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Chapter 2: a new pet and academy.

Naruto woke up from his sleep. Kyuubi sent him a few more visions in his sleep. It showed the [prototype] guy sending out massive waves of tendrils at is enemies. He did the same thing only with spikes comg out of the ground. It also showed Star Killer using the force to lift massive things. He even brought down a huge ship on top of a base and managed to survive.

Naruto woke up washed, ate some toast and scrambled eggs with bacon. And headed out to the academy. Naruto was walking toward the academy when he suddenly smelt something. He recognized the smell as blood. That was when he noticed it was coming from a small patch of the woods. Naruto had a bad feeling as he made his way to the place.

Naruto found the place and his eyes went wide in shock. Before lay a large family of foxes. Each one was dead. Among the group was a small blonde baby fox. It was the only one that was still alive. A group of civilians and a few ninja about chuunin in rank were standing around the small animal. They were armed with knives, pipes, and all sorts of makeshift weapons. Naruto felt his anger rise as he saw one of them men raise the pipe he was using as a weapon.

Naruto felt something snap.

"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!" Naruto roared in complete rage.

The group turned to Naruto with looks of shock then they looks changed to anger and disgust.

"We're finishing off this fox," a civilian yelled, "and then we're going to finish you off!"

The man didn't continue as he felt a huge amount of killing intent aimed at him. Everyone stopped what they were doing to see Naruto sending a lot of killing intent. Red chakra was flowing of him and his sunglasses shattered to show black and red eyes.

"Your lives," he growled, "are over."

Naruto vanished. The civilians thought he had run away to get the hokage.

"If we can't kill him," one civilian said raising a pitchfork, "Then we'll just have the pleasure of killing this one!"

He looked to see the fox was gone. The guy looked around and then he looked up to see two Naruto's up in the air. Both looked angry and one had the fox under his arm. One of the Naruto's came down and landed in the middle of the group. He began to focus his biomass. The other Naruto jumped back to a safe distance. The group looked at the boy in shock until Naruto yelled something out.

"Devestator: Tendril Burst!"

Ahuge blast of tendrils shot out of Naruto's body. Each one struck the group and tore each of them apart. After a few seconds each one was drawn back and he fell to one knee. After a few seconds and a deep breath Naruto calmed down and rose up. Luckily he managed to consume a few of the chuunin. He stood still as his memories filtered. He found a fire jutsu and a water jutsu used by one of them. He even found a few chakra exercises to enhance his chakra control and capacity. Luckily the spot they were in was deep in the woods so no one knew that they were out there. Plus Naruto had a feeling that the old man was watching. He had a sneaking suspicion that the old man was going to have some ANBU do the same thing.

Meanwhile in the Hokage's office…

Sarutoib stared in shock at what Naruto had done. He was both surprised and shocked that Naruto had done something in such a brutal yet efficient style. He knew that when Naruto mastered these powers there was no one on earth who would be able to stop him. Human or otherwise. Plus it saved him the trouble of send some ANBU to take care of them.

Back with Naruto and little fox baby.

The second Naruto walked over to the first Naruto and handed the fox to him. He then burst into smoke. During his demonstration when he consumed a Sarutobi clone he learned the shadow clone jutsu. He was surprised to say that this was the first time he used it and he was surprised he got it down since he had trouble with the clone jutsu. He also learned about the fox. He felt betrayed that the old man hadn't told him, but he would question him about it later.

He was snapped from his thoughts when the fox whimpered. He knew the fox was badly injured. Naruto was thinking when he remembered that the techniques in his [prototype] bloodline came from the guy being infected. He then sent a little bit of his biomass into the small fox. The fox's wound healed and it got up and yipped happily. Naruto petted the fox.

"Hey little guy,' Naruto said, "do you want to come with me? I could use a partner."

The fox yipped again licked Naruto's face.

"Okay little guy," Naruto said smiling, "You can come with me."

The fox growled a little. Naruto then realized he made a mistake.

"Sorry," Naruto said, "little girl you can come with me."

The fox jumped down and started walking at Naruto's feet. The blonde then realized that he had to go to the academy and fast. Naruto then started running as fast as he could. He looked down to see the fox was running right next to him.

'Wow that stuff must act fast,' Naruto thought.

Naruto made his way to the academy. Naruto jumped up to the roof along with his fox. The two then made their way to the academy. Whiel they ran a few jonin noticed the boy running .

