The Secret Thoughts of George

GEORGE DESPERATLEY needed to be checked into a mental hospital. There was absolutely no question about it. Had there been other times he had felt this way? Sure, but not as powerfully as he had these last few weeks.

The funny part was, though it was still unbelievable, his feelings had nothing to do with the powers his best friend Jim and the rest of the Paol family has mysteriously obtained. It had been quite a surprise, but even then George was certain that his sanity was still intact.

Well, in a way, it did sort of concern the Paols. She was,after all, Stephanie Paol's best friend and a confident to the Paol's secrets, just as he was.

George had always had a mild crush on her, but little did he know how much those feelings would intensify. Especially when she had tricked him so that she could use his own equipment to help Steff. That day George had found himself utterly lost in a trance, induced by a fruit smoothie and the oh so seductive way that she had looked at him as they spoke. Whata woman!

But who was he, right? They were so different and she would never be interested in a man like him. Not to mention he still had some feelings for another woman. She was incredible and kind and had a warm fuzzy glow. But, oh! How dim it was compared to the way his new love shined!

He loved her. There was no doubt in his mind. Yet she would never know. After all, if he loved her so much how could he tell her the truth when she was so deeply in love with that insufferable Joshua? If he told her, he may mess up her feelings and her life forever. How could he do that if he truly loved her?


He couldn't take it anymore! He just couldn't. He was practically ripping his mind apart with all the emotions that had been coursing through him these last few weeks. Love, anger, frustration, joy, confusion, insanity. And that was just the beginning of the list. How could it be possible for one man to feel so many things at one time?

George desperately needed to be checked into a mental hospital. There was absolutely no question about it.