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Author's note: This story will be longer than three chapters and sorry for such a short chapter.

Telsa opened his left eye revealing a warm chocolate brown.

The first thing he realized was that he was laying on something soft.

He remembered Nnoitra punishing him and then everything went black.

Why wasn't he in Szayel's lab?

If he had been been with Szayel he would have been laying on a cold steel table and if was with Nnoitra he would have been on the hard floor.

The drugs that ran through his veins blocking out pain also made it difficult to think.

He closed his eye as he tried to figure out where he was.

When he opened his eye he gasped, Lilynette's face was dangerously close to his own.

"STARK", Lilynette yelled as she pulled away.

Stark opened his eyes for a few brief moments before closing them again.

"Don't go back to sleep", she growled before stalking over to Stark.

Highly annoyed she punched him right in the groin.

Stark cried in pain as he fell off the couch.

Tesla who was still off in drug lala land, didn't fully comprehend what Lilynette had done but he winced as Stark cried out.

"Must you do that?" Stark hissed as he held on to his family jewels.

"He's awake you lazy oaf", Lilynette said as she pointed at Telsa who was trying to get up.

Stark surprised Lilynette by moving quickly over to Tesla's side.

"Lie back down", Stark said as he gently pushed Tesla back onto the pillows.

"Where am I?" Tesla asked he words slurring a little bit.

"How much pain medication did pinky give you?" Lilynette asked as she put her face into Tesla's. "You look high"

"Lilynette please give him some room", Stark said. "You are in my room"

"Why?" Tesla asked .

Stark hesitated, Tesla was not going to take the truth well. Maybe he could tell a little white lie for the time being.

"You were taken away from Nnoitra…", Lilynette started say until Stark clamped his hand over her mouth but the damage was already done.

"WHAT", Tesla screamed before he struggled to get up.

His battered body protested as he got to his feet.

He stumbled forward before collapsing; Stark caught him before he hit the ground.

"I need to get back to Nnoitra", Tesla cried.

"No you need to lie down", Stark said firmly.

"He needs me", Tesla said.

"No he doesn't", Stark said with a sigh.

He doesn't deserve you, Stark thought.

"I live only to serve my master", Tesla said his words slurring again.

Those words hit Stark and they hit him hard. He wanted to go rip out Nnoitra's throat.

He didn't know why but he wanted to wrap his arms around the fragile boy and never let go.

"He needs me", Tesla mumbled before falling back to sleep.

Stark growled quietly after he was sure Tesla had fallen asleep.

"How can he want to go back to the Quinta?" Lilynette asked shocked. She couldn't understand why he would want to go back to his abuser.

Stark sighed before looking at Lilynette. "The Quinta taught Tesla to love him no matter what he did"

"Tesla doesn't know what it feels like to be cared for by a person, his only attachment is to Nnoitra."He said with a frown.

"We can fix that", Lilynette said trying to assure her other half.

"I hope we can", Stark replied.