The following story is an alternate version of season 5 of Supernatural and just a random time in the world of Law & Order: SVU. I don't own any rights or production to any of the characters or anything (he he). I hope you enjoy the story as I write it.

I did some research before writing this to find out how to fit the characters into the story and I hope I write it in correctly so no one is thinking that I am off.

Continuity: The following story takes place just after Sam and Dean break the final seal and release Lucifer from the cage.

Chapter 1: The Start of it All

After Sam and Dean Winchester both saw the cage open, they were quickly taken and placed on a plane for safety. After they saw this; they saw a massive explosion on the ground and the explosion started to spread in the immediate vicinity.

The next day in New York; there were reports of the explosion happening around Ilchester, Maryland and the detectives of the SVU had just filed in for their daily shifts. Munch was already starting to go on about conspiracies of the explosion by saying things like,

"This sounds like a new government issued mind control device to completely control everyone."

Fin immediately got on his case and told him that if he even mentions black helicopters that he would transfer to a better unit. While this was going on and the detectives were preparing to carry on with their current cases; Cragen ran into the room and told everyone,

"All of you get your things and come with me, NOW"

Detective Elliot Stabler asked him, "What's going on captain?", "Why the rush?"

Cragen told him, "This is an immediate priority, we have to go NOW."

The unit went down to 1 Police Plaza and entered a room filled with top NYPD officials, FBI officials, and a few religious officials in the city. Cragen began to make the introductions,

"Everyone; all the people that are gathered here like me are part of a secret council that was formed to talk about one thing that we knew was inevitable and that time has come. This time is known as Armageddon or the End of Days."

Munch chummed in and said, "You have to be kidding; that has to be one of the biggest conspiracy theories out there and I have many on it; this could just be some big government fear tactic to get us afraid of something that really is not."

Cragen went on to explain to everyone that he was dead serious and that everyone present was waiting and hoping the day would never come, but that it was here. He then explained that each of them were selected because the US was chosen to be ground zero for the global events to come and that they were to help in stopping the main events from happening.

Stabler said, "Assuming this is true; how can we stop it; were not saints and we have done some wrongs of our own?"

Cragen said, "You were each selected because you believe in the goodness in this world and as such you're the perfect choice and this is to help with redemption for some of your unfortunate deeds."

Cragen then went on to explain what will happen.

"All of your current duties and cases have been suspended until this has past because right now; this is the most important priority, not only for the city, but for mankind. You must do anything and everything you can to stop the apocalypse from happening for if the final stage happens; all humanity is lost."

He then went on to explain, "You will not be working alone; there are a group of brothers you will be working with; do the names Sam and Dean Winchester mean anything to you?"

Fin then said, "Oh yeah, I heard of them; those two are wanted all over the country for credit card fraud, grave desecrations, and even first degree murder in St. Louis. I however, thought they were dead."

One of the FBI agents then joined in the conversation and said, "I am assistant director Richardson from D.C. and I can assure you that this is no joke. I assume then detective Tutuola then you know what happened in Colorado?"

Fin said, "Yeah; the Winchesters, the sheriff, deputies, the secretary; and two of your fellow agents and one of your deputy directors had died in a massive explosion."

Munch then said, "I always had theory on that incident in which the government wanted to cover its tracks for an experiment they were conducting."

The agent turned to Munch and said, "Well you were wrong and you'll learn more then you realized as you take this quest; but the Winchesters are alive and the only ones capable of leading this battle and you will work with them." He then said, "The agent who was after them was a good friend of mine and I had to keep him in the dark about what was really going and I was going to come clean after the Colorado incident; but it was too late; now, I have to fight with the other agents in this council on our own with your help."

Suddenly, a man in a trench coat came into the room and said, "Thank you gentlemen for bringing these chosen to your council; I will take it from here." He took a seat and told the detectives, my name is Castiel and I am an angel of the Lord and I know that you can help in the crusade ahead."

Stabler said, "How do you know we can?"

Castiel said, "Because Heaven feels that it is imperative that you assist with Sam and Dean."

Cragen said, "Call your families and relatives now and tell them that you are going to be away for a while because this is it, 'End Times', and we have been chosen to fight it. Then, go home and pack your clothes and any other items you think can be of use."

Stabler then said, "Assuming all of this is real; how do we start? We do not even know where Satan or any of him demonic minions are or even where they will pop up."

