"Bold Italic" is for Hinata's inner thoughts.

Here's a small valentine related story. Will update every day, hope you like it.

I hate Valentine day!

A thought that swam on Hinata's brain. Hinata was feeling crappy; something she was kind of use to.

Every year Hinata would tell herself that it wasn't time to be with someone on Valentine's Day but this year she was fed up. She didn't want to be single, she wanted to be with the person she loved the most but clearly that was not going to happen.

After all Naruto had been avoiding her; all because she was stupid enough to listen to her friends and confess her feelings for him.

She told him how she felt and he ran, and after that day not evens a word was directed towards her.

"Why wait for someone who clearly has no feeling for me?" Hinata asked herself out loud as she stared at herself in the mirror. "If you get over him Hinata, you will feel better and be a happier person and maybe you will date" Hinata said. "He is forgotten"

She stared at herself, silently making herself believe this out loud statement.

"Hinata, we've been waiting for you for half an hour, if you don't come out in 10 second I'm leaving without you" Neji yelled from the outside.

Then she remembered how the Hokage had asked for the nine rookies for a C rank mission. "I'm coming" She yelled back. She stepped away from the mirror and tied her headband on her neck, trying her best not to her any strings of her black hair.

She checked herself one last time and left. Neji and Hinata walked in silence, like they usually did. Hinata had once minded; but not anymore.

After a 18 minutes of an awkward walk they finally got to the Hokage's office where the rest waited for them.

"Nice of you to join us Neji" Sakura said, clearly annoyed.

"I'm here too, you freaking bubble head freak" Hinata said in her mind as she stood beside Kiba who grinded at her.

"It wasn't my fault, Hinata was taking her time" Neji shrugged as he made himself between Lee and Tenten, wrapping his arms around the brown haired girl.

"Well at least I'm ready for anything" Hinata growled in her head.

She looked around the room and the spotted Naruto who was trying to hide himself between Sasuke and Sai. "Forget it Naruto, you are history to me!" Hinata said as she silently Hn'ed and looked away.

Tsunade waited for the teens to settle and then talked. "I know you are all wondering why you are here"

"Oh great. Now what? She can read minds now? It's obvious" Hinata mentally rolled her eyes.

"I've called you here for a mission" Tsunade continued. "You see the holiday is here and every year a group of Jonin are assing to deliver presents and card to everyone in the village" Tsunade smirked as she pointed at the 3 extra large brown bag full of valentine's things.

"Ugh. This is just what I need" Hinata sigh.

"They must be delivered before 12. It's easy and simple. Now leave, I need to sleep" Tsunade barked as she shooed the away.

Kiba, Sasuke and Naruto took the three bags as they walked outside. "So how should we do this?" Sakura asked.

"It's not a science Sakura; we just walked around town from door to door giving gifts." Ino rolled her eyes.

"I was thinking about splitting up, so we can do it faster" Sakura said.

"What for? It's not like any of us has something to do today" Shikamaru said, as he rubbed the back of his neck.

"True" Sakura nodded. "Well let's gets started" Sakura beamed. Hinata hanged back as she waited for Naruto, Sasuke and Kiba. Naruto seeing this stayed close to Sasuke avoiding her at any cost.

"Really? Why don't you just slap me and we can't stop the nonsense" Hinata mentally growled as she watched Naruto.

"Ummm Kiba, can I carry the bag instead of you?" She asked quietly as she walked along Kiba. "I am not in the mood to give love letter to other preppy girls"

"Naw, I'm ok" Kiba grinded. "It wouldn't be fair to let a girl carry this heavy bag" Kiba smirked.

"Did he just call me weak? Oh no he didn't. I will snap you as a twig!" Hinata growled in her mind.

"Hn, if Sakura would have heard you, you'll be dead" Sasuke commented as he walked between Naruto and Hinata.

"What? Is she the only who could beat up guys? I'll snap you like twig too Sasuke"

Not wanting to really snapped Hinata hurried her pace and walked beside Tenten. Immediately they started leaving present and letter at people house.

"Well here goes nothing" Hinata sigh softly as she rang the bell to her first house. In her hands laid the fluffiest teddy bear with a bouquet of red roses.

The woman squealed with delight as Hinata faked a smile. "Happy Valentine's day" Hinata said and walked away.

The day went on, as the nine rookies and Guy's team spread Valentine cheer. By noon Hinata was no longer faking smiles, but rather quickly dumping what the person gotten and returned for more before the person reacted to their present.

"Hinata" Sakura called as she made Hinata stopped. Hinata stared at Sakura as she they stood in the middle of their friends who formed a circle.

"Yes?" She said quietly.

"You have to moderate your attitude. Three people have complained about you" Sakura shook her head with disappointment.

"What is this? An intervention?" Hinata thought.

"You know Hinata, we know it hard for you cuz you're so quiet and stuff but you have to loosen up a little be more like me" Sakura grinded.

"Be more like you?" Hinata spaded with repugnance. "Did I just say that out loud?"

"Well yeah"

"What would that bring me? Joy? Or men? Please Sakura the last thing I want is become a thing like you" Hinata growled making the rest gasp.

"Frick! I can't stop myself" Hinata cried. "Why stop? End this once and for all" All the anger Hinata had been keep from everyone was instantly showed.

"I will preferred to be burn than to become something even remotely close to what you are" Hinata growled. "I'm tired of you people pushing me and making me feels like I'm shit! I'm done with all of you. You're nothing but ego centric group of people who clearly have low self esteem"

She looked around to see their shock faces. Better to be alone than to be mistreated like she had always been. "And you!" She pointed at Naruto. "Don't worry blondie. You made it clear, no feeling and I get it. You don't have to hide behind everyone now every time I'm close to you. You are dead to me!"

Hinata finished and walked away.

Forget what they are.

Forget who they are.

Now be happy, and free.

The war that you had inside your head has ended and now you can breathe with peace.

No this is not the end. There are two more chapter.