream.

Okay I guess I should tell you who I am…..

My name is Maximum Ride, I'm sixteen, I have brown hair with blonde streaks, and brown eyes… of my foster fathers told me it looked like barfed up chocolate, and we all know that every teenage girl wants to be told their eyes looked like something coming up from someone's digestive system.

Please note the sarcasm in the last sentence.

I have had a pretty rough life, but not the way most girls seem to think. I once asked a girl how bad her life was and she said it was 'absolutely horrible' all because her dad wouldn't let her get her belly button pieced, I mean if that was the worst the that happened in my life I would be skipping in a meadow singing 'oh what a wonderful world'. Okay so no, I wouldn't, but you catch my drift.

So todays the day I get to move into my fifty-forth foster home, oh the joys to be had. I've already met my foster mum, her name is Valencia Martinez, Hispanic, talkative, everything I'm not. She has brown hair, a much darker shade then mine and brown eyes but not as deep as mine, she is really pretty and seemed really nice but don't they all?

"Maximum Ride, have you been listening to a world I have said?" Miss Fandi asked in that strict tone that says 'I am disappointed with your behaviour so answer with care here', yeah I'm sure we all know that voice, except for you, your parents would be using it not your social worker who is about to drop you off to your own personal hell.

"Why no I haven't Miss Fandi, but feel free to repeat it all again", I innocently replied as she sighed and took deep calming breaths.

"Max…I know you're worried but there's no need to be," she said in a gentle tone meant for two year olds.

"No need to be worried!" I screeched, "you have said that about every other foster home I have been to and look where that's got me, I have been shot, stabbed, whipped, heck, I've even been thrown out of windows and your telling me there is no need to be worried," I was full on shouting now as we pulled up outside the house… new house. There was no way I was calling it a home, because if I had it my way I wouldn't even be here.

"Max, calm down, no one here is going to hurt you, I promise," Miss Fandi said steadily.

"Yeah and how many times have you said that before," I replied knowing I was stooping low but I had to let my anger out somehow. I turned and looked at her and, just like I had predicted, she looked hurt, I was filled with guilt, I felt terrible.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean that," I said quickly, my voice filling the ever silent car.

"No Max, that's the thing, you did mean that, but I promise you this one will be different, Val is an old friend of mine, I swear she wouldn't dream of hurting you, and her kids will stop anyone from touching you as long as you let them in, now come on you have a family to meet," and with that she opened the door and got out of the car.

I roughly slammed the door as I got out, grabbed my bag, yes I only had one bag, it was a Sportsgirl bag and in it was everything I owned, which consisted of two pairs of old tatty jeans, three tops and a hoodie, plus a notebooks which I wrote all my songs and stuff like that. Miss Fandi was already knocking on the door by this stage so I rushed up and stood next to her, while observing the house.

It seemed like one of those picture perfect houses, with the white gate and rose bushes. The house itself was huge, two stories high, it was a pale white colour and the roof a dark brown, the forest could be seen behind the house, a dense canopy of trees poking around the side.

"Bianca!" Mrs Martinez stood at the door, a welcoming smile brightening her face as she talked to Miss Fandi (Bianca is her first name) about what lovely weather we have today. "Max, how are you? Are you excited to be moving in with us? I'm sure you will love it here," she gushed as she ushered us into the house.

"Oh, I'm sure I will," I said darkly, Miss Fandi shot me a look, you know that look that say 'shut up before you freak her out', yeah that's the one I got, I just smirked in reply. This was going to be fun.

Fang Pov

"Iggy, STOP PACING, you're driving me insane" I said in frustration as I watched my best friend pace back and forth in the living room of his awesome house (What? His house is awesome, it's big and has a giant backyard that backs onto the woods, what's not to like?), although if I were him right now I would probably be pacing to.

Today he is getting a new foster sister, all we know is that her name is Max, she has had a tough life and doesn't trust people easily. Val (Iggy's mum) was the only one who had met her, so everyone else had to wait till she gets here.

Right now, Val was rushing around making sure not a speck of dust was anywhere in sight, Iggy was STILL pacing, Nudge ( who is Iggy's adoptive sister) was talking nonstop about how she and Max will be best friends , Angel and Gazzy are playing Uno and I am sitting watching them all try and stop stressing. Wow, is it just me or did that last sentence sound really stalkerish?

