Note: If the summary seemed familiar that's because it is. I'm redoing my old story, Chaos. Some aspects are the same, but enough is different where you might want to read it again to understand. I'm doing this because my last story was too confusing, the characters got out of character really fast, and I was making some marysues which I hated. So I'm trying to redo that, and reviews warning me if I am are appreciated.

Warnings: If you hate Original Characters than this probably isn't your type of story. I'm trying to keep them as un-marysueish as possible but sometimes people just hate original characters...

Summary: After two years of training Sadie, Carter, and their followers have to stop the chaos that has consumed the House of Life and is spreading. Riots have broken out across Egypt as Apophis grows more powerful. Through the chaos they discover they must either unite or fight against the Greeks. But first the Kanes have to deal with school and the troubles that come with it.

Takes place 1 year after The Lost Hero and 2 years after Red Pyramid. It's also AU. So note:

- Sadie and Carter have discovered recruits (Felix, Cleo, Jazz, etc...)

- No Walt (not biased, he just didn't fit in when I made the story)

- Desjardin is still the head proctor

- Amos and the rest of the Kanes are still in hiding

- Zia was not hidden in a tomb by Iskandar, and for cannon sake Nephthys abandoned her body long ago

- Ra has not been freed yet

NOTE: My story is not going to be in first person like the books. It'll be in third person throughout but changing perspectives in some chapters from Sadie (main POV), Carter, Nico and Percy.

And after that long intro, that you probably skipped over, here's the story!

Chapter 1: A Brief History Lesson on Why We Are Screwed and a not so Terrible First Day of School

Two long years had passed since the Kane siblings first discovered the hidden world of the Ancient Egyptians. The siblings had spent most of the years training recruits that stumbled upon the signal they put in Cleopatra's Needle. The Kanes had trained 40 kids and teens that had ran away from their homes or were living on the streets. All the training was in hope that one day they could destroy Apophis, that day seeming to come sooner than later with the recent news reports they were watching on television.

Carter, who was now 16, sat on the couch in the spacious living room at Amos's mansion. He was watching the breaking news reports on CNN with a worried expression on his face. Carter had grown significantly the past two years. Due to the constant training and secret missions that involved a lot of explosions and scary monsters, he developed a lot of muscles.

He also developed his own sense of style, without his father's pressures and with a bit of Sadie's help he managed to find a comfortable style to express himself. He kept his curly hair cropped short. His favorite outfit was his navy blue form fitting t-shirt, which was cotton of course, and black loose fitting cotton skinny jeans (which were very hard to find). He especially adored his Nike high-tops, which were neon orange and green. Sadie's friends thought he was "hot," much to Sadie's disgust.

"I don't like this at all," Sadie said as she was sprawled out on the floor in front of the TV frowning at the news.

Sadie had also grown during the past few years. At 14 years of age she had developed a more confident aura about herself. She still liked dyeing her hair though, currently it was dyed a deep magenta. Much to the annoyance of Carter and Amos she also wore non-cotton clothing because of the serious damage it was doing to her styling choices.

"Amos did you see this?" Carter yelled to his Uncle that was in the next room.

Amos walked into the living room and sat on the couch next to Carter.

"Riots and protests have begun in Egypt demanding for a change in government. Looters have begun to spring up, the army is trying to protect the National Museum from getting looted," said the news reporter on CNN.

"Woah, this is all crazy? What if they steal all the Egyptian artifacts Amos?" asked Sadie.

Amos shifted nervously as he continued to watch the live coverage showing fires erupting and people being killed by the police, "That's not the issue right now. The House of Magic has people protecting it. The real issue is what is going to happen to the future of Egypt. This is clearly Apophis stirring up things. Even more worryingly I received a message from Desjardins,"

"Has he changed his mind about killing us?" Carter asked cringing at the memory of the man who had the potential to make their lives miserable.

"No, worse news. He is losing control of the situation. Egypt will certainly fall, the people need a leader. Apophis is summoning ancient Egyptian monsters and is even starting to stir up the monsters of the other gods."

"You mean the Greeks?" Sadie questioned. Both Carter and Sadie eventually learned about how the Greeks got the west side of New York and the Egyptians got the east side. Due to squabbles in the past, and the dismay the House of Life showed to the Greek gods the two remained separate. The magicians learned to stay away from anything Greek and vice versa, so it was odd knowing that Greek monsters were also beginning to attack.