"That's him!" Gai said to the other jonin as he saw Naruto, "That's the boy that beat Lee yesterday!"

"Really?" Kurani Yuhi, a girl with black hair and red eyes asked. "I think that was Naruto."

"As in the dead last?" Asuma asked as he took a drag on his cigarette, "Dang."

A guy wearing mask and had his headband over his left eye spoke up, "I think the exam finals are today. Maybe we should see how much he's improved."

The others nodded. Then they started to head for the academy themselves.

Naruto had just arrived at his classroom and walked inside. He sat down at his seat and waited for their instructor Iruka to come to the class. While he sat a boy with red marks on his cheeks and a small puppy came up to him.

"Hey Naruto!" Kiba said, "Nice look. Oh no you arent' going emo on us are you?"

"No," Naruto said, "I just decided to go for a change in looks."

"Dude," Kiba said, "What happened to your eyes?"

Naruto remembered that his glasses broke when he took out those civilians and chuunin. He was hoping to avoid this, but he didn't have a choice.

"Can you keep a secret?" Naruto asked. Kiba nodded. Naruto continued, "I awoke a bloodline yesterday I have an understanding of it, but I don't think I'll use it much seeing as I have no clue what I can do with it."

It wasn't completely a lie. Naruto didn't understand all the abilities. He had only see some of them. Not all of them.

Kiba nodded. He noticed the fox pup , but didn't pay it any mind. Kiba's dog walked back with him to his desk and the two sat down.

Naruto was wondering if he should show his new powers today, but was brought out of his musings by the sound of yelling.

Sakura Haruno and Ino Yamanaka had arrived and were currently fighting over who got to sit next to Sasuke Uchiha. The boy was the head of the class and always thought he was better than everyone. Naruto grinned at the thought of running him into the ground. Of course right now he was getting sick of Sakura and Ino yelling at each other and decided to put an end to it.

"Will you two shut up?" Naruto asked for them to hear. The two girls turned to Naruto sitting in the desk behind them.

"What did you say?" Sakura growled in a voice that normally scared him, but to her surprise kept his eyes closed and kept calm.

"I said," Naruto repeated, "Shut…up."

Sakura growled. She drew back her arm and nailed Naruto in the face. She then pulled back her arm clutching her fist in pain. Naruto sent a little bit of biomass into his face causing it to harden.

"You call that a punch?" Naruto asked as he opened his black and red eyes. The colors scared Sakura while Ino seemed to be entranced by them.

"This," Naruto said drawing back his arm, "is a punch!"

Naruto let loose a right hook that nailed Sakura in the face sending her flying across the room and slamming into the board in front of the classroom. She didn't go through the wall, but she did stay there since she was imbedded into it now.

Everyone stared in shock at the fact that Naruto just knocked out his crush. Hinata was happy because it seemed that Naruto had gotten over Sakura. Sasuke was looking at Naruto in interest. He had never seen that kind of strength before. He wanted to know how Naruto got it. Before he could, however, two men entered the room. One was a tan man with brown hair and a scar across his nose. The other was pale and had silver hair. The first one was Iruka and the second was Mizuki. They were the instructors for the class.

"Attention students," Iruka said in a calm voice. Nobody listened. He then did his Scary Big Head Jutsu and yelled, "Shut up you stupid brats!"

'I wonder how he does that?' Naruto thought.

"Now then," Iruka said as he calmed down, "It's time for the finals. Those of you who pass will become full fledged ninja. Now for the first portion…the written test."

Everyone groaned. Iruka handed out the tests and things began. Around this time Sakura had pried herself out of the wall and was sending a huge death glare at Naruto. Naruto just ignored her as she went to her seat. Naruto looked over his test and felt something was off. He felt like his test was being messed with. He had a sneaking suspicion. He used the force to read some peoples minds. He found that some people were answering questions but they didn't match up with his. He then read Iruka's.

'I hope Naruto passes this year,' the scarred chuunin thought.

Naruto knew that it wasn't him that was messing with him. He then turned it to Mizuki.

'With the genjutsu I set over that demon brat's test he's sure to fail. Then I'll trick him into stealing the forbidden scroll then I can kill him and take the glory for it. I'll be a hero and I'll be able to have the power of the scroll for myself.'

Naruto clenched his fist for a under the table as he heard that. He couldn't expose him, but he could get him later. Naruto then went through the memories of the chunnin he had consumed earlier when saving his fox. After going through the memories he found a memory.


