Chapter 2: Dual Pistol Dreamer

Maya has always dreamed of living the life of a Drifter. As a kid, she was in love with the idea of roaming the open plains and experiencing action and danger every step of the way. As her passion to be a Drifter grew, she decided to leave her comfortable nest to live out her dream.

Two weeks before the fateful encounter...

A train barrels through the desert under a blanket of darkness. As the windows flash by, a girl in a dress looks out, yawning as she reads her book - Wasteland Compendium by Elliot Enduro. She has been en route to her destination, but she did not know where she was going. Maya wanted to go as far away as humanly possible and start off anew - a new persona, a new life. The train had been bustling along sluggishly, sweeping up a tail of dust continuously as it crossed the arid Wasteland. The slow pace of the train gave Maya time to recollect and rethink. Was this truly the course on which she was destined to go? Was the life of a Drifter truly for her?

She thought of her younger brother back at home, probably wondering where his big sister had gone. "I can't think about that right now," Maya retorted, almost apologetically. In her mind and spirit, Maya realized she was doing this for herself (and perhaps to herself) and this was the path she had chosen.

Suddenly, the train jerks to a halt, launching her out of her seat.

"What the fuck? Who's operating this thing?"

Train Announcer: "Attention all passengers: we are currently decelerating from our normal speed and are arriving at our destination. Please remain seated for your safety."

The girl collects herself and sits back down on the red velvet seat within her cabin. She continues reading her book, absorbing as much information about Drifters and the Wasteland in as condensed period of time as possible. Like a child looking on with all the wonder and curiosity of the world, a small fire was lit in Maya's heart that grew with excitement and intrigue every minute. Maya remains seated and shortly after hears the door of her cabin compartment opening. A man dressed in a dark-green uniform looks at her curiously and asks:

"Are you Maya?"
"I might be, who wants to know?" she answered back hesitantly.

The train employee looked exasperated and was clearly not in the mood for Maya's games. He handed her a white-enveloped letter.
"I received a call to deliver this to you." Before she could thank him, the uniformed boy closed her cabin door and was swiftly gone. Maya fumbled around with the letter in her hands and surveyed the envelope. Plain white envelope, no return address and all that was written on the outside was her name: "Maya Schrödinger."

But directly under: "(Urgent)" She slowly opened the envelope and scanned the contents of the letter. A vague smile painted her face as her eyes lit up and looked out the window; the endless blur of rocks and dirt blended together along the speed of the moving train.

A sly twinkle in her eye implied something in the young woman's mind clicked into place. Gears shifted in her head as the train pulled into the station. Her hands went to her waist - assuring that her prized ARMs were there; two identical white pistols were sheathed in leather holsters sewn into her dress. Maya fanned herself with the letter and wondered if this was the opportunity she s been waiting for. "I guess I m getting off a stop earlier than I planned to," she thought to herself.