The following note was attached to a large box that Hungary received in the mail on Monday morning. It contained a battered-looking albino man and an exhausted canary.


I think you might have lost this. It was found by one of my border patrols, running out of Lebanon like a pack of jackals were after it.



P.S.: Canada called me yesterday... We're arranging to meet for coffee sometime. Just thought you might want to know.

Dear Israel,

Thank you for the package. The contents were somewhat damaged, but he's in good enough condition for target practice. *grins*

I hope you and Canada have fun!



A/N: Thank you to katzsoa (Israel), Karen Elaine DuLay (France), ILoveAnimeVeryMuch123 (England/America), and almostinsane (Austria/Italy) for making this story happen, and to everyone else who sent in letters.

Hungary's going to take a break from answering your letters…she has to pay more attention to EU bureaucratic work, and I have to pay more attention to college homework. But I will be starting a second Ask Hungary, probably in April or May; in the meantime, friends and fans, please check out the rest of my work!