Cas then said, "After you say your goodbyes to your families, I will teleport you to a motel located in Maryland. Sam and Dean are there and this is where you will start."

Everyone made their phone calls and then they checked to make sure that all the equipment they brought with them was good and they all went to their homes and packed their bags and returned to 1 Police Plaza and too the secret council. Castiel looked upon the detectives and captain Cragen and then huddled them all together to transport them to the motel.

Sam and Dean's

Sam and Dean had just gotten back to their room after their run-in with Zachariah and were very upset. They heard a knock and a woman named Becky came in claiming that Chuck had sent her to let them know that the Michael sword was located in a castle on a hill of 42 dogs. After delivering the message; she left and Bobby showed up. After entering the room, Sam told Bobby he broke the last seal and he was furious. He told Sam that he really screwed up and that he wanted nothing more to do with him after it was over and assuming they made it out alive. Sam then quickly excused himself to go do some research and Bobby was very curt with his exit.

After Sam left; the detectives, Cragen, and Castiel popped up on the sidewalk of the motel Sam and Dean were staying. Castiel told them the Winchesters were in there, but he could not accompany them and disappeared. Stabler and Benson were contemplating what to do when they saw them and Cragen told them they would worry about that when they entered their room. They went to the manager and he told them which room they were in. They all walked up to the door and knocked.

Dean told Bobby, "Who do you think is there now?"

Bobby said, "I don't know! But let's hope it's not Sam's super fan again."

Dean answered the door and everyone entered. Cragen looked and saw Bobby at the table.

Cragen said, "Bobby is that you?"

Bobby said, "Don, how are you doing? So I take it that you have been informed of the end."

Cragen said, "Yep; Castiel informed our council that the time has come; but came from a few angels that decided to jump start it."

Dean then said, "How do you know this and how do you know Castiel?"

Cragen told Dean, "Our council consists of some of the best law enforcement officials that have a bright idea about what is really going on out there and are willing to do anything and everything to stop it from happening. I knew you Winchesters were the ones to stop it."

Bobby said, "That's right; after Don here lost his wife in a plane crash; he was so alone and in himself that he just stumbled upon me and a member of his council by coincidence and he proudly joined it hoping that doomsday would not come, but it has."

Dean then said, "Okay; so we have cops working this quest now, which is just great."

Stabler then asked him, "Why are you being like this?"

Dean then said, "Cause my brother and I have just been through a meat grinder with some angels and I'm still trying to decide whose side everyone is on; I sometimes wish my father was here."

Dean then realized, Dad. He went and got some of his father's stuff and figured out what Chuck's message from Becky meant. He retrieved a card for a storage unit and showed it to Bobby. The card was for a storage unit called Castle Storage located at 42 Rover Hill in a town in upstate New York. Dean told him that that was what the castle on a hill with 42 dogs meant.

After figuring this out, Stabler asked them, "What are you talking about?"

Dean told him, "Before you got here, a messenger showed up telling us that the Michael sword was located at the location I just decoded."

Stabler then asked, "what is this sword?"

Bobby opened a book and he explained that the Michael sword was the sword that the Archangel Michel used to send Lucifer to Hell when he was cast from Heaven. Once everyone had learned this history and figured that John Winchester had it all along in his possession. They were all preparing to leave.

Bobby then said, "This news is good enough for me." He then gave Dean a big kick to the floor and he then sent Stabler, Benson, Munch, and Fin flinging against a wall. He then turned to Cragen and he saw Bobby's eyes turn black. Before Bobby could re-act, Cragen took a bottle of holy water he kept in his pocket and flung it at Bobby. It stung him, but before Cragen could continue, Dean got up and Bobby got hold of the both of them and another group of people entered the room. It was a woman with dressed in black with black hair and a couple of other guys dressed in black.

The women told Dean, "Oh; it is really great to see you again Dean and you are still slow as ever." She then looked at Cragen and she said, "Oh, Captain Cragen; I have not seen you since your wife took the nose dive, did you miss me?"

Dean then said, "Ruby!" and the woman then said, "nope; guess again!" Dean then said "Meg!"

Meg then said, "This is a great time for all demons; thanks to Sam, were able to all return to Earth again and claim what's rightfully ours." She then went and picked up the demon knife off the nightstand and said, "This is all thanks to your brother Sam that Lucifer has risen and we can create Hell on Earth." She then looked at the others who were getting up and looking on in shock over what had happened. She told them all, "Oh; we got the best law enforcement that Heaven could scrounge together on such a short notice," "boy, am I going to enjoy carving you alive." She looked at Stabler and said, "Starting with you."

