Disclaimer: JKR has the rights.

For Maria Mississippi's FreeVerse Challenge.

Pairing: Blaise/Parvati.

((who do you think you are,

blaise bloody zabini?))

that's what she said to you,

and suddenly you knew why she was a gryffindor.

before that fight, she'd been all


everything you always looked for in your girls.


but that day,

you learned your goddamn lesson

no more dating out-of-house for you.


cause that girl...


her beautiful black hair, so sleek and long and straight,

was suddenly w i l d as she threw it about,

running her hands through it.


and her brown cheeks were flushed

as she let out that lion's roar.


((i trusted you, blaise zabini! i trusted you!))

she s c r e a m e d it.

((i waited for you...))

and she almost sounded bro-ken as she said it.

((i waited for y o u . . . ))


but it's not your fault, right?

it's hers.

parvati patil,

the beautiful gryffindor

who was stupid enough to believe you

when you said you loved her.


[then again, blaise zabini...

didn't you believe it too?]