When caught in a genjutsu there are at least two ways to free yourself from it. First is you can hurt yourself. Second you can form a ram seal and say kai. This should release you from the genjutsu.

End memory

Naruto put his hands under the desk and formed a ram seal. He whispered, "Kai!"

As soon as he did the test changed an from what Naruto had taken fro peoples minds it was the right test. He smirked as he started answering questions. A few times he had to go through memories to find an answer, but he managed to answer them all.

After everyone was done Iruka and Mizuki took up the tests.

"Okay," Iruka said, "Now that that is out of the way let's head outside for the target and taijutsu portion of the test."

Everyone got up and headed outside. As they made their way the fox Naruto had leapt up onto his shoulder. Naruto smiled at it and the fox seemed to grin back at him.

As everyone excited the building they noticed a few jonin waiting for them.

"What are you guys doing here?" Mizuki asked

"Oh," Kakashi said with his nose in his book, "We came to see who this part of the test. Helps us know who we want for our teams."

Iruka nodded as did Mizuki.

When they got outside they started the target portion. While Naruto leaned against a tree and watched one of the girls approached him. She was brunette with green eyes.

"Hey Naruto?" she asked.

"Yeah," Naruto responded.

"I was wondering," she asked fidgeting a little," would you like to go out sometime?"

"Sorry," Naruto said, "but I'm not looking for a relationship right now."

The girl looked upset that he rejected her, but she kept her chin up and walked over to the group since it was her turn.

"Naruto," Iruka called, "You're up!"

Naruto grinned as he stepped up the post. He heard a few people snicker as they saw him walk up. He heard them say something about needing a good laugh.

Naruto whipped out a few kunai and threw them at the target. Apparently he got his ancestors aim since every one hit the target. Everyone stared jaw and bug eyed. The jonin were also shocked at the show of skill. Naruto then decided to show of some of his own skills. Naruto drew both of his swords. A lot of people especially a sickly swordsman stared at the twin blades. Naruto focused chakra into the blades and a little bit of force power. The blades hummed slightly. Naruto then drew them backa nd let them fly. To everyone's shock the blades spun like saws and as they hit the dummy they cut right through it. Naruto usde the force to make the blades turn around in mid air and fly right back at him. Naruto held out his hands and promptly caught them.

Iruka dropped the clipboard he was using to keep score and everyone else looked like their jawas were about to unhinge. Naruto put the swords back in their sheaths. As he walked away Sasuke walked up to him.

"Where did you get those swords?" he asked in and "I'm superior to you tone".

"I got them at a weapons shop," Naruto said crossing his arms, "Why do you want to know?"

"I want them." was Sasuke's answer.

"Sorry buddy," Naruto said, "but you can't have them."

"Dobe," Sasuke growled, "I command you to-"

"That's enough *cough**cough*," said a voice.

They both turned to see a sickly man wearing a jonin outfit.

"I'm getting what's mine," Sasuke said to the man, "get lost."

"Those sword *cough* don't belong to you," the sickly said, "and he doesn't have to give them *cough* to you."

Sasuke growled and walked off. Naruto shook his head at the Uchiha boy.

"Thanks man," Naruto said to the man.

"No problem *cough*," the man said, "My name is Hayate and I know what a sword means to someone."

"A fellow swordsman huh?" Naruto asked receiving a nod, "Well if I get a team I hope it's with you. I could use some sword moves myself."

Hayate grinned and walked back to the group of jonin.

"Now that that's out of the way," Iruka said getting everyone's attention, "it's time for the taijutsu portion."

Sasuke smirked at Naruto. He knew that this would be his chance to beat Naruto and take those swords from him.

Iruka went inside and came back out with a small device that had a big ball filled with a bunch of smaller balls.

"Whoever's name comes out of these two ball," Iruka said, "will fight in a taijutsu match. Understand?" All the students nodded at their teacher. "All right then. Let's begin."

Mizuki turned the crank on the side of the device and the balls inside were all shifted around. After a few seconds the names Kiba Inuzuka and Chouji Akamichi came out.

"All right!" Kiba cheered, "We get to take on the fat guy!"

Sadly Chouji was able to hear that. The boy growled and stomped over to the sparring ring leaving small cracks in the ground and causing the ground the shake with each step. Kiba ran over to the ring and got ready and faced the big-boned ninja.

"Begin," Mizuki yelled.