"Yes, the Greek monsters. There are a lot of Greek monsters that we should be afraid of. It's really getting bad if Apophis is resorting to this. At this rate the Greeks will have to acknowledge us again, and the House of Life them," Amos said to the two siblings who were now engrossed with what they were learning.

"You mean we fight together?" asked Sadie, "That'd be awesome!"

"More fighting? After everything that happened two years ago? Although we've been training for this, I still would rather have peace than fighting," Carter said reminiscing in his head about how their lives were so drastically different. If it weren't for all the fighting in the past he would still have a mother and father.

"The Greeks will try to stay out of it as much as they can. And Desjardins is still as reluctant as ever to accept our own gods, he has even more disdain towards the Greeks because of the Romans." Amos explained.

"Romans? What do the Greeks have to do with that?" asked Sadie.

"Haven't you read any of the books we gave you," Carter scolded, "we gave them to you so you would understand the history. This history is very important, the past is the key to the future."

"Yea, yea wise boy," Sadie grumbled. She had mainly skimmed the thousands of pages of history that she was assigned to read. She didn't think it was fair that Carter had the chance to learn things hands-on with their dad while she had to stick to reading boring books.

"I'll explain to Sadie, "Amos said trying to ease the tension between the two," You know about how the Greeks set up their own Pharaoh in Egypt, the Ptolemies?"

Sadie nodded in response and Amos continued, "The Greeks ruled for hundreds of years but they still allowed the Egyptians to worship their own gods. The Egyptian people treated the Greek Pharaohs no differently than the other Pharaohs because the Ptolemies swore their allegiance to the Egyptian gods. At this time the Greek gods and Egyptian gods were on good terms, they even intermingled."

"Yea, Thoth mentioned he was mistaken for Hermes," Sadie said piecing things together.

Amos nodded, "Right, I heard Thoth was a bit peeved about that too. The Egyptian gods and the Greek gods got along great. That was until the war in Greece split Greece up. One of the goddess Aphrodite's children founded a civilization called Rome. Their society became a mixture of all the cultures around the Mediterranean. They even adopted the Greek gods as their own, but with a twist.

The Greek gods changed names but with the same basic principle. Zeus became Jupiter, Hera became Juno, and so on. Along with the name change was an attitude change. They became more militaristic, they hungered for world conquest. They saw the world as theirs."

"And they wanted Egypt," Carter said with a scowl on his face.

"Precisely, they began to colonize Egypt. At this time the rulers were Ptolemy XIV and Cleopatra VII. They were just children really. Cleopatra was 18, Ptolemy only 10. They attempted to resist the Romans but were failing. Cleopatra who was hosting Isis loved Egypt, she was the first queen from the Ptolemic family to even speak the Egyptian language. However she fell in love with two Romans."

"I remember this! It was Julius Caesar and Marc Anthony," said Sadie, proud that she remembered something from those books.

"Marc Antony, offspring of Hercules," Amos said chuckling at her enthusiasm, "She and Julius Caesar had a child named Ptolemy Caesarion and with Marc Antony twins. A girl named Cleopatra Selene and a boy named Alexander Helios."

"Like the sun and moon," Carter remarked.
"Aww that's cute," Sadie said standing up from her spot on the floor to pat her brother on his curly hair.

Carter smacked her hand away scowling at his little sister, "Anyways, continue with the story Amos."

"Cleopatra, the older one, lived in Rome for a few years but still owed her loyalty to Egypt. When the Romans decided they wanted total control of Egypt she was devastated. She didn't want her children to lose their homeland and right to the throne. After a particular devastating battle Marc Antony, her lover at the time, believed she was dead and killed himself. In her despair, upon realizing that she was losing her homeland and now the person she loved the most, she killed herself with a cobra."

Upon hearing the end both Carter and Sadie had sad expressions on their faces.

"What about her children?" Sadie questioned her uncle.

"Caessarion was killed after he tried to claim his throne, he had tried to summon Ra to no avail. He believed that he was the rightful host for Ra. The twins were sent to live in Rome. The two separated, Alexander Helios was never heard of again. Cleopatra Selene married a king and had two children."

"At least it's not a completely sad ending," Sadie mumbled, depressed at how the story turned out.

