Chapter 20:

The last thing Sadie remembered before her Ba drifted off was a woman with a lion's head throwing a curse at Felix and her foolishly pushing him out of the way to take the curse. Now she was stuck in bird form as her body was probably laying somewhere dying.

She floated around before she arrived at a cemetery with Anubis sitting at a table. If birds could blush she was sure she'd be glowing red as she flew down to Anubis. He smiled at her and she felt her body shift and looked down to see that her Ba had turned into her human form.

Anubis looked just the same as he looked when she saw him 2 years ago – same charming brown eyes, same tousled black hair, same pale features. He was still the strikingly handsome 16-year old looking god of funerals.

"Hello Anubis," Sadie said awkwardly as she sat down at a small circular table opposite of him. There were some cookies on the table and it looked like they were going to have tea rather than discuss her potential funeral preparations.

"Hello Sadie," Anubis smiled gently at her.

"So, are we going to start discussing what type of tombstone I want?"

Anubis cocked his head to the side, "What? – Oh no, you're not going to die Sadie. Well not yet at least… That's what I need to talk to you about – that and some other things."

Suddenly AJ and Nico popped into her mind and this time she did blush.

"Sekhmet thought it would be a good idea to curse you with the bubonic plague. It's a really powerful curse – one that you need to counter that with a strong cleaning spell. Something people back then weren't very good at. Now I need to talk to you about your two new friends – Alexander Helios and Cleopatra Selene."

Sadie coughed as she chocked on a biscuit. The last thing she wanted to talk to Anubis about was her boyfriend – especially when he was her first crush.

"What about him?" she asked after catching her breath.

"Well both of them are very important. I ran into Cleopatra Selene the other day, I'm not sure if she remembers me but I knew her and Alexander Helios 2000 years ago."

Sadie nodded as she remembered that the two of them were actually reincarnates. And she guessed that after dying they would've run into Anubis.

"There was a deal made around their lives – a deal that they need to complete."

"What sort of deal?" Sadie asked.

"If they want to tell you they can – though I wonder if they even remember. Their parents set it up. I just need you to remind them that they have to uphold their end as I have already done my part."

Sadie could tell he wasn't going to budge if she asked him more questions, and his mysterious act was a bit creepy. "Is that it?" She asked wanting to get back to the living world.

Anubis frowned, "I feel bad for your romantic choices – one guy is destined for something and the other is Greek."

Sadie suddenly became angry with Anubis. "Like you have any control over my love life – it's none of your business." She stood up from the table and waited for her Ba to return to her body.

Anubis stood up and stood next to her, "I'm just concerned Sadie." He then leaned in and kissed her gently on her lips. Before her brain even had time to process it she was floating away. She looked down at Anubis who stared up at her with his sad brown eyes.

Sadie awoke to the chattering of many individual and bright light. When her eyesight finally focused she could make out all her friends around her. She felt lightheaded when she saw Nico and felt her hand in his tight grip. When she saw AJ she suddenly remembered everything Anubis had just revealed – including the kiss.

"You have to use a cleaning spell," Sadie croaked out. Her throat felt like she'd swallowed nails and then drank a cup of alcohol right after.

"A cleaning spell," Jazz muttered before something seemed to click in her head, "Of course! I'll be right back with the spell." She ran out of the tent.

AJ leaned down to her and kissed her forehead gently – she must've been burning up because his normally heated kisses felt like an icepack. She smiled nonetheless as she looked at his concerned face, their earlier fight seemed trivial now that she was ill with a 700-year old plague.

"You're going to be okay," AJ said comfortingly. Sadie wasn't sure how to tell him Anubis's message – she had a feeling that whatever he meant by destiny wasn't good.

Luckily Jazz entered the room before Sadie had a chance "I have the spell!" Jazz pulled out her staff and concentrated before chanting. Sadie felt her body cooling and it became a lot less painful to swallow and breathe. After a few minutes she was able to sit up. Nico was still beside her but no longer holding her hand, Bast was next to him and CJ and AJ were standing at the foot of her bed.

"Where are Carter and Zia?" Sadie asked them.

"They're sorting out a plan to find the missing demigods," Bast answered.

"I thought they found one of them?"

"The rest of them were kidnapped," Nico answered, "We were a day late." His face looked paler than usual and Sadie knew he was probably blaming himself for not acting sooner.

"We'll find them," Sadie tried to comfort him, "I'm sure they can't be that far."

After Sadie felt she wouldn't faint upon standing she decided to get out of bed. The others had left to help fight the monsters that kept rapidly re-spawning. As she was leaving the tent she looked at an unfamiliar blonde girl. She looked pretty beaten up and Sadie realized she was probably Annabeth.