Kiba charged in ready to fight. Unfortunately Chouji threw a punch at the last second nailing the Inuzuka in the face. Kiba was knocked to the ground and then Chouji sat on him. Man that had to hurt. Chouji was named the winner though it was hard to say since Kiba was still trying to wrestle himself out from under the young Akamichi.

The next two names were Sakura Haruno and Ino Yamanaka. The two girls basically engaged in a typical cat fight. There was screaming, scratching, and hair pulling. In other words a lot of guys were staring. Naruto and Sasuke weren't thought. Naruto didn't because he thought it was shameful to the normal Kunoichi. Sasuke didn't watch because he was just not interesting in a fight between two weak fan girls.

The next match was Shikamaru Nara and Shino Aburame. Shikamaru, being the lazy genius that he was just withdrew as soon as the match started. It made practically everyone sweat drop at the fact. There were three things known about eh Nara clan:

1) the men of the clan were completely lazy.

2) the men in the clan were usually murdered by their wives.

3) they were usually geniuses.

The most obvious of the three was of course number 1 in the list.

The other matches were just down right boring. Then the names of the final match were drawn: Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha.

Sasuke smirked arrogantly at the fact that he would be able to beat Naruto.

'Now I'll be able to prove that I'm top dog to this weird eyed loser,' the stopped in his thoughts, 'Did I just quote Kiba?'

Sasuke shook it off as he ran to the sparring ring. Naruto walked over in a bored fashion and leaned his sword up against a fence.

"Go Sasuke!" one of the Uchiha's fan girls yelled out.

"Yeah!" another one called, "Tear that dead last down to size!"

A few people stared incredulously at the fan girls. With what Naruto had done the past tests they still thought he was the dead last. Apparently fan girls can't accept the fact that someone might be better then the person that they worship.

"A weeks pay says Sasuke wins," said one of the jonin who didn't like Naruto.

"A months pay says Naruto wins," Gai said shocking everyone.

"I think I'll go with Gai on that bet," Kakashi said putting away his book.

Kurenai, Asuma, a jonin named Genma, Hayate, and two girls named Anko, and Yuugao all agreed to bet on Naruto for a months pay.

"Ready?" Mizuki asked the two competitors, "Begin!"

Sasuke charged at Naruto who just stood there. At the last second Naruto jumped up avoiding Sasuke's punch. Naruto landed on the other side of the Uchiha and threw a strong punch. The result was the Uchiha crying out in pain as the strong hit struck his back.

"Oh no Sasuke!" Sakura and Ino cried out.

Sasuke stumbled as he felt intense pain spread through his back. He turned and glared at the blonde who was grinning up a storm. Sasuke charge again yelling out a battle cry. Naruto crouch and unleashed a strong uppercut.

"It's over," Gai said.

Everyone looked at him and then looked at Naruto. The blonde jumped up after Sasuke and gave him a few more punches. Then Naruto broght his hands together and brought them down on Sasuke's head. The Uchiha was sent down into the ground. Naruto lifted up his leg, still in midair and dropped down on Sasuke. The boy screamed in pain as Naruto's heel crashed into his stomach and sent him deeper into the ground. At that moment the last Uchiha blacked out.

Naruto walked off the field smirking at his victory.

"Naruto!" came the angry yell of both Sakura and Ino.

Naruto saw the two charging. Naruto just stood there. The two swung and Naruto promptly caught both fist and bent the arms behind the respective girls back and had them kissing the dirt.

"Listen you two," Naruto growled, "I don't care who you think you are or who your think will marry you in the future. If you so much as try that again the only thing they'll find will be a few drops of blood. Am I clear?"

The two whimpered, "Y-Yes."

"Good," the blonde said in a much nicer tone as he let them both go.

The class then walked into the school to go back to the class room for the final portion of the test.

Those that made the bets for Naruto turned to the ones who betted against us.

"You guys owe us each a months pay," Kakashi said with a smirk visible behind his mask.

The one who lost the bet were crying anime tears because they had lost a huge amount of money.

Back in the classroom…

Naruto was looking around. He couldn't find his little friend. It was then that he noticed that his little fox wasn't there. He looked around ad heard giggling. He located the source. The source was a couple of girls cuddling the little fox. The fox was purring, if foxes do purr, at the affection. When it saw Naruto it yipped and ran over to him and rubbed up against his leg.

"Is that little cutie yours?" one of the girls asked.