Suddenly there is a knock at the door, Val rushes over to the door, and talks to whoever is outside for a few minutes before ushering two people in. One looks about forty, with her red hair in a tight bun, grey eyes and formal clothes, a pencil skirt and white shirt. The other person is probably the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, she had brown/blonde hair with brown eyes, she was skinny but not anorexic or anything, just thin and well-shaped. She had a sort of emotionless resigned look as she looked over us all.

"Well Max, this is James, but he prefers to be called Iggy, he is your foster brother, this is Monique, although we all call her Nudge, you'll find out why soon enough, she's your foster sister, this is Nick, but we all call him Fang, Lucas, but we call him Gazzy….for obvious reasons and the is Angel. Fang, Gazzy and Angel are your next door neighbours; they live in the house to the left." Val said gesturing to each of us at appropriate times. Max gave a curt nod at each of us and turned around to give a pleading look at her social worker.

Max Pov

Okay so my foster family and my next door neighbours were well, ahh…different?

Mental chart: (Do not dis the mental chart! It helps, trust me try it out)

Iggy-Strawberry blonde, blue eyed, tall (he is at least 6'4) pale kid, who I now have to think of as my brother.

Nudge- Hispanic African American, short with mocha skin and curly hair, who is my foster sister from this moment on.

Fang- Hot emo…wait WHAT! Forget I said that! He has black hair that falls to the collar of his black shirt, he had endless black eyes….or is it dark brown, I'm not too sure, he is wearing all black clothes, (see what I mean, emo) and is a least 6'3 and extremely good looking.

Did anyone else notice I took more time to describe Fang?

Gazzy and Angel- obviously twins, blonde hair blue eyed, absolutely adorable! I wouldn't ever say any of this out loud but they are like the cutest little kids I have ever seen.

I gave each a nod and turned to Miss Fandi begging her with my eyes not to make me stay here. But of course this is my life were talking about, so she grabs her bag says goodbye gives me The 'Look' (and yes it did need capital letters)and walks out back to the car and drives away.

After a minute or two of silence Val (she told me to call her that until I am comfortable calling her mum) took me up to my room, she says tomorrow we will go shopping and I can pick out furniture and paint so until then I can stay in the guest room, I happily obliged.

I was laying on the bed in the guestroom listening to music; I only have two words to describe it…too colourful. It was like a rainbow went and spewed all over the room.

Anyhow, as I said I was laying on the bed listening to music from my beloved iPod Nano, it was a present from my best friend from my last foster home, as I laid there I started to sing along to the music filling my ears, it's a good way to fill in time, plus I am too into the music to think about what sort of place the house really is.

The next song came on; I love this one, its 'Alice by Avril Lavigne'. I only like it so much because I can relate to some of the lyrics, I started singing again, a bit louder, hoping no one could hear me though because I really suck at singing or at least I think I do… of my foster parents told me that my voice was disgusting and singing in public would be an embarrassment for the human race, nice huh?

"Trippin out

Spinning around

I'm underground

I fell down

Yeah, I fell down

I'm freaking out, where am I now?

Upside down and I can't stop it now

Can't stop me now, oh oh

I, I'll get by

I, I'll survive

When the world's crashing down

When I fall and hit the ground

I will turn myself around

Don't you try to stop me

I, I won't cry

I found myself in Wonderland

Get back on my feet, on the ground

Is this real?

Is this pretend?

I'll take a stand until the end

I, I'll get by

I, I'll survive

When the world's crashing down

When I fall and hit the ground

I will turn myself around

Don't you try to stop me

I, I won't cry

I, I'll get by

I, I'll survive

When the world's crashing down

When I fall and hit the ground

I will turn myself around

Don't you try to stop me

I, and I won't cry"

I love the chorus the best, its fits my life perfectly, I mean I have survived impossible things, haven't let anyone stop me and I haven't cried since my foster brother, Ari died five years ago, but I push the memory to the back of my mind, I can wallow in the past later, I concentrate on the music and slowly feel myself fall into a sleep filled with memories and nightmare.

Actually I don't know if there is a different between the two anymore.

Iggy Pov

I went to check on Max later that night, but just as I was about to open the door she started singing and let me tell you, her voice was amazing! I haven't heard anyone so good in years. I turned around and tiptoed into the kitchen where mum and Fang were and told them, I just hope Max doesn't kill me for rating her out.