Somewhere in the shadows, he waited. His eyes never left the young woman clothed in red and blue silk. Her body was covered in sweat; her breathing shallow. The blind doctor pressed a vial of medicine to her lips and spoke softly, encouraging her to swallow. She took a deep, shuddering breath and began to calm down. The poison coursing through her veins had been slowed, now all she had to do was rest as the medicine worked its magic. Doctor An moved away, and Zu took the opportunity to move closer. He knelt down beside the limp body of Jen Zi and wiped away a few strands away from her face, wishing he was capable of more than killing. He cupped his hand on her cheek, feeling the soft skin underneath.
Her temperature was fading.
She was returning to normal.
He gently traced the scars on her face with his finger, mentally noting each one. As he touched her lips, he winced slightly. What was this strange feeling he experienced whenever she was near?
Before he knew what he was doing, he inched closer and pressed his lips onto hers. Her eyes began to flutter but she did not stir. Reluctantly, he pulled away and sank back into the shadows.