"Yes," Naruto answered picking the fox up.

"What's her name?" another girls asked.

Naruto had never really considered a name. he thought for a few minutes.

"I'm thinking Hitomi," Naruto said. The fox yipped happily at the name, "Okay, Hitomi it is."

"All right everyone take your seat," Iruka said as the group separated.

"For the final portion of the test," Iruka said, "You will be tested on the three basic jutsu."

Naruto smirked as he heard this. He had always had trouble in the past because of the clone jutsu. Since he had a clone technique this time he was completely sure that it would work.

Naruto came out of his thoughts to see Sakura walk out of the examination room with a headband on. Naruto groaned as he saw that.

Sasuke was called in next and a few minutes later he was came back out wearing a head band. Naruto groaned again. He cringed as his fan club screamed in happiness.

"Naruto," Iruka called.

Naruto walked in and stood before Iruka and Mizuki.

"All right Naruto," Iruka said, "First transform into someone."

Naruto transformed into the third hokage. He didn't want to reveal his abilities just yet so he decided to use a regular transformation.

Naruto could sense Iruka's surprise and Mizuki's slight frustration.

"Good," Iruka said, "Now switch perform a replacement."

Naruto disappeared in a puff of smoke. In his place was a chair. Mizuki cried out when he was suddenly lifted off the ground by Naruto. He cried out again when he was unceremoniously dropped on his butt. Iruka was doing his best not to laugh and was failing at the moment.

"Very good," Iruka said writing down the results while Mizuki got his chair and sat down glaring at the blonde, "Now perform the clone jutsu."

"Uh Iruka sensei," Naruto asked, "does it matter what kind of clone it is?"

"No," Iruka answered with a raised eyebrow.

Naruto formed a cross hand sign and four Naruto's appeared in puff of smoke. Iruka dropped his pencil and Mizuki felt his jaw drop. All the Naruto's grinned at the looks on their faces.

"Congratulations Naruto," Iruka said smiling broadly, "You pass!"

He handed Naruto his head band and Naruto put it on his head. He walked out and Kiba walked up and smiled.

"All right man you passed!" Kiba yelled giving Naruto a high five.

"Yeah," Naruto said, "I guess third time really is the charm."

"Seems that way," Kiba said smirking.

"Well," Naruto said, "since I don't have anyone to wait for I'm going to bed."

"Hey man," Chouji yelled after him seeing Naruto leave, "Don't forget that we have to come here again for team assignment in two days!"

Naruto nodded and waved goodbye to his friends.

As he headed for the door he walked past Sakura and Ino. Both girls flinched as he walked past expecting him to hurt them or something.

"Ladies," was all Naruto said as he walked past them.

The two looked at each other for a moment and then where Naruto had gone.

"What a strange/weird boy," they both said.

Naruto walked home ignoring the stares as he walked home. When he arrived at home he saw there was a package at his door. Naruto raised an eyebrow as he never really received anything as a gift from…well anyone. Most of the stuff he got before were traps made by angry ninjas.

Naruto stepped over it and, after making sure, that no one was looking, he used the force to lift it bring it in. he laid it down on the table and scanned it with the force. He didn't sense anything strange. To be on the safe side he used the force to unwrap it. As he did he gasped in shock. In the box were the two light sabers he had ordered from the old man in the weapons store.

They were different from regular light sabers though. It was still in the cylinder shape, but it had a grip on it with a part going over the finger to keep someone from hitting the fingers. The top of the cylinder had small red button and below that was a black switch. Naruto took one into his grip. He pushed on the switch and nothing happened. He pressed the red button and a crimson blade energy blade came out with a snap-hiss. The energy blade also seemed to resemble the blade of an actual sword. Naruto then noticed a note at in the bottom of the package. Naruto picked it up and read it.

Dear Naruto,

Yes I know who you are. Since I had to fix these up I decided to make some improvements. The thing for your fingers to fit through should help with your grip. If they get in the way though they can be taken off. In case you don't know the red button is what activates the blade, and the black switch changes the colors of the crystals. I found an old scroll that I think my grandfather had and it had the info on what colors were needed. You have no idea how hard it was to find some of the colors needed for this. On a side note since these weapons seem to be like the Raijin I decided to model the blade after that. I hope that you are able to use these to your liking. So live you with this quote from my favorite TV show: "Live long and prosper." Oh and before I forget there is a small thing in the box that will allow you to connect these to the back of your belt. that jacket's just long enough to hide them.

