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-S e x. S t r i p e r s. a n d. S t i l e t t o s-

-C h a p t e r. T h r e e–

-"D e a l. W i t h. T h e .D e v i l ."-

"How about lets begin with after high school," Suzaku stated while coughing in between words, choking on the poisonous smoke. Lelouch leaned back into his chair, putting out the cigarette into the ashtray that was sitting on his left arm rest; mostly using his medium-length acrylic nails.

"Sure, do you want me to start after the last day of school, as we ran to each other to kiss at the last bell we would never have to adhere by at that dreaded academy again or the day after graduation where you had stabbed me in the heart with the help of my older, and at the time stark nude, sister?". Suzaku could barely think any other thoughts than guilty ones when he heard that question but he just had to know.

"The latter," he whispered, avoiding eye contact from the grinning raven or flabbergasted blond.

"Alright then-" said Lelouch, shifting his legs so they crossed. "A month after ...the 'altercation', I was sorting through all the different scholarship offers I received from various universities before Nunnally-"


The room stayed utterly soundless for what felt like a century until a very overwrought blue-eyed male just couldn't take the tension any longer. "Before Nunnally, what!". Lelouch jolted at Gino's high-pitched question, then let his eyes wonder around the room unnecessarily. " Before she became calamitously sick."

Vert eyes studied the way how the raven fidgeted in his seat at his own words, fighting to keep talking about the sensitive matter. " She was already very weak to begin with but after I became depressed from the break-up, I believe it took a real hit on her body from being worried". Violet eyeballs raised towards the eleven with a solemn look, who returned it with the same expression in his own.

"Aft-After I entered her into a hospital the doctor explained to Sayoko and I that Nunnally was suffering abnormalities affecting her central nervous system. Her physician also told us that she would need a number of surgeries and treatments to even help her, however they were still in their experimental stages and very high risk and expensive-", Lelouch began scratching at his arm nervously, "-but I didn't care what it would take, as long as Nunnally got better. That's when the doc suggested I should meet someone who could help me with my financial issue".

"A lone shark?", Gino blurting out the first thing that came to mind.

"Oh, so much worse".

Lelouch kept his hands in his pockets while walking down a narrow hallway; being led by two security-men who had greeted and frisked him at the door of the warehouse. The men didn't utter a word as they walked the empty walkway that was surrounded entirely by concrete.

Not even when they all heard two gun shots go off close-by in what appeared to be behind a gold-painted door at the end of the walkway. Hell, they didn't even flinch. Lelouch eyed the two with curiosity as he thought over what the hell he had gotten himself into as they stepped back to open the golden doors.

Inside was a ginormous room, coated with a royal touch of purple walls and white marble flooring that contradicted the fact that it was located in a abandoned warehouse rather than a mansion. In the center of the grand room was a Victorian-styled chair that seem to be fit enough for the King of England; standing out from the rest of the other pieces of furniture that the various amounts of bodyguards were lounging on. But what also made the chair more fascinating than its own self? The blond-haired man, early 30's Lelouch would guess if he'd put a number on his looks, that occupied the chair. He was dressed in very loose black dress pants and a standard white collared shirt that was completely unbuttoned to show his glowing lightly tanned skin.

The man's violet eyes grazed over Lelouch's form as he stood right outside the opened door with a look of thrust or lust expressed through them. The raven, startled by his actions, look towards the ground at where the man sat to avert his eyes, however ... regretted ever doing so.

At the blond-haired man's feet were about four to five young, boys who looked around Lelouch's own age; who were chained to the chair by their ankles, wore collars that was connected to different sets of leashes the elder man held in his hand, and beside from the fact that they were almost completely nude if weren't for their tiny thongs and underwear they were wearing that barley concealed their manhoods' and how they were all wearing various ears and tails to different animals like bunnies and bears- they were completely high off of some aphrodisiac or something.

Lelouch stood in shock at the moaning and purring boys who were just lazily lying on the floor; some touching themselves, some kissing each other sloppily, and others just siting there,wasting away. The blond smirked at the raven's reaction, motioning him to come inside the room with his finger. Lelouch wanted to go against the man's wishes, but he wasn't give much of a choice when the security guards pushed him inside and shut the door behind him. 'Fuck' he shouted to himself, as he turned around to the locked door and started banging at it to get the men's attention. The man seated in what looked like to be a throne chuckled at him.

"There's no use in trying to escape, doll face. Now walk over here towards me so I can get a better look at you" he asked as like it was an order. Lelouch gritted his teeth as he turned around again, taking slow steps towards the man who was eying him like he was his last meal. "Yes-", he purred "...your exactly how Rakshata described you out to be".

Lelouch shivered at the mentioned name of Nunnally's physician. 'Did she actually set me up to get an loan from this disgusting creature?' he asked himself while he stood in front of the man. He coughed nervously to clear out his throat afore saying, "She told me you would be able to give me a loan. Are you capable of doing so?".

