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"Oliver come on!" she shouted from high up on her broom. She waited a few seconds and there was no response. He had made no indication at all that he had heard a word she had just said. Katie sighed and counted to three to curb her rising temper.

"Wood get your nose out of that blasted quidditch handbook, get on your broom and fly up here right now!" She shouted down at him.

"Don't make me lower this broom and come down there or you will be in serious trouble Wood," she threatened.

Hearing the tone in her voice, he instantly looked up from the book and gazed at her. He knew by the tone in her voice that she was deadly serious.

"Katie you really should read this chapter. It's unbelievable," he said.

She shook her head and bit her tongue to stop herself from saying the word that had just popped into her head.

It wouldn't end well if she said it instead she swallowed and took a breath of fresh air, allowing that to calm her.

"Oliver we have our next game in two week's time, normally you are the first one shouting at us to practise and to do nothing but eat and sleep quidditch until the day of the game," she said.

"Ever since you received that book by owl yesterday all you have done is read it," she continued.

He shook his head and instantly began to protest.

"That isn't true." he said.

Katie nodded her head.

"Yes it is Oliver." she stated.

"You have been completely engrossed in that book that you didn't even notice the fact that a rogue bludger hit Fred in the face twice and caused his nose to start to bleed or the fact that the exact same bludger almost killed me." she said.

"You are here but your not really here," she explained.

He shook his head again.

"What do you propose I do then Bell?" he asked her simply. A few seconds of silence passed as he waited for her answer.

"Oliver have you ever heard of a bookmark?" she replied. The look on his face when he heard her answer caused her to instantly burst out laughing.

This was written for xakemii who requested a Katie/Oliver drabble on the HPFC Drabble request thread. I hope you enjoyed reading this. Reviews would be greatly appreciated.