OH MY GOD! SHE IS ALIVE! I know it has been eons since I wrote for this story…lost the notebook. Here is chapter four.

The next morning I awoke with Toothless' warm breath puffing on my neck I rolled over sideways curling into his warm embrace. His arm wrapped around me and his leg draped itself over my hip, pulling me closer. I purred kissing his cheek.

"Morning beautiful," he whispered, his voice husky from waking up.

"Morning," I replied. He kissed my forehead I heard him inhale deeply.

"You smell like salt water ad sexy dragon girl," he said.

"Gee, I wonder why?" I said, grinding against him gently causing him to moan, lightly.

"Don't do that, Anj. Not until we get off this god-forsaken island."

"Come on lover. I feel the hunger," I whispered, throatily.

"Oh God, Anju," he groaned, kissing my neck. Our menstruations were interrupted by a throat clearing. We looked over Ruff and Tuff. Both were snickering and making gagging noises. Toothless eyes turned to their angry slits and I jumped up throwing a pillow at them. They ran laughing and mimicking us.

"Oh Anju!" Tuff called running just out of reach of my angry claws.

"Come on! I feel the hunger!" Ruff snickered as Toothless jumped at her, missing her braid by a second.

"Damn you two! What do you want?"

"Breakfasts ready," they shouted running down the stairs two at a time. Toothless and I pulled on our clothes on and followed the twins.

We were greeted by Mini-Fangs loud protests of food. The tables were set with grains, fruits, vegtables, and breads. The humans were eating with gustoe as only Vikings could muster the larger dragons nibbled at the grains and fruit but the little Terror was demanding meat. Gobber was struggling to keep him under control.

"FANGS!" I yelled. His jaw shut with an audible snap. I sat down and looked at him with venom in my stare. "Deal!" I took a bite of a juicy mango. Fangs listened to me and sat down chewing on a dry piece of sourdough bread.

"So you shall begin your journey to Waterfall city today?"

"Aye," Gobber replied.

"We wish you would stay to meet the new hatchling today."

"I'm sorry, important business awaits us in Waterfall city," I said, earning strange looks from the humans.

"Very well. Skybax rider Jason and his companion, Swiftwings shall escort you." Tibor said. The man in the flame orange jumpsuit stood and placed a fist over his heart.

"Breath deep, fly high," I said, smiling at him. A look of surprise crossed everyone's face but he saluted me in the traditional fashion before returning to his meal.

After the meal we all loaded up in a wagon while Jason and Swiftwings took to the sky to scout ahead. A look of longing crossed everyone's face but we held our tongues and forms and our journey began.

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