"It was a sad ending for Egypt. Egypt never became what it once was again. The House of Life turned against the Egyptian gods for sitting through everything and not helping. "Carter explained to his sister with a frown on his face.

"That is why the House of Life cursed the Egyptian gods and never want their help. They even believe that the Egyptian gods arranged for this to happen with the Greeks." Amos explained.

"Why would they arrange for their own demise?" Sadie questioned.

"That's where things get a little murky. I don't know why the gods didn't help. We could only ask them. Anyways , the point is things are a mess in Egypt. If the situation doesn't clear up we could even have a war against the Greeks and Romans. Especially if the Greek monsters start to escalate their attacks on the magicians."

"We're in deep crap," Carter said sighing at the huge mess that he knew him and his sister would have to fix.

Sadie nodded in agreement and a tiny grin broke out on her face, "So when are we going to Egypt?"

"Egypt? No, no, you're going to school. You remember it's going to be your first day of high school soon Sadie. Aren't you excited?" Amos said amusingly to his niece.

Sadie gasped in surprise and rose to her feet glaring at her uncle, "Wait, you mean you're going to tell us all of that only to have us do nothing?"

Carter who was still sitting on the couch looked up at his uncle confused, "Don't you think we should move on things?"

Amos sighed and ran his hand over his head nervously, "You guys, I promised your dad I'd have you in school, he's already mad I've let you stay out for two years. I'm more afraid of him than some monsters. Besides there's really not much we could do now, this is something we have to let the House of Life figure out."

Sadie groaned in frustration, "Common Amos! I don't want to go to high school. Me and Carter can help somehow!"

Amos shook his head, "No, you both have to go school. If the situation gets worse though I will arrange for you to take off for a while. No compromising."

Days passed and it was finally the long bitterly awaited first day of school.

Carter was nervous to begin his first day of school since he was in 3rd grade. On his trips with dad he was homeschooled, or as he liked to call it, airplane-schooled. Now he would be starting school as a Junior at The Beacon School in upper Manhattan.

While Carter was also nervous about leaving the situation in Egypt alone, he mainly missed Zia. He hadn't seen her since the fight against Set two years before. He knew from Amos that she was still with the House of Life, her secret unknown to Desjardins and the others. Carter really wanted to see her but with everything going on he knew that was impossible.

Carter grabbed his backpack and lunch that Khufu packed, everything inside started with the letter "C." Cheetoes, Cheese cake, and Chile. The oddest lunch combination.

"Thanks for the food Khufu," Carter said giving the baboon a small nod. Khufu just motioned towards the basketball and gave him a challenging look. Carter still got swept by Khufu whenever they played basketball.

"Sadie are you ready? We're going to be late!" Carter called out towards his sister's room.

Sadie was just finishing putting on her outfit, a plaid form fitting shirt with her usual jeans and military boots. For the special occasion of school she dyed her blonde hair with black and red streaks.

"This is going to be a disaster," grumbled Sadie as she looked at herself in the mirror. She was very nervous about starting her first year in high school in a completely different country than England. She heard her brother screaming at her from the kitchen and grabbed her backpack and screamed at him to shut up.

Amos met them in the living room, "Everyone excited!" He said enthusiastically only to be met with groans.

"Excited for this day to end," Sadie muttered.

"Well I have a surprise for both of you," Amos smiled and led them outside where the siblings were greeted by hugs from an old friend.

"BAST!" They both shouted as they hugged the cat goddess. Bast had been on a mission involving a few recruits whom she had to help return to their homes. Felix, the loveable 9-year old, wanted to go home and Cleo from Rio was also feeling homesick. Their house for the first time in a while, was only occupied by Carter, Sadie and Amos (on the days he wasn't in Egypt).

"Well I couldn't let you go to school on your first day alone," Bast said smiling as they pulled out of the hug.

"How were Felix and Cleo, did they make it home safely?" Carter asked.

"Yup, ran into a few monsters though. Greek ones, a bit odd and challenging, I'm not used to fighting them."

After talking for a bit they reluctantly headed to the car Bast was going to drop them off in. It was a sleek black Mercedes Benz, a bit flashy for a trip to school but they were used to living in style having lived in a mansion for 2 years. The trip to school only took five minutes thanks to Bast's crazy driving. "Have fun at school you guys, and stay out of trouble!" Bast said before she sped away, leaving the two siblings alone on the sidewalk in front of the school.