Signed Dan aka the old guy from the weapons shop.

Naruto smiled as he read this. He was shocked that the old man knew who he was, but was glad that he finally had someone who wouldn't over charge him for stuff. It made him happy. Naruto found the device. It was basically a belt buckle with two rings on it. Naruto attached it to the back of his belt and attached his light sabers to them.

'Okay,' Naruto thought, 'I think I'll try these babies out on Mizuki-teme tonight.'

Cut! Just kidding I'm not that evil.

Naruto waited until night fell. He sensed a disturbance in the force and leapt out his window. Naruto activated the thermal vision from his [prototype] bloodline and scanned until he found a lone figure with a large scroll on his back heading for the forest. Naruto smirked. He ran toward the traitor with a smirk on his face. Looks like he would get to test out a few more of his powers.

With the traitor…

Mizuki mentally laughed as he lost his pursuers.

'Finally,' Mizuki thought with an insane smile, 'With the power of the forbidden scroll and Orochimaru-sama's power I will be unstoppable!'

'Of course you'll still have to get away,' a voice in his head said.

Before Mizuki had a chance to comprehend that someone else's voice had just been in his head he was struck in the back. He screamed in pain as he was knocked into a tree. He looked up to see Naruto standing in a tree above him.

"You!" Mizuki yelled in anger, "How did you find me?"

"It wasn't that hard," Naruto said, "I can smell insanity from a mile away."

Mizuki smiled suddenly and looked up at Naruto.

"Naruto," Mizuki sneered, "do you want to know why you're hated? Why everyone ignores you?"

"I'll bite," Naruto said knowing where this was going, "Why?"

"Thirteen years ago," Mizuki explained, "the nine-tailed fox attacked our village as you know. You also know that the demon was killed. This was a lie. The yondaime couldn't kill it so he sealed it inside a newborn baby. He sealed it in you. You are the nine-tailed fox that attacked out village!"

Naruto was silent. Iruka arrived unable to stop Mizuki from telling Naruto. The two looked at Naruto in silence. Suddenly Naruto started to laugh.

"What's so funny boy?" Mizuki asked.

"Nothing," Naruto said, "Just the fact that you think that I'm the fox. You must be as stupid as you look. I already know about the fox. I figured it out just earlier. I'm not that fox I know that much."

Mizuki was in shock. He was expecting Naruto to go into shock or start denying it or start crying. In that state he could easily kill him. Iruka was also shocked but glad that Naruto didn't think he was a monster.

"I also know," Naruto continued, "that I'm supposed to kill traitors to my village."

"You can't kill me!" Mizuki yelled taking a fuma shuriken off his back. He threw it at Naruto. Naruto simply side stepped to avoid it. The blonde grinned at the silver-haired man making him growl. At that moment the hokage showed up with a group of loyal ANBU.

"Hey old man," Naruto yelled, "You're just in time for the show."

"Wouldn't dream of missing it Naruto," the old man yelled.

"Hokage-sama are you nuts?" Iruka asked, "Mizuki will kill him."

"Actually," the old man said, "I'd be more worried about that traitor. Naruto! Feel free to use your special skills."

The ANBU and Iruka looked at the hokage questioningly then looked down at the two combatants with looks of curiosity.

Mizuki growled and took a second fuma shuriken off his back. He threw it at Naruto who didn't even move. Naruto held out a hand. Then to everyone's surprise the shuriken stopped in midair. Everyone gaped in shock. The Hokage looked on interested.

Naruto sent the shuriken flying back with a force push. The extra boost made it fly fast and Mizuki jumped to the side to avoid the thing.

"Is that all you got boy?" Mizuki taunted.

"You wish!" Naruto yelled back as he jumped up after Mizuki.

The blonde got in close and held out his hand. The next thing everybody knew Naruto shot out a few bolts of lightning from his hand. Mizuki screamed in pain as the electricity surged through his body. He hit the ground twitching slightly because of the electricity flooding his system.

Everyone felt their jaw drop. A few of the ANBU were currently pinching themselves to see if they were awake and that this wasn't some really weird dream.

Naruto crossed his arms. Mizuki rose up from the ground and glared at the blonde rage and insanity burning in both of his eyes.

"You brat!" Mizuki yelled, "No mere fresh-out-of-the-academy genin is going to get the best of me!"