"Water," the girl muttered suddenly – her eyelids were still closed. Sadie looked around for any Apollo campers but she was the only one still awake in the tent. Sadie grabbed a small cup and filled it with water from her canteen, she walked over to Annabeth and placed it in her open hand.

"Thanks, you're Sadie right?" Annabeth's eyes were now open and Sadie could see startling grey eyes that a few of the other campers had.

"Yeah, and I guess you're Annabeth."

Annabeth nodded and she sat up in her bed, looking at Sadie with calculating eyes. "It's weird how in the past year we suddenly find out that there aren't just Greek gods but Romans and now Egyptians too. Did you know about us before all of this?"

"No – well we knew about Greek gods and I just assumed they were the same as the Romans. But none of us knew they had kids roaming around, especially not a whole camp filled with you guys."

Annabeth frowned, "My mother and the others seem to think it'll benefit us to keep us ignorant about the others. But if we'd known earlier I bet we wouldn't have been in this bad of a situation. We could've prepared more."

Sadie squirmed as Annabeth glared at the sky – Annabeth seemed like a cool person but she looked just as scary as Zia when she was mad. "So who's your mother?"

Annabeth's face softened and she looked at Sadie with stared at her with her bright grey eyes, "Athena, goddess of wisdom."

"I guess that makes sense. You look like you know a lot."

Annabeth smiled, "Thanks, though I don't know if I'll be much help anytime soon. Will has given me bed rest for the next 3 days. By then they might be…"

Annebeth's face turned sad as she didn't finish her statement. But Sadie knew she was talking about her friends. Although this was her first time meeting Annabeth she understood where she was coming from and she wanted to help find the others no matter what.

"Don't worry, our magicians are pretty powerful – and you demigods aren't that bad either. We will find them."

Annabeth nodded and lay back down on the bed. Sadie could tell she was tired and after saying goodbyes she left the tent.

Once outside Sadie knew it was time to tell AJ and CJ what Anubis had told her. It was night and most people were in their tents sleeping. She looked around and eventually found them returning from the continuous battle that would probably go on for a while.

"I need to tell you guys what happened when I was unconscious. First of all I was with Anubis the whole time," Sadie said to them once they found a more private location.

AJ frowned, "Did he do anything to you?"

Sadie blushed and was unsure of how to answer that she had kissed Anubis – thought technically he kissed her first and she just accepted it. But it was still something you didn't tell your boyfriends.

"I knew it! Carter told me how you two used to like each other," AJ looked more annoyed than anything while CJ looked like she was trying to hold back a smile.

"It was just a tiny kiss – but that's not the point!" AJ was glaring at the ground as if trying to figure out how to dig his way to the Land of the Dead and Sadie knew she had to change the subject, "He told me to remind you that you have to uphold your end of the deal."

This caught both of their attention. They both looked at her with identical expressions of surprise and a bit of fright.

"Is that all he told you?" CJ asked.

"Kind of, he told me offhandedly that AJ had some kind of destiny that he must finish. What deal did you guys make?" Sadie asked as the twins looked at each other. They must've been doing some sort of twin talk because they stared at each other without speaking before nodding to each other.

"Hey what were you two talking about? Are you guys in some kind of trouble?"

"We're fine," AJ said unconvincingly.

"Stop lying, what was the deal?" Sadie pressured. It must've been bad because AJ had normally told her everything if she asked him.

"One of us is supposed to die sometime soon," CJ said before AJ could speak, "It's no big deal – we're not going to let that happen."

Sadie gasped and looked at AJ, "Why didn't you tell me earlier? And what kind of deal is that? Why would Anubis make one of you die?"

AJ glared at CJ before hugging Sadie, "Not everyone can come back as reincarnates Sadie. There's a price involved with it. Our parents begged the gods – Roman and Egyptian – to allow us to come back somehow in another time so that me and CJ could be together again. We were split up when we were 10 after all – that's when I died and well CJ lived –"

"But it was a miserable life," CJ finished.

AJ gave her a sympathetic smile and continued, "With every god's permission we were allowed to come back someday but in return we promised them one of us to give up our souls. I won't let CJ do that so it'll be me – that is if we can't stop it somehow."

Sadie looked up into his dark blue eyes, "How can you stop it?"

"We've trained our hardest. I'm a lot stronger than I was in my previous life - I'm not going down without a fight."

Sadie wasn't convinced that it would be as easy as he said it would be to defy all the gods but she wanted to hope. Both him and CJ had already lived such a hard life, was it too hard for someone to give them a break.

"We'll be fine," CJ said. CJ normally sounded halfhearted with things but now Sadie could tell she really meant it.

AN:/ I'm also currently writing a sort of companion piece to this story called, "Love is a Simple Thing", it's going to go more in depth about what happened to AJ and CJ but it mainly revolves around Cleopatra and Marc Antony.