"Well I guess this is it," Carter said to Sadie as they observed their prison.

"Yeah, well I guess I should go, I have to figure out where room 304 is," Sadie grumbled and walked towards her class.

It took her 15 minutes to find the room, making her 5 minutes late. Sadie groaned as she opened the door, she'd rather be stuck in bird form again or having to listen to one of Jazz's lectures on all of the terrible diseases in the world.

Sadie walked in the room with all eyes on her. I guess she did look a little odd with her streaked hair and military boots. Glaring at them she approached the fat and balding teacher who motioned for her to take a seat next to a dark haired boy who was wearing all black and sulking.

After introductions from the teacher the teacher made them go around stating their name and an interesting fact about themselves. Sadie was already bored and wondering how she was going to get through the day. She was used to the freedom of doing whatever she wanted and running around on all sorts of adventures. Not being stuck in a classroom.

"My name is Nico di Angelo, and I'm pretty good with a sword," said the dark haired boy sitting next to Sadie interrupting her thoughts.

He looked kind of cute, not as cute as Anubis but attractive in his own way. He was a little taller than herself and had medium length dark black hair and intense brown eyes. He was wearing a skull and cross bones t-shirt with dark gray jeans, ans surprisingly, military boots similar to her own. His apparel alone put him up a few notches in the book of, "All the guys Sadie's ever had a crush on."

"And you are," her teacher said interrupting her from her staring.

Sadie's face was completely red as she stood up, "Oh, erm, hi!" The class giggled and Sadie thought she would die on the spot – this was definitely worse than that time she'd nearly been killed by a Sphinx.

"My name is Sadie Kane. I'm originally from L.A. but I lived in England for most of my life."

Sadie quickly sat down and glanced at Nico who was observing her with his intense eyes. Sadie blushed and quickly looked away.

"Hi, I'm Lex and I'm originally from Alexandria. That's in Egypt," said a tall lanky boy with very tan skin, dark curly brown hair, a long sharp nose, and bright blue eyes. While he was not exactly Sadie's type, she couldn't help but appreciate how attractive he was. He was like polar opposites with Nico though.

"I'm Leo and I like mango popsicles," said a very pretty girl who looked just like Lex.

"Are you guys twins?" A boy asked from the back of the class.

"Yes," Leo and Lex answered at the same time.

Their teacher, Mr. Rudolf, addressed the classroom after the twins took their seat, "Well this is a very diverse classroom. We have classmates from Alexandria and England…" Sadie zoned out as Mr. Rudolf started talking about their first topics in class. After the bell rang Sadie got up to go to her next class, art.

As she was leaving she accidentally bumped into Nico making all of his books fall. He then looked at her with intense brown eyes that made her feel like she was going to melt. "Sorry," he mumbled as he started picking up his stuff.

"No, it was my fault," Sadie said embarrassed as she helped, "so you're from New York?"

"Um, kind of. I live here now, but I was born in Italy… Well at least I think I was born in Italy my mom is Italian – was Italian," he looked flustered, "She died when I was young."

"I'm sorry for your loss," Sadie said, now feeling strangely connected to him. It wasn't often she'd met people with a deceased parent, "My mother died too, my father also. I know it's tough…"

Nico smiled thoughtfully at her and Sadie's heart started racing again. Her friends Liz and Emma would be totally yelling at her to ask him out or talk to him some more, but Sadie didn't know what to say. He didn't either because they continued down the hallway in silence. Suddenly Sadie saw her brother running towards her and never felt happier to see him in her life. "Carter!" She yelled out.

Carter approached Sadie and Nico, observing the boy that was with his sister. Nico glanced questioningly between the two. "Oh, sorry Nico. Nico this is my brother Carter. Carter this is Nico," Sadie said motioning towards both of them.

"You two are related?" Nico asked surprised.

Sadie held back a groan, she really was getting tired of people doubting their relationship, "Yup, our dad is African-American and our mum is white. I take after our mother."

Nico nodded and a moment of awkward silence followed between the three of them. "Well I have to go to class. I have Physics," Nico said to the siblings.

Sadie nodded, "See you later."

"Yeah, later," Nico said before he disappeared into the crowd of people.

"He gives me the creeps," Carter told his sister.

Sadie hit him on his arm and glared at him, "Anything dark gives you the creeps."