The blonde (brittianian, no doubt) male laughed hysterically at the raven's question, joined by many of his security personnel as well. "Am I? Why, you must really not know who you are dealing with right now do you, love?" he said, reaching out to touch the raven's cheek before being slapped away. Security nearly almost shot the black-haired graduate if it weren't for the 'boss' telling them to hold their fire. "Oooh, spunky this one is," he purred, while leaning back against the backboard of his throne.

"I never really did introduce myself, had I? The name is Schneizel..and yourself-"

The teen hesitated, "-Lelouch".

"Ah, Beautiful name to match such a sight. Well Lelouch, I'm happy to loan you out the money to cover your little sister's procedures. However, you must pay me back." Lelouch hid the smile he wanted to make at the man named 'Schneizel's words. "You have my word; but it will take me a while to start making payments."

"Hm,-" Schneizel began, "No, not really". He pulled the barley legal adolescent into his lap; who in return struggled out of his grasp.

"Let go of me!" he growled at the corrupted geezer that was groping and squeezing his touche. "Fucking Pervert!". Schneizel twitched an plucked eyebrow at the name, smirking.

"Hey! That really hurt," he joked as he stopped the man from making anymore insults with his own lips. Lelouch squirmed and kicked around in the man's arms as much as he could but was too weak against him. He felt more sadness than anger when he realized this was his first kiss with any other person except Suzaku.

The younger grew tired and just sat their in surrender while the blond's tongue worked inside the teen's mouth and danced with his own frigid one. Once Schneizel noticed Lelouch had stopped fighting against him and broke down his wall he looked down into the lidded, unemotional eyes of the teen. Feeling successful in his pursuit, he pulled away from the boy's watery cavern with trails of spit leaking out of the others lips who barley even noticed the action.

"See? I knew you could be a good boy," he purred loudly at the male, which had many of the surrounding body guards smirk at their boss's convincing tactics. "Now about your predicament-" he began saying , while at the same time rubbing the others back end in a circular motion.

"I shall give you all the money you need to cure your sister's illness, but until you can pay me back all of it, you'll do anything I ask of you, deal?". Lelouch stared back into the man's devious lilac tinted pupils; deciding if he should run away now and hope he could make it out of here in all of one piece, or stay and give up his dignity, pride, freedom, and life to an insidious and perverted lone shark for his precious Nunnally to live. '...Nunnally'

"Deal," he murmured lowly.

Suzaku watched the ebony-haired man comb through his long black hair nervously while he tried to continue talking. "Afterward, he made me go through what he called 'training' for a few days with the other performers before it was time for my 'final day'".

"What was it?," asked Gino who was surprisingly inattentive at the fact that the things in the story he was so engrossed in had actually happened to one of his friends. Suzaku was about to scold the giddy Gino for being insensitive but was distracted by the frail man's reaction to the question. Lelouch's violet orbs bulged at the words at first, his skin growing goosebumps as he thought over what happened in his mind but later settled down. "...It was sort of like mizuage* but way more-"

"-wait! He sold you off to some guy?," Suzaku shouted; having knowledge what was the last step in which a maiko became a geisha as a child. "I don't want to talk about it," Lelouch sneered at the eleven, with a mixed look of animosity yet fear on his face. The expression was the only thing holding the eleven back from pestering Lelouch about the subject any further.

"Well, after that I was given my new name 'Raven', and was banned from ever cutting my hair from that day on ward and had to follow many regulations-"

"-ugh, what happened to Nunnally?" Gino interrupted again. Lelouch looked over to the blond with an irritated glint in his eye. "I wasn't allowed to see her until she was almost at the end of her treatment...so about a year ago. But I did something so awful, I'll regret it till the day I die."

"Young Lamperouge, I believe you'll find your sister in excellent condition. In fact, she's getting so healthy that she can even see again! However, she has an astigmatism from being sightless for many years but that is very common."

A nineteen year old Lelouch smiled so much at that statement, he forgot he could still make gleeful expressions without them being artificially-based. "Thank you doctor," was all he could manage, as he walked past the woman to go to his sister's room. Nonetheless, something eventually stopped him in his hurried tracks to the healed girl's quarters.

"Dr. Chawla, I really-,"

"-Not so fast," she interrupted, pulling on the young man's elbow length hair hat was tied in a pony tail. "I wanted to know how much longer you have till you can pay back Schneizel."

Lelouch looked at the woman as if she had lost her mind before snatching his ponytail out of her hands. "This really isn't the time you need to remind me. Now excuse me, I'm going to go visit my sister."

Rakshata only chuckled lightly at the raven-haired man as he began walking away. "Yes, go see your beloved little sister while wearing a skimpy little tank, skin-tight pants and stilettos. Why she should not see you that way? It was how you helped her get better anyways".