Mizuki then transformed. He grew larger until he was about twice his normal size. He grew orange fur with black stripes. The tiger man growled and charged at Naruto. Naruto was quick to react and jumped over the man. He shifted his arm to their claw form and swung at Mizuki's back. Mizuke jumped up to avoid them. Mizuki came back down and landed a hard punch to Naruto's head. The blonde hit a tree hard. A little bit of pain ran through Naruto's arm as he got up. He twisted his arm till it cracked and he glared at the monster that was once Mizuki.

"Okay cat boy," Naruto snarled, "you're asking for it."

Naruto shifted his arms back to normal and took out the two light sabers from behind his jacket.

"Ha!" Mizuki laughed, "What are those toys supposed to do?"


Mizuki's eyes went wide as he beheld two Raijin in Naruto's hands. The other spectator's felt their eyes widen as well. The only one who had a weapon like that was the Nidaime. How did Naruto manage to get two of them?

"Before you ask," Naruto said reading everyone's mind which had the same thought, "These are what the Raijin was based off of. Or at least I think it was. Anyway back to the matter at hand!"

Naruto ran at Mizuki with his light sabers drawn. Mizuki swung his claws and Naruto swung his light saber. The two stood on the other side of each other. There was a tense silence for a few moments. The next thing everyone knew a few slash marks appeared on Naruto's chest. Mizuki smirked to himself then his eyes widened. He screamed out in pain as his arm suddenly fell off. The pain and shock made him turn back to his normal self. He clutched the stump that was once his shoulder.

Naruto stood up as red and black tendrils ran across his chest and healed his wound and his clothes. He turned to the Hokage.

"Hey old man," Naruto said, "isn't there a law against mentioning the Kyuubi?"

"Yes," the old man said smirking, "I believe the punishment for breaking that law is death, and I believe he broke that law when this fight began."

"Permission to execute?" Naruto asked.

"Granted," the hokage said.

Naruto grinned as he walked over to Mizukis' body. The man was in too much pain to do anything. Naruto placed a hand on his head. Naruto then used the force to pry some information out of him. He drew all the information he could on this Orochimaru character. After that Naruto started to consume him. However just as he was about to his force sense sensed something off. It sensed something dark in the man. The force told Naruto that if he consumed him the darkness may try to take over his body. Naruto then got a wicked idea.

Naruto placed his hand on Mizuki's chest. Suddenly red and black tendrils spread over Mizuki's body. The man screamed in pain as the tendrils ate away at him. Naruto wasn't consuming him, but he was having the tendrils break Mizuki down. Mizuki screamed in pain. At least until the tendrils ate his lungs after a minute there was nothing left, but a few drops of blood. The tendrils returned to Naruto's arm.

Naruto then walked over and picked up the forbidden scroll. He handed it to the Hokage who smiled gratefully.

"Congratulations," the old man said, "Naruto you have just completed your first mission. You will receive pay for an A-ranked mission. Now go home I have some explaining to do to my ANBU and to your teacher here."

The blonde nodded and then jumped up into the trees and went home.

And Now the real cut. Man that was a long one. I know that Mizuki wasn't supposed to last that long or do that tiger thing but I wanted Naruto to use his light sabers. Oh and by the way the crystal thing that was mentioned earlier here is a list of the colors and their effects just so you know what to expect.

1. Crimson-basic-no extra effect.

2. Orange-chaos-causes environmental damage.

3. Blue-meditation-replenishes force energy which is necessary for Naruto to pull of force moves.

4. Purple-protection-increases defense.

5. Magenta (or at least that what I think the color is)-fury-allows Naruto to access force fury mode.

6. Green-healing-gain extra chakra from defeated enemies.

7. Pink-corrosion-corrodes enemies on contact or thick metals.

8. Light green-life drain-drains chakra from opponent on contact.

9. Gray-focus-consume less force energy

10. Very light green-regenerate-helps heal. Only used if Naruto takes extensive damage and [prototype] healing powers aren't able to heal fast enough.

11. White-wisdom-gains force points which will allow Naruto's force powers to enhance after a certain amount of victories.

12. Dark orange-incineration-sets light saber wounds on fire.

13. Yellow-shock-may shock enemy.

14. Black-disintegration-may disintegrate enemy on contact.

I got these out of the game so those of you who actually own the game check it out. Those of you who don't have the game look it up on you . In the next chapter expect the council to make and appearance. Also if you're a fan of Sasuke you will not like this one. Bye!