The Secret Thoughts of Chris

So his girlfriend was a mind-reader. So what? If you asked Chris, it was pretty frickin' awesome. And the fact that she could control other people's thoughts? Score two! With the use of Daphne's powers they would be able to have so much fun… Way beyond that lame Sarah Barrellies concert. If everything went according to plan thing would get… epic.

The one downside about his whole plan was that he couldn't think about it while he was around her, she might pick something up. It wasn't a bad plan, just a fun one. Of course that didn't mean Daphne would approve. He'd have to ease her into it, give her a taste of the good life. She'd thank him for it later, and possibly even love him more.

Yes, he loved her, loved her dearly. But it was a little disconcerting that she could drop in on his thoughts whenever she pleased. What if he thought something wrong? Something that would make her mad? It used to be that Chris's mind was the only place he could completely escape to, and now even that small privacy he had once cherished was gone. It would be very hard being Daphne's boyfriend.

On the other hand, these were all thoughts that he hadn't experienced in a while. Lately it had been all about what he and Daphne could do together. He hadn't even thought much about their love connection much… Somewhere in the back of his mind this kind of scared him. He was afraid that is love might be slipping away, was becoming somewhat aware that he may be using her.

Whenever these displeasurable thoughts began to haunt him, he pushed them back down again, burying them underneath frivolous and unimportant thoughts. He was being silly. Using her? As if. What he had in plan would be fun for both of them.