Lelouch didn't bother turning around to the pernicious woman who was just 7 feet behind him.. 8 feet away...9 feet away-

"Plus, you should probably try to hide that limp more," she uttered under her breath before taking a suck on her pipe. 'Damn her', the male cursed, frozen in front of Nunnally's door with a blush spread across his face at the statement that was undeniably true. Eventually he sucked up the little amount of pride he had left, and opened the entrance to the room.

Inside, laid across the bed as if Gabriel and Michael had placed her their perfectly themselves, was Nunnally. She slept in the hospital bed so comfortably and peaceful, making a cute little snore that was almost too adorable to even consider a bother. Her skin and body glowed more radiant since he had seen her being so weak, so fragile.

He'd decided to just walk over and watch her sleep. Even though he would want to see his sister's beautiful vibrant eyes again he knew he wouldn't want her to see him like this. Lelouch sat down in a doctor stool and scooted it up towards the edge of the bed. He brushed his fingers through her long, cherubic, auburn locks with his filthy fingers.

"I know you cant hear me, Nunnally-" he whispered, swallowing a lump that formed in his throat, "-but I'm ...so happy that you've gotten better. But hey, I wanted to let you know I'm going to get you out of here as soon as possible-" he gripped onto her warm, white hands "-and were going to run away together and leave this whole life behind. And this time-" he gripped onto them tighter as if she would disappear from his grasp at any moment, laying his head next to his sister's own one "-I wont let anything bad happen to you ever again. I promise".

Across the room, in the hallway, right next to the door was a silhouette of a woman shaking her head afore raising a long stick figure into the air and taking it into her mouth before blowing out some sort of gas or smoke into the air reflected as a shadow.

"When I woke up, Nunnally went into a seizure, and as dozens of doctors and nurses rushed, trying to hold her down to sedate her, many of them gave me dirty looks. But only one really gave me a look of pity." Lelouch stared down at his hands as he tried to remember the horrible memories he tried to put under the rug for good.

"After she was sedated, Dr. Chawla informed me that over the night, Nunnally was given a huge amount of dosages of her treatment that damaged her central nervous system."

"It's called 'Locked-In syndrome'...her brain is still stimulated but the rest of her body and other motor skills are completely incapable of any movement. She's basically paralyzed, but she can still think and hear" Rakshata explained.

Lelouch fell to the floor slowly, scratching his acrylic-nails against the doctor's lab coat as he slopped down to the ground. "Ho-How can this be? I-I was with her the whole night...".

"-About that...I'm sorry to say but I under the pretenses that you were the only person logged into that room, and stayed after visiting hours assuming from the fact that you never signed out, the hospital has no choice but to suspect you injected Nunnally with the drugs-"


"-And hereby restrains you from seeing Nunnally under any pretenses to protect her safety."

"NO", he shouted, pounding his fist at the tiled floor. Rakshata showed no emotion as she took a deep smoke from her pipe. "I'm going to have to ask you to leave before I have to call security to remove you from the premises." Lelouch used the wall to get his balance as he got back onto his feet, trying to gather himself. He looked surprisingly calm about the matter...until he pushed the Indian doctor aside and ran to his sister's death bed.

"Security!" Rakshata yelled, as two police officers stepped into the room (one left to help the lady up from the floor), and walked speedily over to the crying man hugging the limp body of his little sister.

"Nunnally, please listen. I'm so sorry this happened to you again! I love you so much,- LET GO OF ME!" he shrieked at the men trying pull him off that he couldn't see through his watery eyelashes. "-Nunnally, I care for you so much , I would never ever do this to you!", he screamed as he was being carried away from his sister's room by the men. Struggling and fighting like hell, he escaped out of one of the man's arms to race over to his sister to hug her tightly again, before he was captured again. "Nunnally!" he kept screaming, over and over again through his dry lungs. He bawled and cried while trying to call her ,even with the mucus running down his nose and flushed cheeks that were burning crimson. He never stopped.

The security guards successfully removed Lelouch from the hospital and threw him into the back of a black limo that was blocking the emergency entrance. He fell onto the red leather set, and before he knew it the men had shut the door behind him and the vehicle was already moving.

"So...I heard that you were trying to run away from the little debt you have to settle with me...even after I helped your sister". Lelouch didn't even have to try to recognize who voice that was.

"And I really do hate it when my toys try to think they can get pass me and not expect to be punished for it," said Schneizel, frowning at the fact that he couldn't get his cigarette to light up. He looked over at the distraught man in the corner of his eye. His long black hair was now a tangled mess, and his shirt to seem have shredded up back when he was being caught cause their was nothing else covering his haggard chest and torso.

"You-", Lelouch began quietly, completely in shock , "-Nunnally".