Meg then gave the knife to Bobby and told him to start to kill Dean slowly. He made a small cut on Dean's face making a small burn, but then suddenly Bobby's eyes went back to normally and he quickly jabbed the blade in his chest killing the demon inside him. Dean, Stabler, Benson, and Munch then started to beat up the other demons and Sam had returned. Sam immediately recognized Meg and he fought her. Dean was on the floor and Stabler found the knife they were using. Since he saw what the knife did, he jabbed into the chest of one of the demons and saw the demon die. Meg then saw she was by herself and she quickly jumped out of her host and everyone was shocked to see the black smoke exit her body and the body fall to the floor.

After everyone recovered over the shock and realization of what they just witnessed; Dean told them, "It is not what you expected is it? Seeing something you probably thought was just biblical writing or even mythical folklore!"

Munch said, "I always thought everything I was every taught was one big conspiracy theory, but now I know there is true evil out there and why we were chosen."

Dean then asked, "Chosen to serve with us?"

Stabler said, "Yep!"

Dean then said, "Alright; let's get to my fathers storage locker."

Once they left; it took them about three hours to get to where they needed to go. After they arrived at the locker; they all went in and found that two more demons were on the floor. Everyone quickly searched the locker and found no sword. Suddenly, Zachariah and a few other angels showed up.

Zach said, "Likely we got here in time before the demons could find the sword; we have been looking for it for a while and could not find it till now and that sword is you and Stabler."

Dean and Stabler looked at each other and then Dean asked him, "Were vessels?"

Zach said, "you both are the vessels and now that the apocalypse has started we need our general; so one of you is going to suck it up and accept."

Dean then said, "That's right; cause as angel's Michael needs a consent from either of us to ride around in our skins, we'll I say no cause I'm not going to let you or Lucifer destroy the planet and most of the population with your plans." Elliot then said, "I say no too!"

Zachariah then started to make everyone sick. He gave Dean stomach cancer; Benson a bad liver; Fin and Sam bad lungs, and Munch kidney disease. Zach then indicated that he would keep going until one of them gave in. Suddenly, there was a flash of light and Zach turned and saw that Castiel arrived and stabbed an angel with an angel blade. He then fought with another angel and finished him off. Zach then asked, "How are you alive?"

Castiel said, "I think we both know who brought me back and put Sam and Dean on that plane; he will not be happy to hear about what you have done." He then said, "Now put these people back together again and leave, I will not ask twice." Zach restored everyone and left.


The detectives decided to accompany Sam and Dean back to the hospital where Bobby was staying. Bobby told Sam that he was aware of what the demon told him, but that he was never going to cut him out of his life and Dean laid out the plan for everyone. He basically told everyone that if the angels and demons wanted to fight a war that they could find their own planet because the Earth was theirs and they should continue to fight. He told everyone that he had a GED and a give em Hell attitude and ready. Stabler, Munch, Fin, Benson, Sam, and Cragen agreed with him.

Cragen then told everyone, "One thing we will need is the Colt; we should try to track it down immediately; I'll tell you guys about it in the morning."

They all returned the following morning and they found that Bobby was in a wheel chair. Sam and Dean showed up and found the detectives outside his room and they told them they now knew the story of the Colt and why they needed it. Castiel then showed up and told them that the plan to kill Lucifer was not a very good one, but then Bobby interrupted them.

Bobby said, "Shut up and get in here and lay your hands on me and get me out of this chair."

Castiel said, "I cannot because as I am caste from Heaven, I cannot do that anymore." He then told everyone, "I know of someone whose more powerful then Lucifer who can stop this before it begins and I'm going to find him," "he was the one who brought me back and put both Sam and Dean on the plane."

Benson then said, "Who are you talking about?"

Castiel said, "God!" "I'm going to find God." He then said, "He is not in Heaven anymore, which means he is down here on Earth somewhere and I need to get a read on him." He then saw Dean's necklace and borrowed it and put a spell on it and told Dean that when they get close to God, that the amulet will get warmer.

As Bobby was getting over the news about his legs over, he got a call on his cell phone. The caller was Rufus Turner. He informed Bobby that he was in River Pass, Colorado and he was surrounded by demons and needed help. Bobby told him he would send help immediately.