"Yes, I fixed that little matter up." Violet eye's bulged in shock at the front of the limo where a line of the older man's bodyguards sat and stared back, not facing the blond bachelor that was staring at him intensively. Schneizel was a bit confused at the fear and worry that was expressed in those blankless eyes. He crossed his legs and said, "but don't be so distraught about it doll. She'll probably forget all about you and what she saw of you now in the last month of two before she kicks the bucket, so just give up on this whole running away thing and stop thinking about anything else except me and-", his fingers cupped Lelouch's chin before harshly snapping the man's head to face the blond. "-that debt you owe me...and by which was doubled by the amount of medications and man power I had to spend to paralyze her so I'd estimate...hmm, about 11 million dollars with daily interest?"

Lelouch's swollen eyelids couldn't hold the small tears that crept down his frigid face. Schneizel grew annoyed at the solemn expression the other made at him. Even with the dried streams of mucus and previous tears that fell were still present on his face, the look in his eyes showed emptiness. They showed a man who had just lost everything he had ever lived for in those eyes.

"Now, do something much more useful than crying-" Schneizel growled, irritated, putting the cigarette in the ash tray afore he grabbing Lelouch and throwing him down on the spacious floor that wasn't in the way of his security guards shoes before yanking his ponytail so his head was in between the older's legs.

"-and use that pretty little mouth of yours to suck me off."

Gino and Suzaku both sat there with frogs in their throats, speechless. Lelouch raised his eyes away from his own twitching digits and watched the other two as their expressions change as they tried to comprehend what happened.

"Is Nunnally?", Gino began but couldn't finish his question because of another frog nestling in his esophagus. However, he didn't even need to finish because both of the men knew what he meant.

"Yes," Lelouch whispered and coughed nervously afore raising his voice up an octave higher ", One of the doctors from the hospital came to the club and brought me up to the knightmares would only tell me about it if I ..I...-," he grew quiet for a moment, "-She passed away a week after I was dragged out."

Suzaku stared at his ex-lover with so much hatred in his eyes. He shot up from his seat and tackled Lelouch in the chair, causing for them (and the chair included) to crash to the floor. The eleven shook the exotic dancer by the shoulder which causes his head to pound to the floor as he did so. "Why didn't you try to get help! Why didnt you come and-"

"Find you?," Lelouch groaned through his teeth as his head felt like it had been split wide open. "Why would I go back to the man who had hurt me in the past and beg him to help me at my weakest? I have a lot more pride than what you think I have, Suzaku." Lelouch tried to shove the man off him that was sitting on his hips but Suzaku didn't budge.

"So you'd rather just sell yourself off and become a fucking slut then rather swallow your pride and ask for someone to help you with such a sensitive matter?"

"...Yes", the man straddled underneath him replied. Gino just sat there, like a dear in headlights as he watch his brunette-haired bud smack the living daylights out of his ex-boyfriend. Over, and over again; until the blond regained control of his mind and took Suzaku off him in a frenzy.

Lelouch raised the frozen piece of meat up to his face and winced at the stinging pain he received from the cold processed beef touching his bruised face. Gino had left to get a cheap first-aid kit for the raven's swollen cheeks, so he made them both promise they wouldn't tear each other apart while he went out and made them sit away from each other in time out. Lelouch watched Suzaku, sitting across the room ,looking angrier than he was before he lashed out on the man.

"Kururugi, I swear if you even try to jump me again, I swear to fucking christ I'll-"

"I wasn't trying to attack you," he muttered under his breath. Emerald orbs made contact with violet ones. "I was trying to wake you up."

Lelouch eyed the man as if he had gone bonkers. The eleven sighed at this and relaxed his body from the earlier tense state it was in a few minutes ago as he tried to settle down. "Alright, listen up-" he started, looking back at the long-haired beaut, "I realized I'll always love you for the Lelouch you were back in high school and during our childhood... and mainly beacause of that reason I just cannot allow you to give up on everything and everyone and let this Schnitzel dude or whatever just treat you like his property and manipulate and sell yourself like this...the Lelouch I know would never stand for such a thing."

Lelouch looked away from the eleven with disappointment in his eyes. Mainly disappointment in himself. Suzaku got up from his seat and walked over to the man across the room, who when realized that the eleven was coming over pulled his knees up against his body and shielded his face away by hiding it behind his knees and thighs. Suzaku frowned at this, and with only having good intentions, tried to comfort the shaken-up raven by rubbing his back as he took a seat himself right next to him on the sofa, but Lelouch shivered at the sensation he felt against his spine and shook even harder as he tightened his arms around his calls with all of his strength and biting on his own lip that wasn't visible to the other. Suzaku yanked his hand back, not wishing to upset the frightened twenty-year old any longer.

"What's happened to you, Lelouch?"

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